Need Nonprofit Board Members? LinkedIn Helps You Make Connections


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With nearly two million nonprofit board seats open, good board members are hard to find. Yet, according to Taproot Foundation, most professionals want to be on boards.*

How do nonprofits attract the right professionals to their boards, the ones who want to do the job and who have the particular skills needed by the organization? Well, the simple answer is – just ask. The longer answer is you need a conduit to professionals who care. LinkedIn Board Connect now provides that conduit for nonprofits, at no cost.

Ensure your success with 7 tips from board governance and LinkedIn pros, Marc Halpert, Maria Semple and Geri Stengel.

*Taproot Foundation estimates 87% of human resources professionals and 92% of marketing professionals are interested in board service but far fewer actually serve on boards.

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Need Nonprofit Board Members? LinkedIn Helps You Make Connections

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  6. 6. 9 © 2013 Ventureneer. All rights reserved.Agenda• Understanding the challenges and the opportunities• 6 ways to ensure LinkedIn Board Member Connectworks for your nonprofit1. Determine board needs2. Look your best3. Build your networkbefore you need it4. Experiment with search5. Be introduced or go direct6. Build relationships• Use LinkedIn for Other Purposes
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  12. 12. 15 © 2013 Ventureneer. All rights reserved.Identifying Candidates• The more specific you are in identifying skills and resourcesneeded, the easier it is to find them• Think broadly about where you might find candidates –professional organizations, people who have shown aninterest in the organization, etc.• Board members should always be looking for theirreplacements• Invite the organization’s friends to a candidate identificationmeetingSource: Michael Davidson,
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  22. 22. 25 © 2013 Ventureneer. All rights reserved.LinkedIn Groups• Use the Search box and begin typing in words describing whatyou are looking for.• See what Groups your own 1st degree connections are joining.They may be right for you, too!• Use Groups to expand your own connections and identifypeople.
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  27. 27. 30 © 2012 Ventureneer. All rights reserved.Advanced SearchClick on “Advanced” for more robustsearch features and targeted searching!30
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  35. 35. 38 © 2013 Ventureneer. All rights reserved.InMail Note – Personalize ItDear xxx,We share a number of connections on LinkedIn, and an interest in xxx.I’m on the board of Praxis Housing, a homeless organization in NYC. Iam looking for good people to help with this great organization,including opportunities from serving on a committee to joining our board.Based on your skills in xxx and your experience with xxx, you wouldmake an excellent candidate for our board.Please let me know a good time to speak and your phone number.Regards,Geri
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