Search Engine Optimization 101 for Nonprofits


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What is SEO and what does it mean for your organization?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simply the process of getting your website found more easily on the internet, and with more traffic from search engines you have an opportunity to get more clients, members, supporters, partners, volunteers and donors.

While SEO can be a powerful force, many nonprofits find it confusing and complicated. As you start to research the subject you may get overwhelmed with differing opinions and complicated technical explanations. Don’t fear, we are here to help.

Join us for this jam packed webinar where we break down the basics of SEO and cover:

- Search engines – how they really work and what they really want
- Keywords – what they are, why they are important and how to use them in your campaigns
- On-page optimization – how to build your webpages the right way
- Off-page optimization – the right way to use link building to show your authority
- How to stay on Google’s good side and avoid getting “Google slapped”

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Search Engine Optimization 101 for Nonprofits

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  8. 8. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com8Rich DietzRich has spent the last 20 years working both in and with a wide variety ofnonprofit, political, and government organizations, as well as technologycompanies focused on the nonprofit sector, including Sage Nonprofit, Convioand KIMBIA.Rich holds a M.S.W. from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.A. inPolitical Science from UCLA.Nonprofit R+D is dedicated to helpingemerging and growing nonprofits fullyutilize technology and the web to supporttheir missions through training, bestpractices, and support.
  9. 9. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com9Agenda1. Introduction2. Search Engines3. Keywords4. On-page Optimization5. Off-page Optimization6. Action Plan
  10. 10. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com10Our Goals Today• Gain a better understanding of SEO and how it relates tononprofits• Generate ideas to get you started looking at your websitewith SEO in mind• Encourage you to take action and test out new ideas
  11. 11. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com11Soap Box
  12. 12. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com12Text Heavy Slides… Oh No!I promise I do not just read the slides• Boring!Why text heavy slides•You don’t have to take notes – the info is there for you later•You can focus on the “ah-ha” moments•They will still make sense 6 months from nowLet me know what you thinkDownload the Latest
  13. 13. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com13Don’t PanicThere is help out thereGoogle is your friendMe Too.
  14. 14. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com14What You Talkin’ About Willis?LSI, PPC, Long TailCRM, CMSROI, API,wysiwygOpen-SourceBlah, Blah, Blah
  15. 15. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com15The Latest and Greatest…Many folks like to focus on the latest and greatesttools and techniques (Shiny Object Syndrome)At Nonprofit R+D, we instead focus on the basicsand building a solid foundation
  16. 16. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com16Off Soap Box
  17. 17. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com171. Introduction
  18. 18. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com18Why Listen to Me?I love testing and experimenting• Nonprofit R+DI love SEO• Test blogs with high rankings• Client sitesRecent Examples• “Easy ways to grow your email list”• “Richard Dietz” vs. “Rich Dietz”
  19. 19. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com19Example - SEO test blog• I no longer use client examplesArticle: “What is the difference between an ale and a lager”• #1 or #2 for multiple keywords (difference ale lager, etc.)• Page gets over 8,000 unique visitors per month (80% search engines)
  20. 20. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com20Today – The BasicsToday we are coving the basics – 101 course• This is the foundationEach of these areas have much more to them• Nuances, exceptions, contradictions, advanced techniques
  21. 21. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com21What is ‘SEO’For our purposes:• The process of getting your website found on theinternet… especially on the first page of Google.Wikipedia says:“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is theprocess of affecting the visibility of awebsite or a web page in a searchengines "natural" or un-paid ("organic")search results.”
  22. 22. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com22Why Should Nonprofits Care?May be 1 Billion websites online by end of 2013• How does your website stack up?Almost 90% of internet users use search engines to find info• What the heck are the other 10% doing?71% of Millennial donors get information about nonprofitsthrough web searchesHigher search results means:• More clients, supporters, volunteers, partners, donors.
  23. 23. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com232. Search Engines(Google)
  24. 24. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com24Why Focusing on Google?Google is up to 67-83% of the U.S. search market• Up to 90% in some countries like U.K. and AustraliaWork toward Google rank, the rest will comeGoogle is our future overlord… so be nice.
  25. 25. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com25How Do Search Engines Work?1. User enters a search term – “blah”2. Magic Happens (the algorithm)a) No one knows exactly what is in the algorithmb) Estimated 500+ changes per year in Googlec) Some criteria become evident over time3. Search Engine sends back the best resultsa) In their best interest to show the best resultsb) Results are pages, not websitesAwesome site explaining how search works
  26. 26. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com26Search Engine ResultRed =Paid Listing25% of clicksGreen =Organic / Free Listing75% of clicks#1 gets 37% of clicks#2 – 12.5%#3 – 9.5#10 – 2.2%Only 6% go to page 2(
  27. 27. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com27What Do Search Engines See?What we see:What searchengines
  28. 28. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com28Stay on Google’sGood Side(Avoid the Google Slap)
  29. 29. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com29No Magic BulletGoogle is getting smarter• So are their engineers.. They always find the tricks• No Black Hat or Gray Hat techniquesPandas and Penguins• Updates to fight the tricksters• Panda attacked low quality content• Penguin attacked low quality links
