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General leaflet Nooteboom Trading


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General information about my company

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General leaflet Nooteboom Trading

  1. 1. Rino® lowbed trailer overseas Rino® flatbed trailer overseas special “heavy” transport tractors new & used trailers - worldwide Rino® megatrailer europe specials modules & spmt’s
  2. 2. Rino® megatrailer europe visit us in zeewolde (nl) used spmt + powerpacK continually changing stocK new & used8x8 dessert trucK + export lowbed Rino® citytrailer europe Rino® megatrailer
  3. 3. about nooteboom trading Nooteboom Trading in Zeewolde imports and exports new and used trailers and special “heavy” transport tractors. We buy and sell all kinds of used trailers, such as city trailers, modular low-loaders, special transport trailers, flatbed semi-trailers and mega machinery trailers. We also carry our own brand, Rino® Trailer. We specialize in steered trailers for the building and construction industries. Part exchange is always ne- gotiable and Nooteboom Trading is also interested in buying your vehicle. We rent out trailers under the name Nooteboom Rental. A comprehensive and up-to-date list of our continually changing stock is posted on our website
  4. 4. Rino® trailer overseas6 5Rino® trailer europe CAT365C (80T)
  5. 5. Rino® trailer overseas Rino® trailer europe seRviceThe RINO Trailer Overseas s developed by our own ® RINO Trailer Europe is a trailer model series in ® At Nooteboom Trading reliability and trust are matters ofdesigners with many years of expertise in trailer manu- various versions, from city trailers and flatbed semi- importance for every purchase. It is our aim to havefacturing. A prominent feature of this RINO® Trailer is trailers to extra special mega semi low-loaders, a long-term working relationship with all our customers.the robust construction. Innovative solutions guarantee tailored to transport abnormal loads. That’s why we work closely together with a service com-that even in the most adverse circumstances imaginable The RINO® Trailer Europe complies with the legal pany that specialize in trailers. Every trailer we put up for sale has had a thorough going-over by a team of speciallythe trailer will do what it is designed to do: transport provisions that are valid in European countries. trained mechanics.your cargo without any down-time en route. If you are looking for a non-standard trailer, you’ve Together we make sure that your trailer meets a wholeThe RINO Trailer Overseas is mass-produced and then ® come to the right place at Nooteboom Trading. range of stringent criteria to give you that extra security.finished in accordance with your specifications. You will become the owner of a vehicle that you can rely on for many years to come. shipping woRldwide Due to our extensive experience in transport by sea we are able to offer you reliable shipping to the port of your choice.Your vehicle will be delivered free of charge to any North sea port.Your RINO® Trailer will be drawn in 3D by our engineers in accordance with your requirements.
  6. 6. moRocco ghanaCAT 992G uK Schiphol Amsterdam Zeewolde ger pl central location Brussels Düsseldorf Cologne Frankfurt Paris cZ sK at ch fr hu es itCAT 345BL angola guinee
  7. 7. adress and RouteNooteboom Trading is located in the Trekkersveldindustrial estate in Zeewolde. Our central location rightin the middle of the Netherlands means that we can bereached easily and quickly from all directions.postal adress nooteboom tradingP.O. Box 220 3891 AE Zeewolde (NL)visit us at:Baardmeesweg 47Zeewolde (NL)tel +31 (0)6 11 00 07 32fax +31 (0)36 523 42 76e-mail sales@nooteboomtrading.cominternet
  8. 8. “ yo u r lo a d s u i t s o u r s o l u t i o n ”Algeria Cape Verde Ireland Netherlands Kenia Your contact: igmar nooteboom General ManagerAngola Netherlands Tel +31 (0)6 110 00732 Netherlands Egypt Nigeria Morocco ChadCAT 345 CAT D9 CAT 988H CAT 824H CAT 385C CAT D11 CAT 992G CAT 854K