Completing the puzzle: Development of SMEs and Crafts with WUSME and IUE University


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Completing the puzzle: Development of SMEs and Crafts with WUSME and IUE University

  1. 1. GOALSustained Economic Growth ..... Completing The Puzzle Building a Pro-Active Alliance
  2. 2. INSANITY … A Working DefinitionContinuing to do things as we have always done them and expecting, at the same time, to magically generate a different outcome …
  3. 3. Today’s Challenges …• The global economy impacts every national, regional and local economy in one way or another• The global economy is in a constant state of flux• The global economy is rapidly making it impossible to isolate ourselves from the consequences of an economic crisis in another country or region no matter how distant
  4. 4. Today’s Challenges …Ask yourself these questions …• What changes are on the horizon?• What will their impact be?• When will their impact be felt?• Where will their impact be felt?• What can I do to minimize the impact?• Why will that be necessary?
  5. 5. The SECRET to Success …• The SECRET for success is: • Hard Work = Success • Tenacity = Success • Higher Education = Success • Being Born with Money = Success• What rules must you follow to succeed? ◦ Earn a business degree from Harvard? ◦ Earn a business degree from Oxford? ◦ Get your business credentials from some well known college or university at the very least!
  6. 6. The SECRET to Success …Success to one may be failure to another … ◦ Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard during his first year and, without a degree, was still able to build the most successful software company in history ◦ George Eastman, multi-millionaire founder of Kodak was a high school dropout ◦ Giuliana Benneton, billionaire founder of international clothing giant Benneton Group, had little formal education in her life. ◦ Thomas Edison, world renown inventor (phonograph, light bulb, etc.), quit school when a teacher called him “addled.”
  7. 7. The SECRET to Success …Success to one may be failure to another … ◦ Steve Jobs, billionaire co-founder of Apple Computers PIXAR, etc., dropped out of college because “I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and how college was going to help me figure it out.” ◦ John Major, former British Prime Minister was a high school dropout but that did not stop him from rising to the top in his chosen career. ◦ Rosalia Mera, Spanish billionaire co-founder of one of the world’s most successful apparel manufacturers, was a high school dropout
  8. 8. The SECRET to Success …is …
  9. 9. The SECRET to Success … There is NO Secret !
  10. 10. What Do We Do Now• Get to know yourself• Identify strengths and weaknesses• Evaluate strengths and weaknesses• Determine potential impact of weaknesses
  11. 11. What Do We Do NowRemember this … change is the only constant in any formula …• One can choose to fight change• One can choose to embrace change• One can adapt and adjust to change• Change will occur with or without your approval
  12. 12. What Do We Do NowIs education and training important … ?• Absolutely, if the program: ◦ Is well targeted ◦ Is appropriate to the socio-economic environment ◦ Is appropriate to the needs of the learner ◦ Is geared toward the needs of an employer rather than employee ◦ Takes into consideration the resources demanded of the participant (time as well as money)
  13. 13. What Do We Do NowAppropriate and effective education and training must be dynamic … it must be real-world focused and must be able to be implemented real-time. It cannot be static. An effective alliance should:• Offer appropriate, end-to-end and SME-Centric© programs• Offer courses regularly that augment, expand and update skills critical to operations and growth• Have in place processes for quality assurance keying on effective management• Have an in-the-field process to evaluate a participant’s application of learned skills and processes• Encourage and require regular recertification
  14. 14. The Proposed Alliance• WUSME was envisioned and chartered to become: ◦ More than just a voice for SMEs ◦ More than a simple advocate• WUSME was envisioned to become an active partner for SME success• WUSME was envisioned to become proactive rather than reactive• WUSME was envisioned to offer SMEs access to resources developed to meet the unique needs of SMEs, their entrepreneurial structure and the entrepreneurs who create and/or guide them• WUSME was envisioned to be SME-Centric©
