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#realchallenge matchmaking event keynotes


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Collection of keynotes from the Nordic Independent Living Challenge matchmaking event in Copenhagen 4-5 May 2015.

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#realchallenge matchmaking event keynotes

  1. 1. The Nordic Independent Living Challenge Help us solve a real challenge! Are you a problem solver? Join this Nordic competition!
  2. 2. • The Nordic population is ageing and the demand for innovative solutions and technologies is increasing. The five capitals are addressing this issue together – creating a joint market for the Nordic health and welfare technology industry. • We invite new and established innovators to participate in the Nordic Independent Living Challenge. We ask you to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions that can increase the quality of life for the frail elderly and people with disabilities, and make it possible for them to live independently in their own home. • The competition runs from January 2015 to June 2016, and the main prize is 1 million NOK. We also have special awards for Nordic collaboration and student projects. • As a participant in the competition, you will be offered access to knowledge, mentoring, workshops, networking and test facilities. And not at least, you will get a unique opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Nordic capitals.
  3. 3. From 2007 to 2012, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki increased their social expenditure with 27 % combined, from 4,4 to 5,6 billion EUR. The social expenditure is expected to continue increasing in all the Nordic capitals. Together, the five cities represent a substantial and rapidly growing market. The cities have recognised the need for innovation and collaboration across the Nordic region and have committed both time and resources to make it happen. As organisers of the Nordic Independent Living Challenge, they will host projects and workshops as well as provide mentors, knowledge and test beds for end user testing. THE NORDIC CAPITALS The cities need new and effective solutions to the welfare challenge. Technologies and services that can save resources and increase the quality of life for elderly and disabled citizens. Better services and technology Increased quality of life for citizens Effective and sustainable solutions
  4. 4. We will gather the most innovative people in the Nordic region to create new collaborations and partnerships across borders and disciplines. We believe this can take innovation in the health and welfare sector to the next level.
  5. 5. Join the challenge!
  6. 6. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? As a participant in the competition, you will be offered access to knowledge, mentoring, workshops, networking and test facilities. And not at least, you will get a unique opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Nordic capitals. Everyone with an innovative idea can join!
  7. 7. THE NORDIC INDEPENDENT LIVING CHALLENGE The five Nordic capitals have joined forces to address the issue of independent living for the elderly and disabled. Together, we have created the Nordic Independent Living Challenge, and we are inviting new and established players to help us come up with innovative solutions. The competition will be launched in January 2015, and we offer a main prize of 1 million NOK and special awards for cross-Nordic collaboration and student projects. As a participant, you will be offered feedback, mentoring, workshops and matchmaking events, and you will get a unique opportunity to test your solution with the Nordic capitals. The competition aims to enable and enhance independent living and the quality of life for the frail elderly and for the disabled. At the same time, we want to boost innovation and collaboration in the welfare technology industry and create a joint Nordic market. The competition offers ... as well as three grand prizes End user insights Process assistance Mentoring and sparring 100,000 Student Award Real-life testing Marketing help Financial support 1,000,000 Main Prize 200,000 Nordic Collaboration Award
  8. 8.  1 million NOK general prize  200.000 NOK cross-Nordic collaboration award  100.000 NOK student award  5 finalists  Testing with the capital cities  300.000 NOK  Mentoring  National launch events  A total of 150 participants or more  Inspirational seminars  Up to 75 of the best ideas  Nordic matchmaking  Inspiration and tools  Travel expenses  Up to 25 of the best projects  Business plan and testing preparations  Mentoring and support THE FOUR STAGES Launch Matchmaking Developing Testing with the cities Ideas Real-life testing WinnersConcepts
  10. 10. Nordic Innovation is promoting cross-border trade and innovation in the Nordic region. Working under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Innovation is a key player in implementing the Nordic Cooperation Programme for Innovation and Business Policy 2014-2017. One of the projects in this programme is the Innovative Nordic Welfare Solutions project, aiming at making the Nordic region world-leading within innovative health and welfare solutions with export potential. Nordic Innovation sees great opportunities in a more integrated Nordic health care market with enhanced collaboration, and is launching the Nordic Independent Living Challenge together with the five capitals. NORDIC INNOVATION Nordic Innovation is supporting this project for a number of reasons: Nordic market New solutions for export Focus on a real challenge Nordic welfare model New collaborations
  11. 11. EFFECTS ON END-USERS EFFECTS ON MARKET AND SOCIETY Launch Matchmaking Developing Testing with the cities New platforms New collabo- rations New Nordic market New solutions New startups Inspiration Real-life testing Early adoption Involvement Independent living
  12. 12. Help us solve a real challenge!
  13. 13. Hi, my name is Sonja. I enjoy having my calendar full. I always have a lot of events to look forward too. I like to meet people and keep myself up-to-date on what happens in the world. I keep myself fit and busy. I believe people with no hobbies or activities age more quickly. Last year I fell on my bike and now I cannot get around like I was used to… THE FRAIL ELDERLY
  14. 14. THE FRAIL ELDERLY Today, elderly people represent 25 % of the entire Nordic adult population. This number will rise to more than 40 % in 2030 and 45 % in 2050, meaning there will soon be a dramatic increase of people in need of solutions that can increase their quality of life and help them be able to keep living independently. We see the elderly as great resources in the ideation process of this competition. The elderly end users need solutions that can increase their quality of life. This could be in areas like: Moving around Maintaining an active mind Using technology Staying in touch Finding the way Staying in shape
