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An Overview about the most distinguishing features in MS Dynamics NAV

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Ms dynamics nav

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics ERPBy:Nora Al-Madi
  2. 2. • Microsoft Dynamics ERP• Microsoft Dynamics ERP Applications• Microsoft Dynamics NAV• Microsoft Dynamics NAV Releases• Microsoft Dynamics NAV Features• Microsoft Dynamics NAV Features: Role-TailoredUI• Microsoft Dynamics NAV Features: Integration• Microsoft Dynamics NAV Features: HighFlexibility• Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functional Capabilities• MS Dynamics NAV Functional Capabilities: SCM• Blac Label Story• Conclusion• ReferencesOutline
  3. 3. • Microsoft started providing business solutionsin 2001 when MS purchased Great Plains.• Microsoft formed MS Business Solutionsgroup, which contains of different applications.• In 2005, Microsoft grouped Microsoft DynamicsERP.• Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a line of ERP andCRM applications and targets midsized andsmall businesses as well as divisions of largerbusinessesMS DynamicsERP
  4. 4. MS DynamicsERP: Apps• Microsoft Dynamics GP (GreatPlains)• Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)• Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)• Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon IV)For retail Solutions:• Microsoft Dynamics RMS• Microsoft Dynamics POS
  5. 5. • In 1986, Navision was launched byNavision.• In 2002, Microsoft purchased Navision.• MS Dynamics NAV offers businesssolutions for small and midsizedorganisations.• MS NAV supports more than 40languages, including Arabic.• More than 90,000 businesses use MSDynamics NAV.
  6. 6. • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Releases:• Microsoft Dynamics NAV 3.7• Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0• Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0• Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009• Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
  7. 7. Open source.Microsoft Dynamics NAV FeaturesAdd-ons.Low cost. High flexibilityand simplicity.Role-tailored UI.BusinessIntelligence andIntegration.
  8. 8. Open source.Microsoft Dynamics NAV FeaturesAdd-ons.Low cost. High flexibilityand ease ofuse.BusinessIntelligence andIntegration.• Role-tailored UI is a process driveninterface aimed at specific jobfunctions.• 21 preconfigured roles.Role-tailoredUI.X
  9. 9. Open source.Microsoft Dynamics NAV FeaturesAdd-ons.Low cost. High flexibilityand ease ofuse.Role-tailored UI.• Microsoft Office (Excel and Word).• Microsoft Office Outlook• Web enabling by integrating withSharePoint• Clouding enabled by integratingwith Windows AzureBusinessIntelligence andIntegration.
  10. 10. Open source.Microsoft Dynamics NAV FeaturesAdd-ons.Low cost.Role-tailored UI.BusinessIntelligence andIntegration.For employees and system users• Easy to learn.• Easy to use.For developers• Provided familiar tools in otherproducts.• Auto-correction and error handling.High flexibilityand simplicity.
  11. 11. Microsoft Dynamics NAV FunctionalCapabilitiesSCMProjectManagement LanguagesManufacturingConfigurationandDevelopmentSales, Marketingand ServiceManagementHRManagementFinancialManagement
  12. 12. Microsoft Dynamics NAV FunctionalCapabilitiesProjectManagement LanguagesManufacturingConfigurationandDevelopmentSales, Marketingand ServiceManagementHRManagementFinancialManagement • Sales• Purchase and Payables• Inventory• Warehouse ManagementSCM
  13. 13. • Blac Label distributes popularclothing brands. The company has 80employees.• Business situation.• Solution and benefits.
  14. 14. • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is growing rapidly andproviding solutions to meet midsized and smallbusinesses, that specialized in sales anddistribution needs.• Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides flexibilityand simplicity to business which increasethe employees productivity.• by providing mobile and web access MSDynamics NAV helps to increasebusinesses’ efficiency.Conclusion
  15. 15. • Mark Brummel. Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009Application Design. Packt Publishing Ltd, 2010.• AdvancedBusinessSyst. [Jan 29, 2013].YouTube. (Video).• Microsoft Dynamics Strategy: History and NewReality. Real Time IT Services.• MS Dynamics NAV. Wikipedia.• Rajesh kumar. Rameshwar Kumar. RajPrabhakar. [26 Nov. 2010]. Microsoft DynamicsERP. Scribd. (PowerPoint File).•