Promoting eco manufacturing imc


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promoting EMC in Australia as case studies

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Promoting eco manufacturing imc

  1. 1.  QgdpXiK0
  2. 2. history Project remanufacturing (toner part, printer, circuit board, monitor etc) Fuji Xerox eco-manufacturing center Founded EMC (EMC)
  3. 3. In 1990’s - DANGodamunnePropose with littleor no investmentcould save amillion dollars
  4. 4.  In a years of experiments went beyond $1Million In 5 years company save 18million Difficulties - when technical staff can not communicate as PR practitioner
  5. 5.  In 2000, eco manufacturing center in Zetland, Sydney Appoint PR practitioner and assistant for new communication department
  6. 6.  They are making public aware of the company to positioning themselves in the market Start looking to market opportunity for making application for awards Making press coverage as primary legitimacy stages In 2001- win 3 of 4 awards that they are applied
  7. 7.  2002- earned Highest National Honour, the Australian museam Uereka Prize for industry. Global 500 award, united Nations enviroments program (UNEP), nobel prizes – ‘to succes in the frontlines of the glabal enviromental action’ Now- they are judging award
  8. 8.  Popularity EMC growing – journalists, managers, scientists, teachers and students wanted to come and see how remanufacturing works. Increase public visibility – open to public visitor PR dept. no longer looking for journalist
  9. 9.  Start looking partnership – University of New south Wales – use baking soda as cleaning agent in cleaning roller Produced $100 milion in saving – across Fuji Xerox Group worldwide
  10. 10.  Working with industry bodies (AEEMA, AIIA, CSTRO), Environmentalist organizations (landcare, planet Ark), opinion leaders ( Prof. Dexter Dunphy, a Harvard postgraduate influential figure in industrial management) and political adviser (John Blakemore, consultant to the Australian Government)
  11. 11. Open to other continents in Holland, California, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand,Shanghai and second one in Sydney
  12. 12.  Provide IMC externally as contracted full service and another one to reinvent it internally to follow organization goals in the best cost effective way. E.g. : EMC has been endeavoring to reconcile its ambition to lead the industry with a humble, almost non existent communication budget.
  13. 13.  IMC takes marketer to takes customer’s perspective. A deeper knowledge customer’s insight and point of the brands contact should inform the communication strategy.(harris,1998; Marconi, 2001; Schultz and Schultz, 2004)
  14. 14.  Mainstream literature and major textbooks see IMC as the add value , which in turn is getting away from advertising (Duncan, 2005) Belch and Belch, 2007; Shimp, 2007)
  15. 15.  EMC has used a different pattern of legitimacy, which is barely explored in communication literature - the authority of the pioneer.