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Transactional Website


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A presentation on how a transactional website (Royal Academy of Dance) protects their data and customers information.

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Transactional Website

  1. 1. Royal Academy of Dance Potential Threats Methods of Protection Legislation
  2. 2. Royal Academy of Dance• There are many potential threats to websites that sell products to the general public.• ‘Royal Academy of Dance’ (RAD) is a retail website which is used by people around the world every day for performing items such as clothes, badges, music and gifts.• In a result of RAD creating a website to trade has a negative effect by opening them up to threats to their website such as: - Stealing data - Hackers - Taking over website - Spam, phishing, pharming - International stealing of data
  3. 3. Methods of Protection RAD apply different methods of protecting there website and their customersHackers What is it?: Hacking is to use technology to gain unauthorised access to data and information. Protection: one way to know you are protected on a website is by checking in the URLthat it turns to https: and also the bar goes green. to show trusted certificate. Unfortunately RAD does not do this meaning that is less protective that other websites, such as Lloyds. ‘http’ ‘https’ Changed green Although RAD is less protective than as it could be they do have a personal log in andchangeable passwords which are encrypted also stopping RAD workers from seeking your information
  4. 4. Legislation What is it?: Legislation is a law that is enforced to protect peoples information and computer use for buying online.There are three specific acts that RAD must apply to their website, to ensure protection from viruses for themselves and their customers. The Data Protection Act (1998) Computer Misuse Act (1990) Distance Selling Regulations (2000)
  5. 5. The Data Protection ActThe Data Protection Act: The Data Protection Act is mandatory for anycompany online and its shows that the company operates withresponsibility for it’s customers informationRAD on there website must produce information clearly before takingthe general publics data.Users of the website must know: – What the company is and there name – What the data will be used for – Who can access your data
  6. 6. The Data Protection Act RAD also publish on their website offering more information to their customers:The reason for the data protection act to be created was for a few concerns by the Government; such as:- Who could see the stored information- People could copy the information- Was it possible to store information about a person without the individual’s knowledge or permission?- Was a record kept of any changes made to information
  7. 7. Computer Misuse Act What is it?: The Computer Misuse Act was formed to Illegalise unauthorised access to computer use, preventing access to hacking, viruses and stolen data. The Computer Misuse Act has created three new criminal offenses: -Access to computer material unauthorised data -Commission of further offenses -Unauthorised modification of computer material.The penalties and punishments for these crimes range from 6 months in prison fine £5000, max 5 jail and unlimited fineUnfortunately it is very hard to catch these criminals and many people do not get punished.
  8. 8. Distance Selling RegulationsWhat is it?: Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) set up in 2000 toprotect customers when shopping online. DSR makes rules forcustomers who purchase items without face to face contact.RAD must show clear information about the supplier, the goods tothe general public before they decide to buy the product.They must also give customers time to return product withoutreceiving a fine in writing, this protects people from paymentfraud.
  9. 9. Distance Selling RegulationsThis is what RAD publish on their website for customers before they consider to buy a product.
  10. 10. Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)Legislation is in place to deter peoplefrom committing crimes online howeververy few people are prosecuted.RAD aim to protect their customershowever their will be new threats dueto technology expanding, thereforeRAD must remain up-to-date whichtheir methods of protection.