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How to Stay Relevant with Potential Donors


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While finding and closing potential donors is critical to many non-profits. Some prospects donate right away, but many often takes weeks or month to close. How do you keep them warm without spending a ton of effort? Learn the tools and best practices to stay in touch with -- and ultimately close -- the potential donors that are critical to your non-profit.

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How to Stay Relevant with Potential Donors

  1. 1. How to Stay Relevant with Potential Donors Tony Cappaert September 4, 2012A Service Of: Sponsored by:
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  5. 5. How to Stay Relevant with Great Potential Donors(And keep them warm until they’re ready to donate!)
  6. 6. What we’ll cover today...
  7. 7. Text Flickr: @temprec13 Flickr: @lwr
  8. 8. The 4 Step Framework to Staying Relevant with your Network
  9. 9. Who am I? Tony @cappaert
  10. 10. Now before we get started...
  11. 11. Why should you follow up with your network? Because following up: more prospects more donors more $$$
  12. 12. Follow up is key with any prospect• Prospect = potential or current donor who may donate in the future• We all know we should follow up with folks, but we don’t• Why don’t we? Because it’s HARD and we don’t have enough TIME
  13. 13. +=
  14. 14. Use the 4 Step Framework to...• Send timely, personal, and relevant follow ups to your top potential donors• Use tools to make the entire process easier and more automatic
  15. 15. #1
  16. 16. Make it personalFind personal opportunities to reconnect
  17. 17. Generic follow ups suck
  18. 18. Ways to make your emails personal• Major life events: birthdays, children, vacations• Major professional events: job changes or promotions, company news
  19. 19. But How?
  20. 20. #2
  21. 21. Deliver value... through CONTENT
  22. 22. Good Content is King• Relevant relevant relevant• Keep it related to their interests, hobbies, company• And even if it’s relevant, make sure it’s good content that they’ll appreciate receiving
  23. 23. But How? +
  24. 24. #3
  25. 25. Deliver value... through YOUR NETWORK
  26. 26. The best way to addvalue is through intros• Much like content, people want intros to other people that are relevant• Make sure the intros are mutually beneficial to both parties
  27. 27. But How?Match people with the same topics from Step 2 +
  28. 28. #4
  29. 29. Systematize! Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  30. 30. Managing a manual follow up system is hard• Lots of different products and sites• Very time consuming• People are probably still going to slip through the cracks
  31. 31. 10
  32. 32. But how do I make it easier? +
  33. 33. Yep, one of these is my startup.It’ll be quick (and useful). I promise!
  34. 34. Framework Recap1. Find personal opportunities to reconnect2. Deliver value through content3. Deliver value through your network4. Systematize for the long-run
  35. 35. BONUSROUND!
  36. 36. Bonus #1: How to find & contact new leads on LinkedIn(without having to spend $$) +
  37. 37. Bonus #2:How to find & contactnew leads on Twitter (again, no $$) +
  38. 38. Questions?Feel free to send me any follow ups 617-680-2764 @cappaert
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