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Mobile Marketing leverages the power of texting to grow your non-profit. Almost everyone has a cell-phone and every one can receive a text. Texting is how many people prefer to communicate. In this webinar, I’ll discuss how mobile marketing works and why it can be a good fit for your non-profit. I’ll also discuss QR codes and how you can those to grab people’s attention.

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Mobile Marketing 101

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  5. 5. Mobile Marketing 101 Presented by Taylor Ellwood Imagine Your Reality
  6. 6. What is Mobile Marketing? ♦ Mobile Marketing is: ♦ a way to communicate with prospects, customers, and donors using texting. ♦ You can use QR codes as another way to attract attention. ♦ Texts are opt-in only, which means you can’t spam. It also means people who have opted in are interested in hearing from you and supporting your cause.
  7. 7. Why use Mobile Marketing? ♦ 93% of Americans have cell phones. ♦ Mobile is available virtually everywhere. ♦ People are more likely to check and respond to a text than a phone call. ♦ There is at least a 35% ROI on Mobile Marketing. ♦ People of all ages prefer texting over having to listen to a voice mail or read an email.
  8. 8. Why use Mobile Marketing part2? ♦ Over 86 billion text messages are sent every month. Over 97% of those texts are opened and read within 5 minutes. ♦ People take their mobile phones everywhere ♦ Mobile is an extension of the internet and its marketing applications ♦ Mobile can be integrated into social media and email marketing
  9. 9. Who can use Mobile Marketing? ♦ Non-profits focused on a health cause like curing cancer or muscular dystrophy ♦ Non-profits focused on generating relief money ♦ Non-profits that hold events at their facilities and want to generate more attendance. ♦ Non-profits that want to share information about services they offer.
  10. 10. What Can I use MobileMarketing for? ♦ Appointment Reminders ♦ Customer Service ♦ Notification of special events. ♦ Activity reminders ♦ Inspirational messages ♦ Telling people how they can donate to a cause ♦ Up to date information blasts on what’s happening with your non-profit cause ♦ Hold a contest to generate interest
  11. 11. What do I need to do to usemobile marketing? ♦ Sign up for a mobile marketing service. ♦ A mobile marketing service will provide short code keywords, a quantity of text messages per month. ♦ Some additional tools include the ability to create QR codes, schedule texts, and a database capture system. ♦ Develop mobile marketing strategies for using the keywords
  12. 12. Examples of Non-profit MobileMarketing ♦ National Breast Cancer Foundation uses In App ads to drive awareness. They created ads for the USA Today APP, to get people’s attention and direct them to a site where they could learn more. ♦ UN Foundation uses Mobile to educate people on how they can help. By texting UNF to 80676, subscribers receive text messages that tell them activities they can do to get involved in the UN work.
  13. 13. Examples of Non-profit MobileMarketing ♦ PFLAG uses QR codes as part of mobile marketing campaign. They put QR codes on their ads in creative places, so that people could scan the codes to get directed to a video they could watch online. ♦ National Park Fields guide App provides a complete view of a park wildlife, as well as a comprehensive ecosystem review of 50 national parks. ♦ Text “Haiti to 90999” generated $50 million in disaster relief in less than 2 weeks.
  14. 14. Planning your Mobile Marketing ♦ Remember Mobile marketing is just one channel. Keep using other channels such as social media, e-mail, and print, as well as mobile. ♦ Combine your mobile marketing with your other forms of marketing to raise awareness and get people subscribed to multiple channels of communication.
  15. 15. Planning your Mobile Marketing 2 ♦ Don’t overload people with texts. Use texts to cause actions to occur, but don’t send so many that people unsubscribe. ♦ Remember texting has limited characters. Develop concise and to the point messages and calls for action or a website they can visit!
  16. 16. Next Steps ♦ If you want to use mobile marketing, you need to hire a carrier, and get training on the back office to learn the technology. ♦ Ideally you’ll assign your mobile marketing to your marketing person or team. ♦ Be consistent with your mobile strategy. When people text your key word, have a welcome message and follow up. Then continue to be consistent.
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