  15. 15. Hi, I am Rasmus! When I was little, I had a brain tumour which was operated. I have difficulties in remembering and focusing on things. I think everybody needs to be good at something. Some of us just need help to get there. When other people make solutions for me, I get confused. But if I make my own systems, I understand them. Help should be something that you choose. Not something that is enforced upon you. THE DISABLED
  16. 16. THE DISABLED Between 13 and 21% of the Nordic adult population report that they have some kind of disability. Nordic disabled are typically advanced users and critical consumers. They possess considerable knowledge and creativity, making them a valuable resource in the development of new and innovative solutions. The disabled end users need solutions that can help them stay active in many ways. This could be in areas like: Moving around Customising solutions Using technology Staying in touch Staying in shape
  17. 17. There will be an increasing need for welfare solutions of good quality for the elderly and disabled. We need to develop solutions that help improve welfare services and at the same time make the job easier and more efficient for care professionals. This could be in areas like: Relatives will to a greater extent take part in caring for their elderly and disabled, but at the same time they have their own lives to run. There will be an increasing demand for solutions that can handle issues like: CARE PROFESSIONALS AND RELATIVES Handling information Keeping in touch Organising lives Handling information Building relationships Improving working environment
  18. 18. Are you a problem solver?
  19. 19. Hello, I am Thorfinn! I am head of innovation and business development in a multinational company developing household appliances and other everyday technologies. We have initiated a strategic project in the area of health care solutions and are looking for ways to develop new solutions in close collaboration with health care providers and end users. This competition is a great opportunity for us to experiment in an advanced and rapidly growing market – and collaborate with some inspiring entrepreneurs. ESTABLISHED SOLUTION PROVIDERS
  20. 20. ESTABLISHED SOLUTION PROVIDERS The competition offers you several opportunities:The obvious place to ask for help is from the established solution providers. We are looking for technology and service companies interested in accessing a Nordic market and in working closely together with the five Nordic capitals as well as with end users and new entrepreneurs. As an established solution provider you can bring know-how and development capacity to the field, and you will be able to exploit the opportunities in a joint Nordic initiative and market. The competition offers you a possibility for dialouge with the five Nordic capitals, access to end users and an opportunity to establish new partnerships. End user involvement and tests New talents Working with the capital cities Access to a Nordic market New partnerships
  21. 21. Hi there, I am Annukka! I am a design student at the final year of university. Together with some friends, I have recently started a company developing software and simple technology solutions for the elderly. We share an interest in increasing the quality of life for the elderly, and together we possess the technology and design skills to be able to develop new and interesting prototypes. We do, however, need more knowledge about and access to real- life users, and we are looking for partners for funding and help to take our solutions to market. We see the competition as a great opportunity to take our ideas to the next level and to kick-start our company. STARTUPS AND STUDENTS
  22. 22. STARTUPS AND STUDENTS You can get:As startups, you come with an entrepreneurial spirit, exciting ideas and flexibility. The challenge provides an opportunity to get your solutions developed and tested with real-life users and a possible entry into a growing market. In addition to the cash prize, the financial support and the possibility to get your own mentor, you will also get a chance to meet and network with key players in the field. Financial support Insights and mentoring Access to the market Access to end users Business partners Push support
  23. 23. Hello, I am Björn! I have a spinal cord injury which means I cannot move my legs at all and my arms only a little bit, so I need to consider accessibility in a different way than many others. I have a lot of ideas for new products and services for disabled people like me, and I really hope I can find some people to work with in this competition. PRIMARY AND SECONDARY END USERS Hi, my name is Johanna! I have been working at the municipal home care service for the past ten years. I visit elderly people and help them with their daily chores. I have often been thinking about what I could do to make both their life and my own working day easier. This competition gives me a chance to try out some of my ideas together with people who are able to develop the technology.
  24. 24. END USERS Perhaps you as an end user have plenty of ideas for new products and services for people in a similar situation like yourself? With the right partners you can be the foundation of a future export success! Or as a care professional, you might have come up with innovative solutions for how to improve your clients’ living situation – or making your own working day easier? We can help you turning your ideas into reality, and offer you financial support, mentoring and networking with relevant players in the field. As a problem solving end user you will be able to obtain: Help developing your solutions Innovation partners Financial support Better solutions for yourself Sharing of your solutions with others Insights and mentoring
  25. 25. Hi, I am Nagib! I am a researcher and lecturer at a technological university. I have been working with robotics for many years and my main research interest is welfare technologies. I believe that I can bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the competition, and valuable insights from my research to the innovation process. I also see it as a good opportunity for my students to work with real-life projects – especially if we can team up with people from companies and other universities. ACADEMIA
  26. 26. RESEARCHERS AND ACADEMICS They will be interested in…Academic institutions are sources of new knowledge and new perspectives. Innovation is on your agenda, and most of you are looking for active collaboration with the industry and the public. The competition offers researchers a chance to work with real-life challenges and end users - and an opportunity to share your knowledge with others and perhaps find commercial partners for bringing your ideas to market. And if you are a student, we offer you real-life innovation experience, and an opportunity to explore future career possibilities. The competition offers you: Meeting with end users Commercial partners Innovation experience Financial support Working with real-life challenges Networking