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  • From 2011 we have run a Nordic Lighthouse project on procurement and innovation in the health sector – linked to the cooperative program for 2011 to 2013. It has been about the public health sector as smart procurer – about creating Nordic networks, sharing best practice, dialogue between procurers and suppliers, pilots and cooperation projects. Together with our cooperation partners, we launched a call: “The Nordic region as frontrunner in innovation procurement in the health sector”(meromprosjektenefinansiertgjennomcall’enpåneste slide)
  • 3 projects were funded through the call we had last autumn. Will not go into details with the projects. There will be videos running in the breaks explaining what these projects are about – please connect with the project leaders and learn from the projects. The three projects are:The first project is a network between leading hospitals in the Nordic region, also involving suppliers. The project will develop activities within best practice, network/dialogue conferences, developing guidelines and tools - and dissemination activities.2. The second has the ambition to create a change to a more holistic perspective in procurement and focus on prevention. 3. The last project is a combined training program in innovation procurement and market dialogue network within health.
  • We want to focus on how the public sector can drive innovation together with the private sectorThe public sector can – through smart demand – at the same time drive the development of health services (up here), and also be a driver for innovation in the private sector (here). So we have both innovation in the public sector and in the private sector in mind with the new effort. It is important that the public sector defines the need, and communicates wise – and united – specifications to the market – reducing the problem of fragmented demand. This is a long term investment – to utilize private and public sector resources in order to solve society’s challenges. How we are going to do that is what we are gathered here to discuss. Your input is vital input when Mona and Arvid will work on the next step.I would like to invite Mona and Arvid to the stage to present themselves.
  • Good to see so many old and new friends here today!We want to see the Nordic Region as a global leader in health. We want to stimulate cooperation between the public and private sectors. It is about knowledge sharing, competence building, common projects, developing specifications togetherIt is about dialogue between procurers and between procurers and suppliers. And it is about alliances between suppliersWe want to move in the direction of a common Nordic home market -
  • The content will be developed during 2013 in cooperation with Nordic stakeholders, experts, at the high level meeting, at workshops, in dialogue sessions and meetings with businesses, etc.Could a new effort build on developing new tools and methods based on the following ideas?Development of common principles or guidelines for health and welfare innovation like a “public procurement charter”Defining and setting up Nordic challenge competitions within designated themes and areas to solve specific common challenges Development of common service innovation activities as a tool for the public sector to solve health challenges smarter Prioritization of areas and themes within health innovation where Nordic collaboration will create most value
  • Roger Moe Bjørgan_Nordic Health and Welfare Innovation Arena

    1. 1. www.nordicinnovation.orgWelcome to the Nordic Health andWelfare Innovation ArenaROGER MOE BJØRGAN, MANAGING DIRECTOR NORDIC INNOVATION29/05/20131 Copyright © Nordic Innovation 2011 . All rights reserved.
    2. 2. www.nordicinnovation.orgThe presentation29/05/2013 Copyright © Nordic Innovation 2011 . All rights reserved.2Who is Nordic InnovationHealth innovation in the Nordic cooperation program 2011-13Plans for the cooperation program for the years to comeWhy are we gathered today
    3. 3. www.nordicinnovation.orgNordic Innovation29/05/2013 Copyright © Nordic Innovation 2011 . All rights reserved.3An institution under the Nordic Council of MinistersLocated in OsloApproximately 25 employees, from the 5 Nordic countriesTurnover approx. 80 mill NOKSector programmes, entrepreneurship / finance, trade / policy
    4. 4. www.nordicinnovation.orgInnovation in the health sector through publicprocurement and regulation• One of 6 lighthouse projects - a part ofthe Nordic Cooperation Program 2011-2013• Owned by The Norwegian Ministry ofTrade and Industry• Focus on Nordic networks, dissemination,market dialogue, training and pilots• Call for proposals autumn 2012 (nextslide)CallThe Nordic Regionas frontrunner ininnovationprocurement in thehealth sector
    5. 5. www.nordicinnovation.org3 projects financed through the call “The Nordic regionas frontrunner in innovation procurement in the publicsector”Nordic Public-PrivateInnovation NetValue basedprocurements inprimary and socialcare (VABPRO)Integrated training programand demand dialoguenetwork for InnovativeNordic Health careProcurement (INHP)
    6. 6. www.nordicinnovation.orgNordic Health and Welfare Innovation29/05/2013 Copyright © Nordic Innovation 2011 . All rights reserved.6A new effort in the Nordic cooperation program from 2014 onwards?We want to ask the question: how can the public sector in the Nordicregion position itself as frontunner within healthcare and drive innovationin the public and private sector?Build on the Lighthouse project on procurement and innovation?Widen out – thematically and in terms of involvement?Getting inspiration from the structure in Nordic Built?CharterChallenge competitionHuge potential for innovation in the public sector and great businessopportunities. But how?A large sector that needs long term commitment
    7. 7. www.nordicinnovation.orgWhy Nordic Health and Welfare Innovation?Public sectorPrivate sectorTools,methods,competence,networks,dialogueGoalTo develop publicservices andsolutionsespecially withinhealthGoalTo develop theNordic service-and supplier-industry withinhealthA larger homemarketStimulateinnovationIncreased NordiccooperationStronger Nordicexports
    8. 8. www.nordicinnovation.orgBackup slides29/05/2013 Copyright © Nordic Innovation 2011 . All rights reserved.8
    9. 9. www.nordicinnovation.orgThe Nordic Region as a global leader in health
    10. 10. www.nordicinnovation.orgWhat could be the content of a new Nordiceffort?“PublicProcurementCharter”Development ofcommonprinciples orguidelines forhealth andwelfareinnovation.NordicChallengeCompetitionSetting upchallenges withindesignatedthemes and areasto solve specificcommonchallenges.CommonServiceInnovationDevelopment ofcommon serviceinnovationactivities as atool for thepublic sector tosolve healthchallengessmarter.Areas formost addedNordic valuePrioritization ofareas and themeswithin healthinnovation whereNordiccollaboration willcreate mostvalue.InnovativePublicProcurement inhealth sectorBuilding on theexisting effort.
    11. 11. www.nordicinnovation.orgNordic InnovationStensberggata 25NO-0170 Oslowww.nordicinnovation.org29/05/2013 Copyright © Nordic Innovation 2011 . All rights reserved.11