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Muhanad apudiah ( Saudi inventor )


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a young blind saudi inventor .

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Muhanad apudiah ( Saudi inventor )

  2. 2. - -Saudi inventor - He was born in January 14th, 1987 in Jeddah - a student in the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, majoring in engineering physics, -His father is the media and broadcaster known as APUD Gabriel.
  3. 3. Traffic accident resulting in injury to the brain led letter to his blindness; and cut the right leg.
  4. 4. Shared with the first Saudi scientific team for the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.
  5. 5. Established the Saudi branch of the International Society of Physics Students
  6. 6. A three books important in Science
  7. 7. Established the largest network of sites on the Internet for physical sciences in Arabic Language
  8. 8. Scored 22 of his patented inventions • Glove changes the sign language to voice .
  9. 9. • Pen helps children and those with hand tremors, the blind to write in a straight line. • Headset alert when you sit down wrong
  10. 10. Submarine it called Saqr Arabism up to 6525 meters In the depths of the sea Is the first submarine in the world up to this depth