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Nordic marine innovation - Presentation of marine innovation projects


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Presentation of marine innovation prosjects on the Nordic Marine Innovation Conference 25th of January 2012, by the project leaders.

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Nordic marine innovation - Presentation of marine innovation projects

  1. 1. The Nordic Marine Innovation Programme- Overview and experienceSigridur ThormodsdottirSenior Innovation adviserNordic Innovation
  2. 2. Funding consortium Norway: Innovation Norway Iceland: AVS and Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture Denmark: FødevareErhverf, Ministry of Agriculture Faro Islands: Ministry of Fisheries, marine research fund Sweden: Fiskeriverket (silent partner) Finland: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (silent partner) Nordic: AG-Fisk, NORA, Nordic Innovation
  3. 3. The Nordic Innovation Programme Enhance the innovation capability in the Nordic marine sector and thereby its profitability and competitiveness in a global market o Visualise the sector as an interesting sector with huge potential o Strengthen and establish B2B og B2R cooperation and support Nordic ”value chains” – horizontal and vertical o Create platform for multi-disciplinary/sectoral cooperation o Cooperation with Canada Create Nordic value through more cooperation between Nordic and national innovation agencies Emphasis on: Industry needs and active participation Concrete results and activities close to market Sustainability “Learn” about innovation
  4. 4. 3 Modules Module 1. Network and dialog – learning phase Learning about the marine sector through studies and dialog with the industry, industry organisations and other stakeholders. Define the topics in Module 2 and 3 Module 2. Pre-competitive projects Create forum for the industry and relevant stakeholders to cooperate with problems defined important by the industry sector related to innovation capability and competitiveness Module 3. Long term user driven innovation projects and business network Support strategic B2B and B2R cooperation where the industry defines the agenda4 03.02.2012
  5. 5. Module 1 – some results Studies: Mapping of studies and reports: marketing analysis and user driven innovation Gemba Seafood Consulting Value proposition in the Nordic marine sector  Markeds- og verdikjedeanalyse - part 1  Innovative forretningsmodeller i nordisk marin sektor – part 2 ECON Pöyry and NOFIMA Sustainable innovation in the Nordic marine sector Sigla5 03.02.2012
  6. 6. Response to the 2 calls in Module 2 og 3 Nordic Innovation Stensberggata 25 NO-0170 Oslo 33 applications – good geographical distribution of participants Total budget around NOK 230 mill, applied for approx NOK 112 mill 225 applicants – 131 companies and 94 institution/organizations Project owner/leader is a company representative in 19 projects of 33
  7. 7. Modul 2. Meeting future challengesThemes New and innovative ways of recruitment New and innovative solutions for safer and better working conditions Harmonisation and increased transparency in the Nordic market for marine products and related services5 projects are funded• Visualisation of the sector – High PR value• Cooperation between the industry and academia• Standard for a new niche-product to export• Framework to strengthen the Nordic home market for fish
  8. 8. Module 3. Reputation enhanced by innovationThemes More sustainable marine sector Higher quality of marine raw material and products Diversity of seafood or other marine based products10 projects are funded• Most of them contribute to more than one of the themes defined• White fish: Profitability and competitiveness through product diversity, efficiency and better use of the raw material• Aquaculture: New species, more sustainable food and culture methods, new products• Pelagic sector: Better utilisation of the raw material• Algae/seaweed: Utilisation of new arts, product diversity
  9. 9. The Nordic Innovation programme Nordic Innovation Stensberggata 25 NO-0170 Oslo Constitutes of 15 projects with high industry participation Participants approx 103 Total budget of NOK 102 mill, Own contribution is NOK 56.5 mill, the funding is NOK 44.6 mill
  10. 10. Experience and achievementsExperience ”Bottom up” initiative is possible Broad vs narrow focus of the programme More knowledge is needed about the marine sector in a Nordic/international perspectiveAchievments Nordic Marine Innovation Platform High industry participation Projects with concrete results… be continued
  11. 11. Further information to be found www.nordicinnovation.org1103.02.2012