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7. sweden and the european agenda for adult learning


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Nordisk mötesplats för vuxnas lärande

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7. sweden and the european agenda for adult learning

  1. 1. Sweden and the European Agenda for Adult Learning
  2. 2. Sida 2 EU Agenda topics 2013–2019 Programs 1–4 1. 2013–2014 Basic skills, Outreach and guidance 2. 2015 Regional cooperation (inventory) 3. 2016–2017 Validation and guidance 4. 2018–2019 Regional dialogue meetings
  3. 3. Sida 3 EU Agenda 4 • Program period 2017-11-01 – 2019-12-31 • Opportunities for adults to take part in Life Long Learning in Sweden
  4. 4. Sida 4 Regional dialogue meetings on Adult Learning 26 dialogues January – March 2018
  5. 5. Sida 5 Regional dialogue meetings • Follow municipal adult education all over Sweden and take part in their development work at local and regional levels. • Follow the impact of changes in steering documents and national policy decisions and how they affect adult learning. • A basis for knowledge in reports to the government.
  6. 6. Sida 6 From European priorities to concrete assignments for municipal adult education • Relevant and high-quality knowledge, skills and competences developed throughout lifelong learning, focusing on learning outcomes for employability, innovation, active citizenship and well-being. Regionalt yrkesvux, Rätt till behörighetsgivande studier på komvux • Inclusive education, equality, equity, non-discrimination and the promotion of civic competences. Studiestartsstödet, Nyanländas lärande • Open and innovative education and training, including by fully embracing the digital era. Stärkt digital kompetens i vuxenutbildningens styrdokument • Transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications to facilitate learning and labour mobility. Kartläggningsverktyg för yrkeskunskaper • Sustainable investment, quality and efficiency of education and training systems. Lärcentra
  7. 7. Sida 7 Follow-up of the work on implementing the European agenda for Adult Learning •A follow-up of the implementation work of the European agenda for adult learning based on the regional dialogues 2018. •Notes from all meetings have been compiled and analyzed. •An in-depth interview study will be conducted February to April 2019. •A draft report will be presented in May 2019. •The assignment will be reported to the government in January 2020.
  8. 8. Sida 8 Ongoing and recently completed state committees 2018 2019 2020 Komvuxutredningen Arbetsmarknads- utredningen Planering och dimensionering av komvux och gymnasieskola Sfi-utredningen DUA – delegationen för unga och nyanlända till arbete Valideringsdelegationen Tillväxtverket: Uppdrag att främja arbetet med kompetensförsörjning i regionerna
  9. 9. Sida 9 Future priorities for the agenda They are dependent upon… – The results from the follow-up of the regional dialogues. – Many completed and ongoing investigations with proposals that affect the role and mission of adult education in Sweden. – At present, the government’s forthcoming decisions on adult education are uncertain. – Possible priorities: Promote cooperation within adult learning between municipalities, higher education, employers.
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention! Marcello Marrone Svante Sandell