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Engaging Millennials as Donors, Volunteers and Constituents


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Whether you love 'em or you're getting tired of hearing about 'em...the Millennial Generation (those 80 Million+ born between 1979-1995) are transforming the way we communicate, the way we govern, the way we socialize – and, they are shifting our political and social systems to a new level. Join us to learn how to build your organization's Millennial engagement strategy, based on findings from "Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement."

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Engaging Millennials as Donors, Volunteers and Constituents

  1. 1. Sponsored by:A ServiceOf:Engaging Millennials as Donors,Volunteers and ConstituentsKari SaratovskyApril 17, 2013
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  5. 5. Presented by Kari Dunn SaratovskyPrincipal, KDS StrategiesCo-Author, Cause For ChangeEngaging Millennialsas Donors, Volunteers& Employees
  6. 6. Cause for Change: the book• Examines how Millennialscommunicate, volunteer, take action,influence their peers, and choose togive time /money• Explains how Millennials view role inthe workplace and how their approachis re-shaping nonprofit culture• Profiles Millennials who have emergedas dynamic leaders to create andmanage movements for change
  7. 7. who they are why they matterBorn between1979-9380 million strong,out number baby-boomer parents$41 trillion wealthtransfer expectedfrom oldergenerationsWill comprise 50% ofworkforce by 2020
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