  15. 15. The Proposed Alliance: WUSME As a guiding partner in an alliance, WUSME: • Would coordinate and spearhead efforts to: ◦ Develop working contacts with appropriate and accessible financial resources providers ◦ Develop a plan for merging, focusing and fully utilizing SME-Centric© organizations, agencies and/or individuals in providing support targeting regional socio-economic development of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and SMEs ◦ Develop a plan to deploy these resources effectively and in a timely manner ◦ Develop a value-ad methodology for offering appropriate growth programs through WUSME
  16. 16. The Proposed Alliance: IIE/IUE • The International Institution of Entreprenology (IIE) – the executive education arm of IUE - offers: 1. Four (4) stepped learning intensive training programs developed specifically for employers and career oriented entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs 2. The stepped programs take the participant from entry level business skills (e.g. micro-enterprise and small business essentials) through Certified Entreprenologist and Certified VisionEngineer© 3. Each step up and forward increases the depth and breadth of business essentials 4. Successful completion of a program results in Professional Certification for that level
  17. 17. The Proposed Alliance: AIPA • The Alliance International Partnership Agreement (AIPA) offers: 1. Quality assurance training and certification 2. Productivity Core Tool (SPC, APQP, PPAP, FMEA) 3. Lean Concept Workshops 4. Six Sigma business process reengineering 5. ISO Standards training and implementation
  18. 18. The Proposed Alliance: UMIS-SMEA • Develop a working plan to effectively initiate alliance sanctioned programs in the region • Coordinate placement and implementation of alliance efforts and resources based upon regional expertise in cultural and socio-economic interaction • Focus organization and alliance resources to develop increased numbers of intrepid entrepreneurs, competent intrapreneurs, certified business professionals, trained and certified quality assurance entities and long-term pro-active participation in the regional business community
  19. 19. The Proposed Alliance: Your Entity • Develop a working plan to create an alliance agreement with WUSME • Develop a working plan to coordinate and focus efforts to implement alliance programs in the locality, nation and/or region falling within it’s area of cultural and socio-economic expertise
  20. 20. The Proposed Alliance … In Unison All allied organizations will: • Conduct in-field procedures to evaluate, consult with and advise graduates regarding application of learned skills and processes • Discuss and make recommendations regarding any additional business training, quality training, etc. • Develop and offer appropriate, short-term (one or two day) Continuing Professional Education (CPE)* programs on a regularly scheduled basis • Develop a Best Practices and Participant database - as the cycle continues – to be available for access by other participants * Annual CPE credits are required for attorneys, doctors, certified and chartered accountants, etc., to keep their certifications valid and their skills current. Certified businesses and business professional are no different
  21. 21. What a SME-Centric© Alliance Looks Like WUSME Allied Allied Entity Entity UMIS-SMEA SME’s & The Entrepreneur IIE/IUE AIPA (USA) (USA) UMIS-SMEA (CROATIA)
  22. 22. What a SME-Centric© Program Looks Like Successful Start Here Business Completion Essentials = Basic/Advanced Professional Certification Annual Quality Assurance Recertification Training ◄SMEs► ◄SMEs► Continuing Quality Assurance Professional Certification Education Field Evaluation & Consulting
  23. 23. Completing The PuzzleIn order to help WUSME fulfill its support mission, an effective alliance that adequately represents those regions seeking appropriate economic growth and development will be needed. from virtually every region interested in creating socio-economic growth. The alliance is and will continue, therefore, soliciting SME-Centric© individuals, agencies, organizations, institutes and associations to work in concert with us to address the existing gap in education, training and quality assurance that effectively targets SMEs, entrepreneurs, and entreprenologists – those elements that drive culturally relevant economic growth.
  24. 24. CONTACTWUSME World Union of SMEsIUE International University of EntreprenologyProf. James OmpsProf. Norbert Knoll von Dormhoffmailto:
  25. 25. Completing The Puzzle Your OrganizationUMIS-SMEA Building a Pro-Active Alliance