So You Want To Be A Social Entrepreneur?


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Join the author of Nonprofit Management 101, Co-Producer of Social Media for Nonprofits, and Craigslist Foundation’s former Executive Director for an interactive and insightful presentation that covers all this and much more, as well as offering resources for more information.

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So You Want To Be A Social Entrepreneur?

  1. 1. So You Want To Be A Social Entrepreneur? Darian Rodriguez Heyman March 21, 2012A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  2. 2. INTEGRATED PLANNING Advising nonprofits in: • Strategy • Planning (617) 969-1881 • Organizational Development info@synthesispartnership.comA Service Of: Sponsored by:
  3. 3. Affordable collaborative data management in the cloud.A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  4. 4. So You Want to Be aSocial Entrepreneur? March 21, 2012Darian Rodriguez Heyman
  5. 5. Definition & Key Elements• “Someone who recognizes a social problem & uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, & manage a venture to make social change.” (Wikipedia)• Mission-Driven• Success = Impact• Not Limited by Sector• Game Changer: Advance Systemic Change – Transformative Impact – “Creative Destruction”
  6. 6. Martin Luther King, Jr.“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.”
  7. 7. You’re In Good Company• Abraham, Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha…• Mohandas Gandhi• Florence Nightingale – Developer of Modern Nursing Practices• Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank – 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner – $4BB lent to 2.8MM Borrowers in Bangladesh (95% Women) – Micro-Lending: 41.6MM loans to World’s Poorest Families – Now Sharing Offices with Nonprofit Assoc. of the Midlands
  8. 8. Van Jones: Green Collar Jobs
  9. 9. My Story
  10. 10. Where it All Began: Bill Drayton• EPA – Emissions Trading (Acid Rain)• Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Since 1978: – 46 Countries – 1,400 Grantees – $40MM + Credibility• “Highly Leveraged” Approach to Social Change – Goal: Leave Their “Scratch on History”
  11. 11. Defining Characteristics• Good Listeners –Feedback Loops• Openness to Change –Willingness to Self-Correct
  12. 12. Defining Characteristics• Outcomes-Oriented – KPI’s – What Does Success Look Like? – Dream Your Dreams• Strong Moral Fiber – Committed/Tenacious – Strong Inner Core – Share Credit• Leveraging Gvnt., Technology, & Waste
  13. 13. Rules of the Game• Go Big or Go Home (What Would You Do?)
  14. 14. Rules of the Game• Go Big or Go Home• Do Less – Focus – Leverage – Strike the Root
  15. 15. Rules of the Game• Go Big or Go Home• Do Less – Focus – Leverage – Strike the Root• Paint the Picture – B to the Y
  16. 16. Rules of the Game• Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate – Share Credit – Cross-Sector – Interdisciplinary• Food for Thought – Kay Sprinkel Grace – Kevin Danaher – Bill Clinton
  17. 17. Trends• Earned Income –uBIT• Coopetition
  18. 18. Tip 10: Understand the Social Capital Market• Stay on Target• Impact Investing is Different• 20-50% vs. 3-5% Raising $$$• The Good New Boys Network • SEA, SoCap, SVN, Investors Circle
  19. 19. Where to Turn••• Social Edge @• David Bornstein, How to Change the World
  20. 20. Walking the Walk• Inspired…
  21. 21. Walking the Walk• Inspired… to Action• What are you Going to Do When you Leave Here? – Pick One Thing• I’m Not Here for You
  22. 22. We’re All in This Together Darian Rodriguez Mobile: (415) 637-5062
  23. 23. Find listings for our current season of webinars and register at: NonprofitWebinars.comA Service Of: Sponsored by: