Google Analytics for the Enthusiastic Beginner


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Wonder what all the hype is about around web analytics? Join us for this overview of Google Analytics, a FREE web analytics tool that shows you how visitors are using your site. We will start from the very beginning and hit the highlights. This overview is for beginners and executives that want to know the value of the tool but not necessarily how to operate it!

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Google Analytics for the Enthusiastic Beginner

  1. 1. Google Analytics for the Enthusiastic Beginner Bonnie Massa November 27, 2012A Service Of: Sponsored by:
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  5. 5. “Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding andoptimizing web usage” Wikipedia 2012
  6. 6. <script type="text/javascript">var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push([_setAccount, UA-XXXXXXX-1]);_gaq.push([_trackPageview]);(function() { var ga = document.createElement(script); ga.type =text/javascript; ga.async = true; ga.src = (https: ==document.location.protocol ? https://ssl : http://www) +; var s =document.getElementsByTagName(script)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })();</script>
  7. 7. Request Webserver First Party to display Cookie the pageSnippet ofcode
  8. 8. Google Analytics first-party GATC calls the cookies are read trackPageView()Google Analytics methodTracking Code(GATC)executed
  9. 9. It is a free tool, that It allows you to set-upprovides information Goals for your on your website It will point to visitors. visitors the problem pages on your web site It provides the abilityto track the activity of It will show you the your off-line activity from Social campaigns on your Media Referrals. website.
  10. 10. Google Analytics is a FREE web analytics toolthat can be added to any website by someonewith access to the website page template.According to Brian Clifton, former Google employee and authorof Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics. It provides accountability and transparency to existing Google advertisers. It provides confidence and proves the value of online advertisers to potential new advertisers.
  11. 11. Frequency of visits InstantCampaign Pages Tracking Data Visited Collection Traffic Sources
  12. 12. The red parts show you quickly!Red can mean:1. Wrong people are coming to your site2. The page itself is poorly constructed (missing calls to action) or otherwise broken.
  13. 13.  40-50% Search Traffic 20% Direct Traffic 20 – 30% Referral Traffic 10% Campaigns
  14. 14.  VisitorLoyalty – Have you created a site with your visitor’s needs in mind? VisitorFrequency – Do you have one night stands or frequent return visits?
  15. 15. 1. URL Destination Goal2. Time on Site3. Number of Pages Viewed4. Events Tracked
  16. 16. URL • a page that visitors see once they haveDestination completed an activity
  17. 17.  Abilityto define a funnel, which is the set of steps, or pages, that you expect visitors to visit on their way to complete the conversion. Defining a funnel is valuable because it allows you to see where visitors enter and exit the conversion process.
  18. 18. URL • a page that visitors see once theyDestination have completed an activity. Time on • a time threshold that you define. Site
  19. 19.  Googletracks time on site/page as soon as a visitor views a website page.
  20. 20. Number of • Allows you to define a pages pages viewed thresholdviewed
  21. 21. Events • You won’t generate an extra pageview each time an interaction occurs and itTracked allows analysis of event based interactions in much greater detail.
  22. 22.  printing pages • using site tools (such as emailing to friends calculators, quizzes, etc.) liking your site on • downloading PDFs Facebook • commenting • rating tweeting your site on • interacting with a slide show Twitter • Keep in mind that many of sharing your site on these examples require LinkedIn additional tracking code setup. bookmarking on Delicious • You can use one or more event & Digg category, event action and/or listening to audio event label as a condition to watching videos trigger your goal.
  23. 23. 1. URL Destination Goal2. Time on Site3. Number of Pages Viewed4. Events Tracked
  24. 24. By tagging links in email campaigns that go to yourwebsite… you can easily analyze the pages each visitor viewed after linking from your email you can create website redirects to track visitors who saw your television ad or your brochure or your billboard that you place your web address is an opportunity to trackvisitors back to your website.
  25. 25. 1. Goal 1. Reinforce offline/online Advertising2. Key Performance Identifier 2. Branded Traffic3. KPI Target 3. 700 visits/month4. Segments 4. Traffic Sources
  26. 26. It is a free tool, that Ability to set-up goalsprovides information for your visitors and on your web site It points to track their progress visitors the problem pages on your web siteAbility to track theactivity of your off- Ability to see theline campaigns on activity from Social your website Media
  27. 27.  Contact web developer Start collecting data Brian Clifton, Advance Web Analytics with Google Analytics, Second Edition
  28. 28. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” Lord Kelvin, 19th century Engineer & Physicist
  29. 29. Find listings for our current season of webinars and register at: NonprofitWebinars.comA Service Of: Sponsored by: