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The invisible second nature: navigating in a world of data and information - Carole Court


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World IA Day Bristol 2017

We are surrounded by a multitude of cues that help us navigate daily life, guiding, promoting and steering us as if by an almost invisible second nature.

In this talk, I’ll explore some of these cues and their impact on us, from navigation techniques using the stars and the ocean, through to the design of sign systems and also, the ability to command guidance from the palm of your hand. The parallels around findability, structure and scale will give you a perspective on how you might think and design like an information architect.

Published in: Design
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The invisible second nature: navigating in a world of data and information - Carole Court

  1. 1. The Invisible Second Nature @Cazlovam Carole Court
  2. 2. Environmental cues Signposting cues + = Blended experiences
  3. 3. Environmental Cues
  4. 4. Star compass Polynesian Star Compass
  5. 5. Atlanta airport
  6. 6. Expedition to find Tesco Express to do a big shop February 2017
  7. 7. Signposting Cues
  8. 8. 1930’s Roadsigns
  9. 9. Worby report The Worby Report, 1963
  10. 10. Typography Pictograms Colour Schemes
  11. 11. Birmingham/ Typography BIRMINGHAM Typography
  12. 12. PictogramsPictograms
  13. 13. Colour Schemes
  14. 14. The new digital standards
  15. 15. Meaning & Structure
  16. 16. Blended Experiences
  17. 17. Hey Siri, Where s my car to? “ ’
  18. 18. Please state your credit card number after the tone.
  19. 19. “Turn Left
  20. 20. Rules & Structures Pre-Digital Environmental Cues Web 2.0 Signposting Cues The future?? Blended Experiences + =
  21. 21. If you want to know your past life, look into your present condition; if you want to know your future life, look at your present actions. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying Quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche “
  22. 22. @Cazlovam THANKS Carole Court