Recruiting Professional Volunteers


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Finding qualified professionals to contribute as volunteers can be a challenge. This webinar provides leaders of non-profit organizations and social purpose businesses with tips and logistical steps to successfully engage professional volunteers, access new relationships, and build board membership.

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Recruiting Professional Volunteers

  1. 1. Sponsored by:A ServiceOf:Recruiting ProfessionalVolunteersDrew TulchinMay 1, 2013
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  4. 4. Sponsored by:A ServiceOf:Today’s SpeakerDrew TulchinManaging PartnerSocial Enterprise AssociatesAssisting with chat questions:Jamie Maloney, Nonprofit WebinarsFounding Director of Nonprofit Webinars and Host:Sam Frank, Synthesis Partnership
  5. 5. Recruiting ProfessionalVolunteers for Your NPOWebinar TrainingSynthesis PartnershipMay 1st, 2013Drew TulchinManaging PartnerSocial Enterprise Associates
  6. 6. Recruiting Professional VolunteersIn This SessionAbout Social Enterprise AssociatesNeed for professional volunteersRecruiting stepsCase study: William James FoundationTactics & PlacesQ&A
  7. 7. Before We Begin• What questions do YOU have?• What is your org’s experience w/ volunteers?• How many volunteer hours / year 4 your org?
  8. 8. What Tasks Are Good FitsFor Professional Volunteers?Group ActivityTASK TYPE CHARACTERISTICS
  9. 9. Professional VolunteersProfessional volunteers CAN fill roles at little to nofinancial expense (there are always costs)Professional volunteers CAN bring in new expertise,otherwise lacking or unavailableProfessional volunteers CAN help complete work yourorganization hasn’t done yet
  10. 10. About Your PresenterDrew Tulchin, Managing Partner, MBA• Former Program Officer, Grameen Foundation• Written >100 business/strategic plans; efforts raised >$100 mil. in capital• Biz plan winner, Global Social Venture Comp; raised $1.2 mil. in social investment• Judge in international social enterprise & social business competitionsSocial Enterprise AssociatesConsulting firm network of experts. Offers consulting & capitalraising to triple bottom line efforts- for people, profits, planetRegistered ‘B Corporation’, recognized:2011 One of the Best for the World small businesses2012 Honoree, Sustainable Business of the Year
  11. 11. Recruitment Steps1. Assign TaskWhose job is this / would this be?Do they have time?2. Conduct Organizational Self EvaluationConduct org self-evaluation; can be briefIdentify strengths & weaknesses (SWOT)Inventory, database, trackWhat do you have, what do you need?3. Document Gap AnalysisIdentify gaps & who you want to recruitWhat type or profile?Adapted from: National Council on Aging, see handout
  12. 12. Recruitment Steps (cont’d)4. Follow a PlanWrite a Recruitment Plan with timelineSpecify who does what, and how.Stick to it. Review it at meetings (& hopefully more often)Okay if short, but have it in writing, in one place5. Prospect ListSPECIFIC names of organizations and/or peopleTRACK them
  13. 13. Recruitment Steps (cont’d)6. Build Upon Existing RelationshipsChart who you know; relationships you already haveBuild from initial startKeep tabs on successful placesOn-going7. Grow Relationship WebIf existing relationship don’t generate who you need, draw a webto connect to your Prospect ListHow do I get to the people I want
  14. 14. Paint The FenceThis is special!They are lucky to beable to do thisSell it!
  15. 15. CASE STUDYWilliam James Foundation
  16. 16. About William James FoundationWilliam James Foundation educates & supports entrepreneursstarting or expanding for-profit businesses with built socialand/or environmental values into how they make money10th Annual Sustainable Business Plan Competition is anexcellent way to get professional & constructive comments onyour business plan - as well as mentors, connections, cash andin-kind prizes.Next happenings: July conference in DC
  17. 17. Volunteer Management ExperienceTheir ED, Ian Fisk, had previous exp w/ volunteers:Charter Member, Hands On DC, largest in mid-90s all-volunteerserve-a-thon in nationDirector of Projects, Wall Street Without Walls, worked withsenior and retired financial executives, matching with complexeconomic development projectsExecutive Director, William James Foundation, engagingentrepreneurs, investors & senior managers of multiple-bottom-line firms to provide advice and guidance to newentrepreneurs
  18. 18. Lessons LearnedTime Fixed Volunteering: Volunteer understands project isdiscrete. These are busy people, happy to help, but can’t be “suckeddown the rabbit hole"Detailed Matching: Detailed databases on volunteers, trackingstandard skills and perspectives, connections with projects in mind,and long list of past projects involved in, etc.Team Creation: Projects team based. Guards againstunderperformer. Awareness of creating diverse set of perspectives,and awareness how team members work with each other.
  19. 19. Why Judges Stick to WJF1. They enjoy it!2. WJF pays attention to what they want tolearn3. Allows them to interact with other judges
  20. 20. Where Find Volunteers?YOUR TURNWhat are your ideas
  21. 21. How Get Volunteers?Actively (& Passively) Recruit• ASK internal resources, recommendations current volunteers• Post interesting, detailed descriptions what looking for• Post online ads & at local institutions• Recruit all the time. Virtuous cycle. People know you, seeyou, want you• Market! Have a good posting; refresh at least quarterlyRecruitment Types• Targeted: recruit for specific skills, characteristics. Seek out,like job recruitment, same focus & process• Concentric circles: use populations in contact, chain of trust
  22. 22. Volunteer-Seeking Sites (a few)Fed gov’t sponsors & operates, w/ a volunteeropportunity search engine using interests and location.VolunteerMatch is a non-profit service that allows you to searchfor volunteer positions by location and, project of Action Without Borders, locateopportunities and supporters – post jobs, too.Points of Light promotes Hands On Network, search for volunteeropportunities, including location & keyword.LinkedIn members can add volunteer positions, causes they careabout, and organizations.
  23. 23. What Tasks Are Good FitsFor Professional Volunteers?TASK TYPE• Promotion / Speaker• Advising• Editing / writing / web• Fund raising• Planning (biz & strategic)• Prof services: CPA, legal• Board memberCHARACTERISTICS• Short-term, flexible• Not deadline driven• Fun for them• Gives them something• Not something u shouldpay for• Convenient times
  24. 24. What to Ask Potential Volunteers1. What motivates you as a volunteer?2. What do you want to learn?3. What makes you passionate about this cause?4. How much time do you have to commit?5. What expectations do you have of us?Adapted from “What to Ask Every Prospective Board Member”Guidestar, 2007
  25. 25. ChallengesRISK MITIGATIONNot dependable Non-time sensitive tasks,Identify their interests & passionsDo formal letter of engagementDoes a bad job Train, keep it internal, match with staffDoesn’t present well Set them up for success, pilot first, monitorDoes something illegal Background checks, Due dilig, sign contractsUses for own gain Always seek win/winLack attention to detail Match skills w/ interestsIf really important, pay someone
  26. 26. SampleRecruitmentDescription
  27. 27. Paint The FenceThis is special!They are lucky to beable to do thisSell it!
  28. 28. Thank you!Drew TulchinSocial Enterprise Associateswww.socialenterprise.netdrew@socialenterprise.netQ&AIan FiskThe William James
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