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Work With Me


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Experiencing problems with generational communication challenges in your organization? You are not alone! Sherri Petro of VPI Strategies shows how you can increase your generational quotient and reduce the misunderstandings that abound with four generations in the workplace together. Learn solutions other organizations are implementing by leveraging their knowledge of generational thinking with colleagues, clients, volunteers, donors and board members.

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Work With Me

  1. 1. Work With Me!Leveraging Generational Knowledge to Accomplish Your Mission Sherri Petro Use Twitter Hashtag #npweb Special Thanks To Our Sponsors
  2. 2. Helping ordinary people raise extraordinary amounts for nonprofits is all we do, and we love it. A Proud Sponsor of
  3. 3. Today’s Speaker Sherri Petro President and CSO, VPI Strategies Hosting: Sam Frank, Synthesis Partnership Assisting with chat questions: April Hunt, Nonprofit Webinars
  4. 4. A better way of seeing thingsWork With Me! Leveraging GenerationalKnowledge to Accomplish Your Mission With Sherri Petro March 2011
  5. 5. The Objectives♦ Define the generational mix♦ Discuss and why we think the way we do and the consequences of four generations in the workplace♦ Share best practices to decrease generational misunderstandings♦ Share verbiage we can use to insure the people around us hear and understand our message 5
  6. 6. The Generation Mix In 2011♦ Traditionalists ♦ Generation X – Born 1925-45 – Born 1965-80 – 66-86 years – 31-46 years♦ Baby Boomers ♦ Generation Y – Born 1946-64 – Born 1981-? – 47-65 years – Under 31 6
  7. 7. National Working Landscape 2006 6.5% 22.5% Traditionalists Baby Boomers 41% Generation X Generation Y 30% 7
  8. 8. Boards According to BoardSource’sNonprofit Governance Index 2010 Gen Y Age Under 30 0% 30-39 65+ 7% Gen X (sort of)Traditionalists 23% 40-49 20% 50-64 50% Baby Boomers 8
  9. 9. Clarifying Question 9
  10. 10. Affects in the Workplace♦ Work ethic ♦ Work priorities♦ Time sensitivities ♦ Company loyalty♦ Retention ♦ Meeting♦ Subscription to management technology ♦ Change♦ Entitlement ♦ Level of respect 10
  11. 11. Generational “Fun” for Managers♦ Delegation♦ Communication vehicle preferences♦ Conflict resolution styles♦ Career development discussions♦ Handling performance appraisals♦ Rewards and recognition♦ Learning styles 11
  12. 12. The ShadowThe ED/Board generational challenge 12
  13. 13. Generational Group Exercise 13
  14. 14. Generational Group Discussion1. What motivates your generation?2. What are you most proud of about your generation?3. What do you wish the other generations appreciated about yours? 14
  15. 15. And TheResearch Says 16
  16. 16. Traditionalist Motivations♦ Think “S” – Safety – Security – Stability – Structure 17
  17. 17. Traditionalist Work Style♦ Command and control♦ Can be tough for them to use their own judgment♦ Why customize?♦ Believe in the value of work more than finding personal meaning♦ Separation of work and home♦ Acknowledged for what they know as well as what they do 18
  18. 18. Baby Boomer Motivations♦Think “P” –Prestige –Power –Perks –Process 19
  19. 19. Baby Boomer Work Style♦ All about respect♦ Self-improvement♦ Strong work ethic♦ Desire flexibility♦ Optimistic and idealistic♦ Struggle with work/life balance♦ Into symbols of recognition as rewards 20
  20. 20. Gen X Motivations♦ Think “F” – Flexibility – Freedom – Family – Fun, their way 21
  21. 21. Generation X Work Style♦ Job movement ♦ Informal♦ Money-motivated ♦ Results-oriented♦ Like to solve their ♦ Quick study own problems ♦ Sound byte♦ Multi-taskers processing♦ Fiercely independent ♦ Work solo and yet on♦ Direct communicators teams versus reading in ♦ Need for external between the lines recognition as reward 22
  22. 22. Gen Y Motivations♦ Think “C” – Cause – Community – Creativity – Connection 23
  23. 23. Generation Y Work Style♦ Digital natives ♦ Multi-taskers♦ Work on their own ♦ Desire mutual respect terms ♦ Ready for collaboration♦ Think globally ♦ Want to make a♦ Have positive difference expectations ♦ Celebrate diversity♦ Want customization ♦ Acknowledgement for♦ Desire interactivity being here♦ Express to express -- ♦ Looking for an not impress experience 24
  24. 24. Start with Similarities*♦ We receive great reward – For the work we do – From the people we work with – And the belief that we are contributing to society and our current jobs♦ We receive great satisfaction from our accomplishments at work• CCL Emerging Leaders Research by Ross DePinto, 2003 25
  25. 25. Generational Similarities♦ We have – A desire to learn – A desire to be acknowledged – A desire to be rewarded♦ We want – To be trusted, valued and respected – To succeed 26
  26. 26. Solutions: Mind Set♦ Expand your mental model. Value and leverage those that think and act differently than you and have diverse experiences.♦ Recognize there may be conflicts due to differences in generational motivation – Traditionalists - legacy – BB – process – Gen X – results – Gen Y – experience 27
  27. 27. Solutions: Actions♦ Make a commitment to age diversity♦ Concentrate on similarities as a start♦ Employ a student and teacher mindset♦ Match generational motivation to your messaging, use the language each generation resonates with♦ Create multi-generational teams♦ Enlarge ideas instead of taking sides♦ Do NOT diminish an opinion based on age 28
  28. 28. Solutions: Actions♦ Conduct a temperature check survey on being valued, trusted and respected♦ Have informal & scheduled times to brainstorm, update and coach♦ Create healthy conflict resolution guidelines♦ Honor energy, intuition and instincts♦ Agree that getting to the objective is the most important and not necessarily HOW – unless unethical 29
  29. 29. Hmmm… 30
  30. 30. Boards According to BoardSource’sNonprofit Governance Index 2010 Gen Y Age Under 30 0% 30-39 65+ 7% Gen X (sort of)Traditionalists 23% 40-49 20% 50-64 50% Baby Boomers 31
  31. 31. Why You Might Want Multiple Generations on Your Board♦ Energy - They can assist you in becoming the “anti- bored board”♦ New perspective and ideas - Questioning the value of the old way of doing things♦ You create the opportunity for more voices to be heard and develop a lively dialogue♦ They can teach you how to value and be more efficient with technology like BoardEffect®♦ Your board may be the only one they are on! 32
  32. 32. What We Can Expect FromYounger Board Members♦ More movement in and out of boards by younger board members♦ More questions that we need to take seriously♦ More efficient meetings♦ More evidence of good work♦ More requests for hands-on work 33
  33. 33. Thank You! Sherri Petro VPI 858-583-3097 34
  34. 34. Find the listings for our current season of webinars and register at Chris Dumas 707-812-1234 Special Thanks To Our Sponsors