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  1. 1. E-commerce role in our life Done by:Noorah Mohammed 200903565Hessa Saleh 200903708
  2. 2. Content• Introduction• Types of e-commerce• Advantages of e-commerce• Disadvantages of e-commerce• The process of e-commerce• Payment systems
  3. 3. Introduction • E-commerce definition • The history of e-commerce
  4. 4. E-commerce definition It is . . . “the purchasing, selling, and exchanging of goods and services over computer networks (such as the Internet)through which transactions or terms of sale are performed electronically” (Ecommerce definition and types of e-commerce, 2011)
  5. 5. The history of e-commerce The development of Mosaic web- browser in 1992 E-commerce Many otherstarted basically in developments occurred This web-browser increased 1960s when . . . the possibility of electronic which developed e- commercial transaction because it enabled any commerce, such as the ordinary person to have an development of DSL access to the web. and Red Hat Linux Electronic DataInterchange (EDI) gave an opportunity for the companies to interchange electronic In 2000, many American transactions and Western Europe companies introduced their services on the World Wide Web.
  6. 6. Types of e-commerce Business Consumers B2B Business B2C C2CConsumers
  7. 7. Business to Business (B2B) • Business to business( B2B) refers to the online commerce that occurs when two organizations exchange products, services or information. • Examples: Dell website General Electric
  8. 8. Business to Consumer• Business to Consumer (B2C): is the online exchange of products and services from the business to an individual consumer.• Examples:
  9. 9. Consumer to Consumer• Consumer to Consumer(C2C) refers to the exchange process that occurs between individual consumers over the internet and it might include third party, in another word, it happens when an individual post a product for sale and another individual buy it .• Examples:
  10. 10. Advantages of e-commerce• Advantages for: – Individuals: • The ability to access 24 hours • Finding products easily and having more choices – Organizations: • Less costs • Starting businesses easily • No geographical limitations, they can reach the customers in any place in the globe
  11. 11. Disadvantages of e-commerce• Shipping takes time and costs more.• The doubts of the security of online payments.• No guarantee of product quality.• Mechanical failures can cause unpredictable effects on the total processes such as, viruses and hackers.• Inability to feel the physical products such as, wearing the clothes, sitting on the furniture and trying on and inspect the jewelry.• Inability of selling food products.• Inability of returning goods.
  12. 12. The process of e-commerce Interact with Attract customers customers Advertising & Negotiation marketing They advertise their websites & It used mostly products using when customers the social sell a product to a websites, customer and e.g.(face book & they negotiate twitter) to attract about the price. a large number of customers.
  13. 13. The process of e-commerce React to customer inquiry Shipment Customer Order tracking (product) sent service to the customer Providing the Providing the customer with customer withthe information details. EXP: order confirmation, notifihe needs such as cation about thedelivery services order shipping & & bill payment. reasons behind any delays.
  14. 14. The process of e-commerce Handle & manage orders Order capture Payment When the The process of customer receive paying money the acceptance through one of from the the payment merchant. systems.
  15. 15. The process of e-commerce
  16. 16. Payment systemsPayment system Properties Drawbacks Cash wide accept, __________ convenient, anonymity, no buyer transaction cost Online credit Faster, convenient Carders are criminals card payment, who use stolen credit Smart Cards cards.Internet payment Accessible to people No concerns on use in systems who don’t have credit crime. o Digital cash. card, easy & the most secure. Checks Secure . Slow, less convenient
  17. 17. Payment systemsCash Credit cards @ Digital cash Checks
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