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Where is the Library? Final presentation by Group4

Final presentation from group 4: Where is the Library?

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Where is the Library? Final presentation by Group4

  1. 1. Group members: Britta Hedegaard, Rauha Maarno, KarinKihlstenius, Kari Lämsä, Gudridur Sigurbjörnsdottir,Margareta Gunnarsson, Sigrun J. Kristjansdottir, CecilieBergh, Kenneth Korstad Langås, Sigrun Ingimarsdottir.
  2. 2. Vision!The library under the skin of the user
  3. 3. Three angles• Proactive presence – the library is too passive waiting for the users• Easy and attractive entrance on all platforms• Co-creation with the users and other actors
  4. 4. The most important angle Proactive presence
  5. 5. How do we construct the idea?What do you think we should How do we do it? (what actionscreate? – activities/constructions? should we take to make it happen?)• Strategy for being more • Professional marketing proactive • “Mouth to mouth” marketing• Mental shift both in • Build mobile apps management and staff • Build platforms for co- creation with users and others • Challenge the organizational structure
  6. 6. What difference does it make? What is the difference/result theWith whom do we do it? - activities will make – to the society andpartners and competencies? the citizens• New professions in the • More diversity library • Efficient use of money• Value exchange with • Strengthen the non different actors commercial space in the• The users are our partners society
  7. 7. How does the Network of Nordic Libraries build on the ideas from this camp?• By implementing and developing the ideas• Local workshops• Bank of ideas and failures• Share knowledge and technology• Spread the ideas in other networks