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PBL: Smart School


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PBL: Smart School

  2. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT ICT application have become and important part of teaching and learning. The ministry of Education has invested a huge effort in terms of funding and training to equip teachers and students with ICT skills. In your opinion, what are the issues and challenges in integrating ICT in teaching and learning in our Malaysian School.
  3. 3. FACTS Lack of teachers exposure in ICT Maintenance of the software and hardware Students might lost some of beneficial skills Challenges are for the teachers in rural area,
  4. 4. IDEAS1. Some of teachers even enter schools since 70’s era2. They had been exposed to traditional method of teaching especially chalk and talk way of teaching3. These teachers did not have training in the use of ICT
  5. 5. 4. ICT known as innovative product that high in maintenance5. Mostly the parts in ICT technologies originally from abroad6. Percentage for the technologies to ruin is high since it been used everyday in teaching and learning
  6. 6. 7. Too dependable on the technologies8. Mind set of students that using of technologies easier and fast compared to manual method9. More accurate result obtained compared to if the traditional method used10. Students in urban area, mostly had been exposed to ICT even in their daily life11. Rural area students, they were not used to ICT
  7. 7. LEARNING ISSUE1. Why the teachers refused to used ICT in teaching?2. How to make the teachers interested using ICT in teaching and learning?3. What are the others initiative that can be done to reduce cost of maintenance in ICT?4. Why don’t teachers used both manually and technologically approach in teaching?
  8. 8. 5. How can the teachers make sure that their students expert in both techniques either manually or technologically?6. Why teacher who posted in rural area facing problems in using ICT for teaching?7. What effort can be make to lessen the gap of exposure to ICT between rural area students and urban area student?8. How to convinced rural area students in using ICT?
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  10. 10. SOLUTION1. It’s too complicated and for the teachers, there were many things to explore before they used to it2. a new training curriculum structure must been designed for enhancing teachers’ literacy in ICT3. Using local software and expert local technician4. Government should invest more in computer engineering field to produce more technician in ICT to avoid dependable on abroad software and technician
  11. 11. 5. Using ICT can shorten teaching period and also it can provide a better understanding for the students by not just getting the skills of graphing but also learn about the process6. Teachers used both approaches manually and technologically in their teaching.7. Less exposure of the rural area students to ICT
  12. 12. 8. Less coverage of internet in rural area that also be one of the important part in ICT9. Rural area students should be given the same approached in facilities and teaching in ICT as urban area students10.Making the teaching and ICT something interesting and not something that complicated.
  13. 13. THE END…THANK YOU…