  30. 30. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com30Google LikesAuthoritative content• Unique and interesting content,linked TO from other authority sites,reviews from peers, longer contentCornerstone content• Reports, whitepapers, infographics, resources that people wantFrequent content• The more the better… Google wants fresh and new contentSocial signalsVideo• Forrester Research - 50x easier to get page 1 with video
  31. 31. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com31Google DislikesSpam / Junk content• PandaLow quality inbound links• PenguinDuplicate contentBlack hat / Gray hat techniques• If it feels wrong, it probably is
  32. 32. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com323. Keywords
  33. 33. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com33Keywords Are… KeyKeywords are the backbone of search• It is what the user types into the search box• It is what Google uses to figure out what you wantKeywords will bethe focus of yourcontent
  34. 34. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com34Finding Your KeywordsGet in the head of the searcher• What are they looking for that you can provide?• How would they type it in?Other ways to find keywords• Ask your Board, staff, volunteers, supporters.. How would they search?• Analytics program – Keyword Report: it may surprise you• Pages of similar organizations• Keyword software like Google Keyword Search Tool• Google Suggest
  35. 35. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com35Don’t Forget the Long TailLong tail keywords• 3+ words• Low search volumeEasier to rank for
  36. 36. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com36Example – Google Keyword Tool
  37. 37. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com374. On-pageOptimization
  38. 38. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com38What is On-page Optimization?SEO factors that apply to thecontent and structure of your website• It lets Google know what your page is all about• This is where you have the most control
  39. 39. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com39#1 Rule – Write Awesome ContentRemember its not about tricksRemember what Google likes• Unique, interesting and authoritative content• More words the better – at least 500 words• Written for humans, not search enginesNow, use your keyword in your content
  40. 40. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com40Using Your Keyword (General)Don’t over do it!• Write for people first, search engines second• No keyword stuffing• Pretend Google is human.. Soon it may beNeed good relationship between• Keyword > Description > Page content• Needs to make sense
  41. 41. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com41
  42. 42. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com42Using Your Keyword (Specifics)Page Title (<title> tag)• Most people will not see this but first thing search engines will look atPage URL• SEO friendly URL, using keywordMeta Description (<meta> tag)• No SEO benefit, but will be used in the search listing• Like a small advertisement, use a call to action to get the clickHeadline• May be better to use keyword in beginning, but still make sense• eg/ Overview of the Top Literacy ProgramsTop Literacy Programs – An Overview
  43. 43. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com43Using Your Keyword (Specifics)SubHeadings (H2, H3)• Also good for humans, easier to skim contentKeyword Density• Be careful here… no keyword stuffing• Think of synonyms and variations (LSI on next slide)Images• Use relevant images for content• Use keyword in Alt Text on images IF appropriate• Helps search engines / helps make more accessibleLinks• Internally to your content• Externally to relevant resources (Google likes this)
  44. 44. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com44LSI – Latent Semantic IndexingLSI – How the search engine determines what a page isabout by looking at patterns of related words.Example – “fork”Fork in the road OR dinner forkImportant to use synonyms and variations of the keyword• This usually comes naturally when you write awesome content
  45. 45. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com45Example:Keyword:Difference ale lagerLSI Keywords:BeerYeastBrewingFermentationKeyword Variations:Ales and lagersAle lager differences
  46. 46. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com465. Off-pageOptimization
  47. 47. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com47What is Off-page OptimizationSEO that applies to building backlinks• Google sees a link back to your site as a positive vote• Enhances your sites importance and authority• The web is nothing without links
  48. 48. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com48#1 Rule – Real LinksGet links for visitors first• Good links will bring what you really want… Traffic!• Best links will have real people following them… Traffic!This is where many tried to game the system• Google always figures out the tricks• You will lose ranking or get penalizedLinks to all of your pages, not just homepage• Remember:• pages are what is ranked not websites• Long tail is easier to rank
  49. 49. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com49Quality LinksAuthoritative / credible / popular sources• CNN is better than Joe’s blogRelevant to the content on the page• Does the link and website connection make sense?Content links better than sidebar links• Links in the text are more naturalLink text diversity• Some with keyword, some click here, etc.
  50. 50. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com50How To Get Those Links?Ask supporters for links• Board, staff, volunteers, etc.• Make it easy by supplying example links, ideas• “SEO friendly” badges or bannersAsk other orgs/groups you work with• Sponsors, partners, related organizationsGuest Posting• Write articles for other sites, get link back in author box• Have others write articles for your site, they will promote it
  51. 51. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com51How To Get Those Links?“Link Bait”• Create amazing content, reports, videos, infographics … cool stuff• Sites will want to link to itSocial signals• Big factor now for Google. Is your content being shared socially?• Make it easy for visitors to share – social share buttons• Ask people to share it – supporters, Board, volunteers, etc.Many other ways to get real links• Google “Ideas for link building”, etc.• Make sure to do it the right way!• If it looks to good to be true…. Probably is.
  52. 52. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com526. Action Plan
  53. 53. SEO 101 for Nonprofits www.NonprofitRD.com53Action Plan1. Start writing more and better content2. Find your keywords3. Optimize your pages with the keywords4. Get inbound links to those pages5. Get others to share your content6. Rinse and repeat
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