Nordic marine innovation - Sigla


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From the Nordic Marine Innovation Conference in Oslo 25th of January 2012 by Ylva Lindberg and Dr. Stina Torjesen, Sigla

Title: Sustainable and innovative businesses

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Nordic marine innovation - Sigla

  1. 1. Sustainable and innovativebusinesses: Findings fromseven Nordic casesPresentation Nordic Marine Innovation Conference, 25 January 2012
  2. 2. Sustainability key in CFP Fisheries: Fully exploited 70 % increase in food consumption Innovation 9 billion people (2050)3 billion new middle class consumers (2050) Pollution National regulation
  3. 3. Why and how do selected companies in the Nordicmarine sector succeed in integrating sustainabilityin their innovation processes and business model?
  4. 4. Agenda About the study•  What are we talking about? •  Company reports•  Who leads the way? •  Journal articles•  What are they doing right? •  Advice from panel of experts •  Interviews, field visits •  Limits: Focus on company story, not evaluation of sustainability track record
  5. 5. Definitions:What are we talking about?
  6. 6. Sustainable development - marine sector Protect fisheries Marine resources can be harvested at solid levels now and in future generations Avoid pollution The activity does not entail pollution or unwanted change in marine ecosystems, including biodiversity Feed the world The activity caters to the long-term needs of fishermen, companies and consumers
  7. 7. Sustainable innovation:New products, services, production methods ormodels of organisation, which, in a profitable way,help solve or mitigate sustainable developmentchallenges
  8. 8. Case studies:Who leads the way?
  9. 9. Matorka: A revolution in sustainable aquaculture?
  10. 10. Aker BioMarine Cooperating with environmentalorganisations to develop sustainable harvesting techniques and competitive advantage
  11. 11. Lyngsoe Systems: Using the power of IT to promotesustainability
  12. 12. Marine Harvest:New and sustainable approaches to tackling sea-lice
  13. 13. Salmon from the Faroe Islands: A turnaround frominfections and economic crisis towards sustainabilityand profits
  14. 14. EWOS: Protecting wild fish stocks by reducing marine ingredients in feed to the aquaculture sector
  15. 15. Using fish rest-rawmaterial to produce high-end medical products
  16. 16. Findings:What are they doing right?
  17. 17. Thinking ahead Sector survival Longterm view Beyond today’s market
  18. 18. Fish + x = true Combine resources from two sectors Draw on networks outside the sector
  19. 19. Innovation: Radical or stepwise Gradual improvements Challenging existing business models
  20. 20. Proactive approaches to regulation Capitalise on business opportunities in existing regulations Future regulations - lobby for good
  21. 21. Friendly with RD In-house Cooperation Copy cat
  22. 22. Innovation across the value chain Vertical integration Cooperation with wider network
  23. 23. Use the whole fish Waste management Waste as cheap raw material New products
  24. 24. Takk foroppmerksomheten!