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Innovation and growth by Nordic collaboration


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Presentation by Roger Bjørgan, Nordic Innovation

Published in: Business, Education
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Innovation and growth by Nordic collaboration

  2. 2. The Nordic Council of MinistersBusiness, Energy and Regional affairs- Ministers of trade & industry EK-N EK-N EK-N senior officials - Committees of - Committees ofof senior officials - Committees senior officials Nordic Innovation Board Nordic Innovation
  3. 3. Nordic added value – more than the sum of its parts Nordic cooperation builds upon common values and economic structure - among the oldest and most extensive regional co-operation in the world We can create “Nordic added value” by working together Common projects and analysis can pave the way for better national policies and initiatives.4 18/09/2012
  4. 4. Nordic Innovation – some facts An institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Located in Oslo, operating pan-Nordic. We facilitate sustainable economic growth in the Nordic region through international cooperation. 25 employees. Yearly turnover ca. 80 mill. NOK. Our focus is innovation, not research (NordForsk): “A new or improved product, service, process, or concept that creates economic or other societal value. Innovation is important in all sectors”5 18/09/2012
  5. 5. Our vision The Nordic countries as a world-leading region for innovation and sustainable growth Build Removerelationships barriers ” We orchestrate increased Nordic value creation through international co-operation Stimulate innovation
  6. 6. Nordic Innovation’s operationsAdd value by Financier of• Mapping national initiatives • Innovative projects with a clear Nordic value• Identifying best practices • Projects that contribute to free trade of goods• Identifying Nordic synergies & and servicescommon opportunities • Requires relevant actors from at least 3 Nordic• Facilitating and leading joint efforts countries• Building critical mass and impact• Executing political initiatives• Improving Nordic innovation ecosystemNo duplication of national initiatives! Innovation: “A new or improved product, service, process, or concept that creates economic or other societal value. Innovation is important in all sectors”
  7. 7. Reports & Platforms, conferences & new knowledge networksExamples of projects• The Nordic to Global Initiative Establishing gateways between Nordic public seed investors and strategic partners in foreign markets & company showcasing• Measured and Managed Innovation (MMI) From product development to value creation: Mapping and developing innovation strategies in Nordic companies•Current call for proposals proposals for Nordic projectsin the field of Innovation Procurement within the HealthSector 8
  8. 8. Nordic Entrepreneurship Project - Focus areasOne of the political initiatives, “Lighthouse Projects”, of Nordic Co-operation Programme for Innovation and Business policy 2011-2013 Lighthouse project on Entrepreneurship Project name: Nordic Entrepreneurship Project (NEP) Responsible country: Finland, Ministry of Employment and the Economy Project kick-off: Nordic Entrepreneurship Conference, October 2011 Three focus areas identified with added value from Nordic collaboration: Growth Programmes Entrepreneurship Data and Analysis Education •Forums for exchanging •Entrepreneurship education in •First joint ”Nordic Growth knowledge on policy and the Nordic countries: Study on Entrepreneurship Review”, to programme level of Nordic good practices and projects, be published in fall 2012 initiatives (e.g. accelerator to be completed in fall 2012 programmes); •Theme 1 of Seminar •One of main themes of kick- off conference, several other meetings and seminars over 2011-2012 •Theme 2 of Seminar
  9. 9. Learn more about our organisation at www.nordicinnovation.org10 18.09.2012