Corporate Responsibility as business driver in the Trelleborg Group by Rosman Jahja


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Presentation at the conference "CSR - a driver for innovation and competitiveness in the Nordic region" October 11 2012 in Trondheim.

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Corporate Responsibility as business driver in the Trelleborg Group by Rosman Jahja

  1. 1. Corporate Responsibility as business driverin the Trelleborg GroupTrondheim, 11 October 2012Rosman JahjaCR Communications and Internal Communications, Trelleborg Group
  2. 2. About myself Rosman Jahja Communications Manager, Internal Communications and Corporate Responsibility Communications, Coordinator of CR Communications Forum, Trelleborg Group ■ Background: M.Sc., Environmental Management and Policy, International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund, Sweden (1996) ■ Author of books including ”Environmental problems, sustainability and environmental management” (Studentlitteratur 1996)TRELLEBORG GROUP
  3. 3. A leading global engineering Group Trelleborg Group profile ■ Global leader in polymer technology ■ Founded in 1905 ■ Annual sales: about SEK 22 billion ~ € 2.4 billion, $ 3.3 billion ■ Employing 15,500 people in over 40 countries worldwide ■ ~ 90 manufacturing plants ■ Owns 50 percent of TrelleborgVibracoustic with annual sales of SEK 13 billion (€ 1.45 billion, $ 2.0 billion) and about 8,000 employees in 17 countries3 October 23, 2012
  4. 4. Corporate Responsibility in Trelleborg Governance and reporting Internally Externally Code of Conduct CR reporting Workplace and CR website environment issues Self- External CR Report Marketplace issues evaluation audits Annual Report Society and community issues Policies International UN human rights GRI guidelines guidelines Economic performance ILO conventions Environmental OECD guidelines performance UN Global Compact Social performanceTRELLEBORG GROUP4 October 23, 2012
  5. 5. Toward a value-adding Corporate Responsibility approach Levels of CR from low (left) to high (right) value creation Compliance/ Cost-saving Business case Risk minimizing • Code of Conduct • Initiatives to • Well-defined value • Compliance with improve energy proposition (Blue Governmental efficiency in plants DimensionTM) guidelines (UN, ILO, and offices • Focus on energy OECD) • Improvement and environmental • Self-evaluation efforts along entire growth initiatives • External audits value chain (sales and R&D) (suppliers and • Part of Managers’ • Reporting compliant customers) with GRI guidelines operational • Capital efficiency responsibility • Transparent (new capex) communication and key stakeholder dialogTRELLEBORG GROUP5
  6. 6. Trelleborg needs to satisfy Customers AND Society AND Employees Stakeholder overviewTRELLEBORG GROUP
  7. 7. First case: the TM Blue tire Innovation for sustainable farming (launched Feb 2011) GROUP
  8. 8. Harvard Business Review: Creating Shared Value by Michael E. Porter and Mark J. Kramer GROUP
  9. 9. Trelleborg Corporate Responsibility pyramid A sort of Maslow hierarchy, developing upward over time. ”Traditional” CR inside company at the bottom, Blue DimensionTM at the top ■ Sustainable ■ External and Internal Transparency: Products CR Reporting, Stakeholder dialog, Products and solutions Materiality analysis good for society ■ Operational /Process KKPI improvement: Waste, Energy, Carbon emissions, Other emissions, Chemicals, Improvement Anticorruption, Training/Development , Performance reviews, Social Engagement Mainly ■ Compliance & Basics: Environmental Management, Human Rights, Health & Internal Risk Management Safety, Permits, REACH, Whistleblowing, Other legal/risk Focus mattersTRELLEBORG GROUP
  10. 10. Blue DimensionTM – BrochureTRELLEBORG GROUP
  11. 11. TRELLEBORG GROUP The Blue DimensionTM of Trelleborg agricultural tires Higher crop yields. Lower fuel consumption. Reduced CO2 emissions. Fuel savings: Up to 3,000 liters a year (for a 260 hp tractor). Footprint: Up to 13% wider than the market average.11 2012-10-23
  12. 12. Blue DimensionTM is about our solutions■ What is our Blue DimensionTM ? We seal, damp and protect in order to help our customers be successful. Blue DimensionTM refers to products and solutions that not only satisfy the needs of the customer but also benefit people and society.■ Why are we doing this? We are dedicated to developing products and solutions that are good – not only for customers and business, but also for society.■ Who is it for? We know that potential and existing customers are increasingly looking for sustainability as an additional value when choosing business partners.
  13. 13. Vision – How it all fits together The integrated reporting of tomorrow will give a fairer view of a company ■ Tomorrow Integrated reporting Blue DimensionTM ■ Today Financial CR Performance PerformanceTRELLEBORG GROUP
  14. 14. Corporate Responsibility Communications 2012 Semi-Integrated Annual Report for 2012 ■ Main thread = Investment story: Invest in a focused polymer group with the power to accelerate performance in a sustainable way. ■ Golden thread in Sustainability (CR + Blue DimensionTM) which reduces risk and opens new market segments. ■ Make the integration of Business Strategy and Sustainability more visible => toward Integrated ReportingTRELLEBORG GROUP
  15. 15. Biggest challenges?TRELLEBORG GROUP
  16. 16. Blue Dimension Jam (February 2012) Internal campaign for awareness and good examplesTRELLEBORG GROUP
  18. 18. Tentative CR Blog Topics Very easy to find things to explain and ask questions about ■ What is our Blue DimensionTM? Most obvious product areas ■ What is not our Blue DimensionTM about? ■ How our Brand messages go hand in hand with Blue DimensionTM and Corporate Responsibility ■ Relaunch of Energy Excellence ■ How Manufacturing Excellence and CR goes hand in hand ■ Improved CO2 Reporting – upstream and downstream ■ Do you know our Code of Conduct? ■ What sustainability aspects are most important for Trelleborg? ■ Why we are a part of the UN Global Compact ■ Check out our CR Website ■ Global Reporting Initiative simplifies comparisons and benchmarks ■ What is Carbon Disclosure Project? ■ What is Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes?TRELLEBORG GROUP