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A Business Plan for Your Nonprofit


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Nonprofit organizations that have developed a business plan are better prepared to take advantage of opportunities that present and overcome challenges that develop.

Participants will come to understand the value that business planning will bring to their organizations and learn how to proceed with the process.

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A Business Plan for Your Nonprofit

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  5. 5. Business Planning forNonprofitsWebinar presented byKim L. ClarkPolished Professionals Boston
  6. 6. Business Planning Retreat Planning team examines the big picture Review our programs and services Verify that programs and services are useful Do programs and services reflect the Mission? How well do we communicate with our constituents, ourdonors and the public? How much will it cost to sustain our programs, servicesand the staffing needed?
  7. 7. The Business Plan Matters The Vision Evaluate our programs, evaluate metrics Verify that programs meet constituent needs Expand programs, shrink programs Identify emerging constituent groups Sustain the organization with a financial planThe Mission
  8. 8. Compare and ContrastThe Strategic Plan Describes the current state of the organization Describes what the leaders want the organizationto be in 3 – 5 years Revisit Vision, Mission and Values Identify goals and objectives
  9. 9. Compare and ContrastThe Strategic Plan Devise strategies and action plans SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Leverage strengths and opportunities Overcome weaknesses and threats
  10. 10. Compare and ContrastThe Business Plan Portrays a relevant and thriving organization Introduces the specifics of an expansion plan Makes the case for financial support Details how funds will be utilized Describes how the expansion will benefit constituentsand the organization Describes how the expansion will improve expressionof the Vision and Mission
  11. 11. Elements ofThe Business Plan Executive Summary Organization Description Organization Management Programs and Services Operations Plan
  12. 12. Elements ofThe Business Plan Marketing Plan Funding Request Capitalization Financial Projections Appendix
  13. 13. Executive Summary Big picture overview of the organization Vision, Mission and Values statements State organization name, address and legalstructure 501[c][3] Brief description of products and services Name special achievements and awards Summarize plans for the future
  14. 14. Organization Description High level review of your organization Describe its unique value and goals History of the organization Constituent groups Describe constituent needs and your solutions Describe available programs and services Describe competitive advantages
  15. 15. Organization Management Organization leaders and their qualifications Senior management team and responsibilities Program managers and responsibilities Board of directors and officers Board member profiles Role of each board member Description of each board member’s value-added
  16. 16. Programs and Services Business Model: portfolio of programs and services Target constituency group of each Why your organization is uniquely positioned to offersolutions to constituents through its programs andservices Explain the benefits to constituents that programs andservices deliver
  17. 17. Operations Plan Business Model: program functioning, delivery systemand management The processes by which services are delivered Describe how constituents access programs andservices Identify the locations at which each program andservice is delivered Describe evaluation metrics and standards
  18. 18. Marketing Plan Describe the organization’s outreach strategy Identify your organization’s promotional message andmethods Include demographic and lifestyle profiles of constituentgroups Do any local agencies offer comparable services?
  19. 19. Marketing Plan Are their local agencies that provide complementaryprograms and services and can any become acollaborator? Describe all growth and expansion plans Describe any signature events for which your agency isknown, the purpose and the success rate
  20. 20. Funding Request State the grant request or campaign goal State how additional funds will be utilized Project financial needs over next 3 – 5 years Give time frame for achieving expansions or upgrades
  21. 21. Funding Request Describe how the constituents and the organization willbenefit from the expansion and upgrades Provide a history of previous major grants andcampaigns, describe how the funds were utilized andthe outcomes for constituents and organization
  22. 22. Capitalization Reveal the assets and liabilities, net worth Available cash Value of property held Outstanding debts Equipment owned Endowment
  23. 23. Financial Projections Reveal sources of revenue and expenses Include the current budget and projected budgets for 3– 5 years Make sure that projected budgets align with the grantrequest or campaign goal!
  24. 24. Appendix Attach supporting documents Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement and projections P & L Statement and projections Print marketing collaterals Proclamations from the city or state Notice of awards and special recognition
  25. 25. A Business Plan forYour Nonprofit Invite the leaders to examine the organization andassess its relevance, performance and financial needs Prepare your organization to launch a campaign Satisfy the requirement of a grant application Demonstrate that your organization is viable Plan to sustain the organization’s viability
  26. 26. Congratulations!
  27. 27. Kim L. ClarkPolished Professionals
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