Evaluating and Selecting Fundraising Software


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Choosing the right fundraising software for your organization can be a daunting task. This webinar will help you define your needs, ask the right questions of vendors and references, and define what you need to focus on in addition to software functionality.

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Evaluating and Selecting Fundraising Software

  1. 1. Evaluating and Selecting Fundraising Software Cheryl J Weissman October 25, 2011A Service Of: Sponsored by:
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  4. 4. Today’s Speaker & Host Cheryl J Weissman President CJW Consulting & Services, Inc.Assisting with chat questions:April Hunt, Nonprofit WebinarsA Service Of: Sponsored by:
  5. 5. Evaluating and Selecting Fundraising Software Decide before you decide Presented by 8331 Central Avenue Morton Grove, IL 60053 800/977-6377 www.cjwconsulting.com
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  7. 7. Decide what you need Think big picture first, then get to the details  Annual Goals – financial and otherwise  Fundraising revenue streams  Allocation of fundraised income
  8. 8. Decide what you need Think about your output  Solicitations  Board reports  Solicitor activity reports  Moves management tracking  Phonathon forms  Pledge reminders  Email contact
  9. 9. Decide how to do it Your data entry choices, along with the capabilities of the software, will have a major impact on your ability to define groups or segments Your ability to define groups or segments, along with the capabilities of the software, will have a major impact on your ability to output information
  10. 10. Decide how to find it How do I know what’s out there?  Tech Soup  NTEN  Google  Low cost fundraising software  Software comparison  Colleagues  Consultants  Vendors
  11. 11. Decide how to look at it Colleagues  DO NOT ask a colleague what they are using and if they like it and buy a product based on that Consultants  Many software companies have consultant agreements to encourage consultants to recommend their product Vendors  Vendors will tell you who their competitors are
  12. 12. Decide to be informed Prepare  Have list of things you must be able to do  Include details  Have a written list of questions  Upgrades  Training  Longevity  Support  Annual maintenance
  13. 13. Decide to be proactive Prepare  Have a written list of questions  Conversion  Timeframe  Number of users  References  Biggest competitor
  14. 14. Decide to push the envelope The Demo  Most vendors will offer a short demo highlighting the things they want you to see  Come armed with specific questions about features you know you need  Ask vendors to show you how you can do what you need with their solution
  15. 15. Decide to learn more References  If local, see if you can visit and see the product in action  Ask about the down side to their product  Ask what else they considered and why they made the choice they did  Ask what they switched from and if they converted, ask about the conversion
  16. 16. Decide to be aware The Proposal  Be sure that optional services/features/modules are clearly designated as options  Ask vendor to guarantee that there are no hidden costs  Ask for a separate document detailing ongoing costs/pricing structures
  17. 17. Decide to change What do I need to consider about hardware?  Don’t consider it at all until your software selection is made  Always get more than you think you need  Build budget for ongoing upgrades
  18. 18. Decide to be prepared What else do I need to think about?  Staff time needed  Who will be involved in conversion  Training  Where is the training  In what format is the training  Project timeline  Recreation of output
  19. 19. Decide to be prepared Costs (known and hidden)  Costs vary widely for products and services, so it’s not feasible to consider this question until the desired solution is found. Then, consider:  Conversion  Implementation  Training  Hardware  Time  Ongoing costs  Support
  20. 20. Decide to be proactive Internal documentation Growing your reach  Once you can do more than you could yesterday, you’re going to want to be able to do more tomorrow  Online contributions, registrations, etc.  Accepting credit cards and processing them immediately  Online prospect research  Integrating other products/services into your fundraising software
  21. 21. Questions? Cheryl J. Weissman cheryl@cjwconsulting.com 866/598-0430
  22. 22. Find listings for our current season of webinars and register at: NonprofitWebinars.comA Service Of: Sponsored by: