Addý Héðinsdóttir: The swan flew over the coffee shop. Nordic Roaster Forum


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  • Criteria: Waste sorting, green book-keeping for all environmentally-related numbers (transportation, electricity, water, disposable items, chemical use)In 2012 we improved our green book-keeping by having it reviewed and re-organized by one of our baristas who was studying environmental management.Hér þarf að klikka nokkrum sinnum til að fá allan textann.
  • Friend of ours in USA had $99 per full time employee.
  • This is how the START tool homepage looks.Philanthropy and giving. Donation and volunteer workCompany profile-Procurement – buying volume and certification. coffee sourcing down to regent. carbon footprint,- every month and every year - travel, transport, housing, utilities.
  • Day-to-day changes: No single serving packaging. Jam and butter had to be put into glass bowls, rather than serving individually packed plastic containers Small bowls had to be washed – took some time to figure out how best to wash them so they wouldn‘t turn and fill up with water in the washing machineStraws can not be up on the counter anymore, only handed out if asked for, the same with disposable knifes, forks and spoons etc.Recycling also electrical appliances and batteries.When buying a new machine means thinking of energy usage and durability.Cars are chosen with fuel usage in mind.We use reusable containers for coffee, launder and everything we can think of when transporting to our cafes.1 now and soon to be 5 organic food stuff on the menu.
  • Hér þarf að klikka nokkrum sinnum til þess að fá allan textann
  • Up to now these are our most prominent results.Þessi mynd sýnir hvernig magnið af götumálum í kílóum hefur minnkað síðan Kaffitár fékk vottuní samanburði við það hvert magnið hefði verið ef ekki hefði verið gripið inn í og notkun pappamálaaukist í samræmi við aukna sölu (uþb 6% á ári). Topparnir á ljósari súlunum hefðugetað orðið að sorpi! Magnið er svo mikið að það er mikilvægt að draga úr því og endurvinna þaðsem ekki er hægt að draga úr.Magnið er umtalsvert en okkur reiknast til að sparast hafi 4796 kg af pappa- og plastmálum. Það jafnast á við rétt tæplega 80 sekki af kaffi (hver sekkur er 60 kg) eða næstum því 5 Yaris bíla (hver bíll er um 1000 kg). Ef öllum þessum spöruðu einnota málum væri staflað hverju ofan á annað væri lengjan 29,8 kílómetra löng sem er á við það að rétt um 400 Hallgrímskirkjum væri staflað hverri ofan á aðra.2009 61,1% drinks sold were in Paper cups2010 47,5%2011 46,7%2012 46,3%2012 84% í Smáralind---35,1% í þjóðó
  • Svona var þetta í fyrra. Á milli áranna 2009 og 2010 minnkaði almennt sorp frá fyrirtækinu að meðaltali um 40% í kjölfar þess að flokkun var aukin og hafist var handa við flokkun á lífrænu sorpi. Almenna súlan var þá lang-hæst. Þetta þýðir bæði minni umhverfisáhrif og sparnað fyrir fyrirtækið vegna þess að það er dýrara að láta farga almennu sorpi en að senda lífrænt í endurvinnslu.Almennt sorp 14,21 kr kg= $0,12 Lífrænt sorp 6,83 kr/kg = $ 0,06Between 2009 and 2010 our general waste was reduced by 40% due to increased waste sorting.Less negative effects on the environment as well as saving money on waste disposal.
  • We use amount per guest to compare use between years for various indicators.
  • START calculates the CO2 emissions of the company‘s operations from all the data you enter into the tool.The apparent increase could be because our numbers for 2012 were much more accurate than for 2011 as they were all recorded into START in 2012. In any case our aim is to reduce our CO2 emissions per guest.
  • Relationship/direct trade: Kaffi án krókaleiðaOrganic 0,5%RA 75%Utz 21%KÁK 76%
  • 630,000 ISK árgjald 2012=$ 5,200919.000 ISK árgjald 2019=$ 7,500
  • Addý Héðinsdóttir: The swan flew over the coffee shop. Nordic Roaster Forum

    1. 1. The Swan Flew Over the Coffee Shop Aðalheiður Héðinsdóttir
    2. 2. • Kaffitár was founded in 1990 • Started out as a micro-roastery with 20 kg Samiac roaster • Today: 8 coffee shops, 2 roasters, around 150 employees • We import specialty coffee from all over the world and roast 250.000 kg last year. • Opened a bakery/café in Kópavogur 2013
    3. 3. Thinking about the environment • From the beginning we have sorted and recycled our waste • Started the „Green Bean“ project in 2008. The aim was to increase waste sorting and to write an environmental policy for Kaffitár. Our Green Bean logo
    4. 4. Thinking about the environment • 2009 – applied for the Nordic Eco label, the Swan, certification • In May 2010 our 8 coffee shops and our kitchen received the certification • 2012 we started using SCAA, START sustainability tool, to improve our green bookkeeping.
    5. 5. What is The Swan? • A swan is a bird • But The Swan is the logo for the Nordic Eco label • Type 1, third party certified Eco label – cream of the crops • Strict criteria you need to follow • A specialist visits every year to review the operations and renew the certification
    6. 6. START – sustainability tool • Created by the SCAA specifically for the coffee industry • More applicable to the coffee industry than the Swan • Asks coffee related questions whereas the Swan only has a general restaurant criteria • But not third party certified • Helps with our green book-keeping quite a lot
    7. 7. START – sustainability tool • 2011 donated Kaffitár $ 15.720 to charity in form of coffee or goods. That is 178,6 $ per full time employee witch were 88. • 2012 donated Kaffitár $ 15.699 or 163,5 $ per employee witch were 96.
    8. 8. The journey towards the Swan • Many bigger and smaller changes in the dayto-day running of the coffee shops • Most noticeable to customers: No paper cups for coffee inside the coffee shops – only for take-away • Before waste was sorted into 3 categories. Now they are 8: – Plastic, cardboard, paper, cartons, metal, organic, bottles & cans and general waste
    9. 9. Influence on baristas • Two main effects 1. Staff was happy to take part and were proud of the changes being made. People want to do something for the grater good. 2. Staff was put into difficult situations having to answer for changes, especially regarding paper cups – Still today, three years later, baristas have to answer upset customers who want to sit with their paper cups inside the coffee shop
    10. 10. Visible results – paper cups 8000 7000 6000 Amount of paper cups (kg) 5000 4000 How it could have been (kg) 3000 2000 1000 0 2009 2010 2011 2012
    11. 11. Recycling 50 40 46 30 % of total waste 2012 20 24 30 10 0 Organic Recycled waste General waste
    12. 12. Chemical cleaning products • In 2011 we used 2,66 ml of cleaning products per guest in the coffee houses • In 2012 we used 2,46 ml per guest – 8% reduction between years
    13. 13. Scrubber • 2011 In stead of an afterburner that the health authorities required we got Boyd Guildner to install a Scrubber. • Using cold water to wash the smoke in stead of burning fossil fuel
    14. 14. Numbers from START: CO2 emissions • 2011: 0.14 kg of CO2 per guest • 2012: 0.15 kg of CO2 per guest
    15. 15. Numbers from START: Certified coffee 80 70 60 50 % 40 2011 2012 30 20 10 0 Certified organic coffee Rainforest Alliance certified coffee UTZ certified coffee Relationship/direct trade coffee
    16. 16. Is it worth it to be certified? • Being certified costs money; annual fee for the certification. • Time spent on collecting data and making of the annual report. • However, we also safe money by being certified. – Less expenses in: • Waste disposal • Electricity-, fuel-, cleaning chemicals- and water use • Paper cups and other single-use items purchase
    17. 17. Is it worth it to be certified • Furthermore we gain – A stronger market position – A overview of all our operation cost and performance. • And – We are doing our best for the environment and to improve the quality of life for future generations Yes, we think it‘s worth it
    18. 18. Thank you Aðalheiður Héðinsdóttir Kristín Þóra Jökulsdóttir