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  • Conference_20130305_Dominic Power

    1. 1. Prof. Dominic Power Uppsala UniversityCCI contribution to a more dynamic Nordic business environment Conference: What Will the Nordic Business Environment Look Like in the Future? Stockholm2013
    2. 2. What do cultural and creativesindustries make?Commercializable Narratives Symbols Meanings Ideas Dreams Aesthestics Desires
    3. 3. Differentiation Creativity Quality CCI competitive advantage? ? ? ? ??
    4. 4. What is needed - KNOWLEDGE • Knowledge is key to reaching competitive advantage • Knowledge is based on internal and external processes: the local and regional milieu plays a role • Quantity (of CCI jobs) is less important for future development: not twice as many but twice as clever • Policy needs knowledge: need for case studies and measurements
    5. 5. CCI Contribution:6 442 410 employees in European 30 countries436 916 in the Nordic region Denmark 98866 Finland 81818 Iceland 9215 Norway 95875 Sweden 151143 Source: Power (2011) Priority Sector Report: Creative and Cultural Industries. 2nd Edition. Luxembourg: European Commission
    6. 6. Innovation probably, prosperity definitelySource: Power (2011) Priority Sector Report: Creative and CulturalIndustries. 2nd Edition. Luxembourg: European Commission
    7. 7. What can be done atthe regional level?
    8. 8. THE CHALLENGE… GROWINGFIRMS/PROJECTS/NETWORKS/CAREERSThese industries are dominated bysmall and often young ‘firms’who are very creative but not alwaysbusiness knowledgeable, are far awayfrom the market and lack capitalMany of them don’t reach theirbusiness potential even if they doreach their creative potentialHow can they unlock their businesspotential without losing their creativefocus?... By reaching out to others
    9. 9. The local/region: Proximity might not breed creativitybut it builds business cultures and helps you learn Between firms: Project Between sectors: icebreaker Between individuals: (formal and support, Intermediation initiatives, network informal) netwrok platforms, system/portals, incubators, partn events, incubators, living career development programs, er information and labs, tech transfer offices, spend mentorship directories, trade fairs money on R&D! Support for regional Networked business and entrepreneurship Support for export and getting out of the region (even if virtually or temporarily)
    10. 10. Conclusion: the region has a role• The challenge for the region is to facilitate and celebrate culture and creativity (… and if possible offer them real resources and startup capital)• The challenge for firms is to learn and adapt• The challenge for firms in regions is to be able to internalise helpful externalities (to reach out to others)… So how can we help facilitate Nordic creative business linkages, exchange and intermediation?
    11. 11. Thank You!