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Writing With Passion and Power - Editing Checklist


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Writing With Passion and Power - Editing Checklist

  1. 1. 328 | WRITING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE: 25 Power ful Techniques to Boost Your Communit y Impact APPENDIX 8: Editing Checklist Chapter 17, “Edit the big picture,” covers some basic things that your “critics,” while playing the role of your intended readers, should watch for. I have incorporated those ideas below and have added criteria that dig a bit deeper. You can copy this Checklist and attach it as a cover sheet to any document that needs editing. AUTHOR: Fill in these two blanks: 1. The purpose of the piece is to advance my organizations brand by: 2. The piece aims to engage its specific intended readers, who are: EDITOR: Read through this checklist, and then mark the points that ring true to you about this piece. These general comments should accompany your line edits. ☐ The piece is reader-centered, not writer-centered. ☐ The piece casts the organization or work in the best possible light and posi- tions it as vital to the community and the intended readers. ☐ The piece includes all the information the readers need to know, but does not include unnecessary or distracting concepts. ☐ The writer makes his/her points clearly. ☐ The piece flows nicely and/or the sequence and organization make sense. ☐ The “sound” (or tone) of the piece is consistent and appropriate. It can be described as: ☐ The piece is easy to read and understand. ☐ The sentences and paragraphs are concise but not choppy. ☐ The piece is not abstract, but specific and intriguing. ☐ The piece is accessible to me and pulls me in. ☐ The piece starts out with a punchy opening.
  2. 2. Appendix 8: Editing Checklist | 329☐ The writer lives up to the promise he/she makes at the beginning of the piece.☐ The ending motivates me to act or to find out more.☐ The three most important points (especially, benefits) I am taking away are: 1. 2. 3.☐ I felt after reading the piece.☐ My favorite part of the piece is:☐ My least favorite part is:☐ I want more examples or stories regarding:☐ I would recommend this piece to others because:☐ My additional specific suggestions for improvement include: