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Draft 4 part 1


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Draft 4 part 1

  1. 1. Part A Draft 4 of the Opening Sequence Opening Sequence Genre: Drama Unrevealed SecretIna Bayson- BlueCarolle Mafuta-Nkalu- GreenEveryone- White
  2. 2. Part B Carolle’s Brainstorms • The girl trying to cut herself in front of a mirror crying • *flashback* • Girl and boy kissing while watching TV • Her phone rings and boy takes it off her • Tries to hit her • *flash forward* • Shows her trying to cut herself again WWW EBI There’s flashbacks and flash-forwards Not unique- make it more Showing what happened before unique The start and the finish is the same (making Showing too much- only pieces audience know it about the girl) of puzzle
  3. 3. Part B Ina’s Brainstorm • Girlfriend+Boyfriend • Boy proposes to the girl after a date (in a cafe) • She accepts • Then, flash-forward: • of her stalking boyfriend with another girl (holding hands) • Unanswered calls from the boy to the girl WWW EBI Explains what will happen in it To add more details It have flash forward
  4. 4. Part B Strongest Idea Ina’s Idea • It have suspicions – Drama films can have suspicions between characters • Have transitions – Flash-forward to show what happened afterwards
  5. 5. Part B Final Idea Draft 1 • Used Ramina and Ina’s Idea together: • Girlfriend + Boyfriend • Having a date, then he proposes to her • Other girl outside of cafe watching them angrily • He putting the ring in her finger *Flash forward* • The Girlfriend saw boyfriend and the other girl talking and play fighting • She calls him, he look at his phone and put it on silent
  6. 6. Part B Final Idea Draft 2 Our new idea from making our opening sequence better. Girlfriend and Boyfriend Relationship • [Showing the day and time] Meeting up in a park (Roundwood Park), he (John) will say that he have a surprise for her • He takes out the ring and proposed to her (Lily) and she accepted his proposal. • [Next day, showing the day and time] John and another girl (Nevaeh/close friend) are in the same park, talking and playing around. • Lily saw John and Nevaeh and was shocked, thinking why he would do this.
  7. 7. Part C Genre: Drama Fictional Stories Dealing with Consists of conflict in emotional themes some scenes between characters Drama Real life situations Themes Addiction Poverty Sub genre Violence Romance etc Tragedy Crime Docudrama (when a character act an event and exaggerates it a bit)
  8. 8. Part C Why did we chose this genre, example • Happens in real life – Shows that not all situations are perfect • Affects young married couples (not all) – Showing that they are still too young
  9. 9. Part C Conventions of Drama Moral Lessons Arguments Can have violence Love Audiences can/might relate to it Conventions Struggling (pain) Emotional scenes Deep emotions Conflict between Can be based in characters real life Misunderstanding
  10. 10. Part D Inspirational films My Amnesia Girl • Director: Genre: Drama, Romance, and Comedy – Cathy Garcia-Molina • Casts: – John Lloyd Cruz – Tony Gonzaga – Carlos Agassi – Etc. • Distributed by: – Star Cinema Magic • Released Date: – 24th November 2010 • Language: – Tagalog – English 1gFI
  11. 11. Part D Inspirational Scene When she’s recalling her memory when her Fiancée didn’t come to their wedding day She acts like she dont know him (lost her memory) Shocked that Long shot of her she doesnt Mid shot of her waiting for her heartbroken remember him Groom She told him that she didn’t lost her memory at all She told him the He is shocked that she truth lied to her
  12. 12. Part D Why is this film inspiring? • This film is inspiring for me, because… – Involves a relationship – Some scenes are very dramatic • When he found out that she was lying to him that she lost her memories. • She gets heartbroken when he runaway from their wedding day. • Leaving her at the altar. – Involves love, but she don’t want to get hurt by the same guy.
  13. 13. I Love You To Death Part D• Joey owns a pizza parlor, and is married to Rosalee, and is a major womanizer. Rosalee goes to extremes when she finds he has been cheating.Scene 3: Rosalee founds her husband cheatingLong shot of Rosalee enter Mid shot of her with Two shot of Rosalee andthe library books the librarian Time- 7:51/8:55 Mid shot of Rosalee point of view shot shot of her looking at books as she see’s her husband kissing ?v=4Vp-to borrow from the library another women Z0u4Rhs&feature=related
  14. 14. Part D Character RepresentationGood/happy wifeMid shot of her smiling and Two shot, Serving her Two shot, they are havingshe seems very happy husband a drink conversation h?v=4Vp- Z0u4Rhs&feature=related Two shot, she loves being Two shot, kissing her husband next to her husband (protection)
  15. 15. Part D Character Representation Angry housewife Time- 00:00/00:53 =sAnS9H6sLyM&feature=related Rosalee hatred towards her husband because he cheated on her, she and her mother planning to kill her husband by over dose the food with sleeping pills, and different ingredient.
  16. 16. Part D Why is this film inspiring? • Its inspiring because… – At first everything was lovely – There are deep emotions • When she found out that he’s cheating – Very dramatic, revenge • Revenge to her husband