Annual system obsticles


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annual system need some improvement

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Annual system obsticles

  1. 1. The Mechanism of Annual Education System is an obstacle in the learning process of commerce students at Government College of Management Sciences Peshawar. Noorulhadi PhD Scholar at Islamia College University Peshawar. Lecturer at Govt College of Management sciences Peshawar. ( 00923219091220
  2. 2. IntroductionAnnual examination system is annually term of study without any break and this system was inherited from British education system, London education system established school and university as it aggression on Hindo-Pak in 1857.After 1947 no change was made in education policy.Education commission of Pakistan, 19591972-80 education policy was constituted.1992 NTS was introduced, with distribution of internal and external marks1998 NTS, GRE, TOEFL used as instrument for scholarships2002, Semester system was initiated by many university.
  3. 3. Introduction (cont)2000-2010, Annual system was replaced in private sectors2004 Quaid-e-Azam college of management science university of Peshawar replaced annual system.But still in 2013, Govt college of management sciences, Peshawar. Evaluates student using traditional way of annual system.Traditional system started in 1857 still acceptable in Commerce and Management sciences colleges of Khyberpukhtunkhuwa.That become obstacle in learning process of and Students.
  4. 4. Introduction(con’t) Objective : Magnifying the iceberg problems faced by commerce students as in Govt college of management sciences Peshawar.
  5. 5. Literature Review Shirazi and Muhammad Jawad Haider ,(2004) described maximum examination systems, major focused on annual system with its historical backrong starting from 1857 to 2004. Allah Nawaz at al (2009)mentioned main drawback of Annual system, absenteeism, Leakage of papers, Impersonation of students, high absenteeism External assistance during examination ,Smuggling of unauthorized material specially in annual exam, Copying from a nearby candidate setting in close rows, Intimidation, and Irregularities of supervisory staff by allocating more time to some students.
  6. 6. Literature review (con’t) Asfandiar and Hashim (2012) compared annual with semester system, absenteeism, presentation and assignments value learning process. Aggarwal suggested effective method for learning process which is not possible in current system.
  7. 7. Research Methodology Data Collection Methods Researchers used two main sources that is primary and secondary source of data. Primary Data The main obstacle that were traced from literature review and become obstacles such as absenteeism, confidence building tools etc in learning process of students in annual system can be highlighted with reliability, primary data tools was best option. primary data has been collected through Questionnaire Population = Govt college of management sciences, Peshawar Sample size = 60 students , 10 Non responses, 50 students responses were analyzed
  8. 8. Research methodology. Research Instruments Questionnaire with close end questions.Interview:DDO Khalid khan Chairman of Computer Department GCMS Peshawar.Lecturers and students of GCMS Peshawar.
  9. 9. Result and DiscussionDescriptive analysis.After collection of questionnaire, Ms excel of MS-office assisted the researcher with easy tabulation, calculation the result and used of Bar and Pie chart gave a conceptual understanding over the result.
  10. 10. Conclusion This research clearly demonstrates that there is significant impact of annual system on student learning process, Absenteeism in annual system disturbs lectures sequences and also causes less conceptual understanding, Secondly, less interest of students arise because of less academic and co- curriculum activities, that leads students cowardly and also cause communication gap between students and teachers, Assignment and presentation skill are completely ignore in annual system that cause less conceptual understanding and students feel the course work as burden, and students pay full attention at the end of annual days.
  11. 11. Recommendation Attendance should be valued and should be aggregated in final result. In colleges external examination must be replaced with internal and continuous evaluation. Assignment and presentation must be integral part of evaluation in annual system as well. Education Policy need to trained and authorized Teachers for some internal marks in annual system. Conceptual methodology of learning must systemized.
  12. 12. Thanks for your attention NOORULHADI, PhD scholar Islamia College university Peshawa.