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Prime minister award winner in CSR

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Cimb pr management

  1. 1. LECTURER:Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jamilah Hj. Ahmad, APR, FIPR
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Corporate Responsibilityis an important aspectof CIMB Group. Itis embedded in theircorporate goal ofbecoming the mostvalued universal bank inSoutheast Asia.
  4. 4. CIMB Group is a regional universal bank operating in high growth economies inASEAN. CIMB Group has the widest retail branch network across the region andis an indigenous ASEAN investment bank. NATURE OF BUSINESS: Consumer Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking & Markets and Group Asset Management, Insurance & Takaful. CIMB Islamic operates in parallel with these businesses, in line with CIMB Group’s dual banking model.
  5. 5. CIMB corporate social responsibility initiatives are implemented throughCIMB Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up specifically for this. • SET UP AS NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION TO IMPLEMENT CIMB GROUP’S About CSR &PHILANTHROPIC INITIATIVE • Was launched in May, 2007 CIMB as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and FOUNDATION philanthropic arm of CIMB Group
  6. 6. • create opportunities and build capacity of communities by equipping them with the necessary resources to improve Community the quality of life and promote sustainable development.Development • Focus on the environment, socio-economic development, health, national unity and education. • support activities relate to sports development by providing Sport financial support and opportunities to nurture young talents and athletes for the nation. • provide community-based learning opportunities as well Education as facilitating access to knowledge and learning for people of all walks of life and age.
  7. 7. Dato’ Mohd Shukri HussinTan Sri Dato’ Seri Siti Norma Yaakob Chief Executive Officer, CIMBCIMB Foundation Chairperson Foundation Board of TrusteesDatuk Dr. Richard Leete Tan Sri Dato’ Md Nor Yusof Puan Rosnah Kamarul Zaman
  8. 8. The Board will be assisted by a WorkingCommittee. The Working Committee willevaluate projects submitted to the Foundationagainst a pre-determined set of criteria.Projects that satisfy the criteria will berecommended by the Working Committee tothe Chief Executive Officer of the Foundationor the Board for approval.
  9. 9. • INTERNET: Public Public Media • CEO Blogrelation relation service and broadc & spoke Communication • CIMBnet other person print ast and and tools • HR Newsletter -material video event Yours Truly HR • CIMB News
  10. 10. Medium Facebook Twitter Website • 1,000,000 • 6,500 • 7, 500,000 likes follower visitorsNumber * As of 26 February 2012
  11. 11. An effective communications program will combine some or all of thefollowing tools to communicate the intended message to the target audience:•The tools used depend on the strategic goals, the objectives of thecommunication program, the profile of the target audience, thevarious advantages and disadvantage of each tool, and thecommunications budget.•Whichever tools are used, it is important to maintain consistency inthe aesthetic appearance, linguistic style and tone, and message(including facts, figures, slogans, quotes) used in all thecommunications products for a single campaign.•Without this consistency, the message will not be as effective, even ifthe target audience is exposed to several of the communicationproducts. Worse still, a lack of consistency may confuse or distract thetarget audience.
  12. 12. CIMB EXPENDITURE 2010 CONTRIBUTE FOR CHARITY ADVERTISING TRANSPORTATION COST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OTHERContribution for charity 86.66%Advertising 12.41% RMTransportation 0.2% TOTAL EXPEND 19,376,348Annual general meeting 0.33%Other 0.37%
  13. 13. “Bringing our vision closer to stakeholders”
  14. 14. (RM Percentage) Community Development RM7,834,813 & percentage is 36%Sports RM5,629,018 & percentage is 26%Education RM6,209,939 & percentage is 28%Donations 2,300,446 & percentage is 10%Total RM21,974,216 & percentage is 100%
  15. 15. The Pyramid of Social Responsibility PHILANTHROPIC Responsibilities Be a good Corporate Citizen. Contribute resources to the community; improve quality of life. ETHICAL Responsibilities Be ethical. Obligation to do what is right, just and fair; Avoid harm. LEGAL Responsibilities Obey the Law Law is society’s codification of right and wrong; Play by the rules ECONOMIC Responsibilities Be Profitable The foundation upon which all others rest Source: Carroll (1991)
  16. 16. In 1971 the Committee for EconomicDevelopment used a "three concentric circles"approach to depicting CSR. The inner circleincluded basic economic functions i.egrowth, products & jobs.The intermediate circle suggested that theeconomic functions must be exercised with asensitive awareness of changing social values andpriorities.The outer circle outlined newly emerging and stillamorphous responsibilities that business shouldassume to become more actively involved inimproving the social environment.
  17. 17. CIMB Group is a regional universal bank operating in high growtheconomies in ASEAN and has the widest retail branch network acrossthe region and is an indigenous ASEAN investment bank.Its principal role is to produce services that consumers needed andwanted and to make an acceptable profit to its clients.The business is also bringing an economic growth to our country.CIMB maintain a high level of operating efficiency.
  18. 18. CIMB is operating its business according to the profit motiveand at the same time their business is complying with theMalaysian Laws and regulations as well as local governmentsin the respective country that they are operating.Legal responsibilities reflect a view of “codified ethics” Ethicstend to be codified into a formal system or set of rules whichare explicitly adopted by a group of people) in the sense thatCIMB embody basic notions of fair operations as establishedby our law makers.
  19. 19. Ethical responsibilities embody those standards, norms, orexpectations that reflect a concern for whatconsumers, employees, shareholders, and the communityregard as fair, just, or in keeping with the respect orprotection of stakeholders moral rights.It has often been seen that leadership by example is the mosteffective way to improve business ethics.Under this category, CIMB is changing its stakeholder’sethics/values precede the establishment of law and becomethe driving force i.e in environmental.
  20. 20. • The environment3 main methods:- Enabling CIMB staff and business to become more environmentally-friendly.- Offering “Green Products” and servicesto their customers.- Empowering communities to go green by promoting environmental awareness projects and campaigns, with a focus on schools and universities.
  21. 21. • Project Highlights- Office energy efficiency- CIMB Niaga Green Office Project- Leveraging on technology- Teleconferencing- Virtual Career Fair:- e-Procurement system:- New Corporate Head Office- Tree Planting
  22. 22. • Project Highlights - Waste management - Recycling & Solid Waste Disposal Help us help The Environment - Promoting a Green Lifestyle to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) - No Free Plastic Bags Campaign - Mangrove conservation and rehabilitation - River Engineering and Clean-Up with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
  23. 23. CIMB encompasses of those its corporate actions inresponse to society’s expectation and be goodcorporate citizens. This includes actively engaging inacts or programs to promote human welfare orgoodwill.Examples of philanthropy include businesscontributions to financial resources or executivetime, such as contributions to the arts, education, orthe community.
  24. 24. In line with the transformation of CIMB Groupwhich began in 2005, corporate socialresponsibilitybecame a key area of focus of thetransformationagenda, in focusing and creating long-termsustainablebenefit for the stakeholders of the Group,including the communities which they serve.
  25. 25. • Community Development Encompasses projects which create opportunities and build capacity of communities by providing them with the necessary resources to improve their quality of life and promote sustainable development.
  26. 26. - CIMB focus on capacity building and empowerment of communities, in particular, disadvantaged groups, with the aim of increasing their income.- In total, CIMB Foundation funded 30 programmes with a total grant amount of RM1.7 million in this area.
  27. 27. • Project Highlights - Awarded grant to Asia Community Service and Pertubuhan Ibu Tunggal Desa Keda, Teluk Berembang, Pulau Tuba, to produce 700 tie-dye bags which were to be used as corporate gifts at the Group’s Annual General Meeting - CIMB also funded cooking and baking classesand equipment for single mothers. They were alsotaught basic accounting and how to market theirproducts online. The aim of the project is for thesesingle mothers to start their own home based businesses infuture.
  28. 28. “I experienced one of the most touching moments inmy life when I was in Padang for the launch of theseven schools built by the CIMB-The Star PadangRelief Fund. On stage a 10-year old girl read a tear-jerking poem about the trauma her communityexperienced during and in the aftermath of the 2009earthquake. She then stepped off the stage, endedher poem with “we love you” in English, walked upto me and placed a scarf around my neck. That wasprobably the most meaningful award that I haveever received.”Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak, Group Chief Executive
  29. 29. • National Unity - CIMB also funds projects which use arts and culture as means of promoting national unity i.e Chinese flower drum troop, Indian drums & kompang. - In 2010 CIMB expand projects to pre- schools from various ethnicities where a group of 200 pre-school children were taught Malay, Chinese and Indian traditional dances
  30. 30. • Health - Preventing kidney disease The Group’s partnership with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) entered its 3rd year in 2010. - Community health screenings CIMB Thai kick-started its Community Link initiatives with free health screenings for the communities located around its headquarters in the Langsuan area of Bangkok. - Preventable Blindness In 2010, we initiated a new focus area for our health portfolio - preventable blindness.
  31. 31. EducationSupports projects that provide learningopportunities to the younger generation.CIMB Foundation sees this as aninvestment in driving the transformationtowards a knowledge-based economy.
  32. 32. EducationCIMB efforts in education cover a widerange of topics. They range from Englishreading classes for the urban poor, to ITand other skills training for the disabledand underprivileged, to motivation andrevision camps for school children.
  33. 33. ScholarshipThis prestigious scholarship targets citizens ofASEAN countries, who have an outstandingtrack record of achievements, demonstratepassion for their work and have the potentialto make significant contributions towards thedevelopment of the region.
  34. 34. CIMB-Niaga ScholarshipProgramme.The scholarship programme involves theestablishment of a fund for deservingIndonesian students fromunderprivileged backgrounds to advancetheir education in institutions of higherlearning in Malaysia.
  35. 35. Providing quality education for rural schoolChildren CIMB has adopted 10 rural schools under the PINTAR programme.
  36. 36. CIMB Group has had a history of supportingsports as part of its CSR activities. Quite apartfrom the commercial sponsorship of sportsevents which regard more as a brandingexercise, the Group has a strong focus onsports development. Through sportsdevelopment, CIMB creates opportunities forsportsmen and women of all ages andcapabilities.
  37. 37. • Squash• Golf• Badminton• Cycling• Football• Paralympics• Skateboarding
  38. 38. The CIMB ethical or moral component of CSR is also related toperspectives that reflect ONE of the three major ethicalapproaches to management - immoral, amoral and moral.The principal goal is to flesh out what it means to manageCIMB stakeholders in an ethical or moral fashion.
  39. 39. Orientation towardsStakeholders:CIMB recognised the following as itsstakeholder ShareholdersEmployeesCustomersLocal Community
  40. 40. As creating value is the corner stone of CIMBGroup’s corporate philosophy, through itscorporate responsibility agenda, CIMB extend thevalue creation beyond merely making profits forshareholders. Recognising that the stakeholders ofthe business extend toemployees, customers, their partners andsuppliers and even the communities in which theyoperate, CIMB has extended its core philosophy ofvalue creation to all stakeholders.
  41. 41. In line with the transformation of CIMB Groupwhich began in 2005, corporate responsibilitybecame a key area of focus of the transformationagenda, with the launch of CIMB Foundation,transforming our approach from one whichwas ad-hoc and donations-driven to one whichwas focused on creating long-term sustainablebenefit for the stakeholders of the Group,including the communities which they serve.
  42. 42. In summary, the total CSR ofCIMB entails the simultaneousfulfilment of “Carroll’s Pyramidof Social Responsibility” (1989)
  43. 43. Thank You