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UX Maturity: The Reality of Performance

  1. UX MATURITY: THE REALITY OF PERFORMANCE @simon_norris I’m Simon the CEO of Nomensa a UX company with offices in London, Bristol and soon to be Amsterdam. I’m delighted to be presenting and sharing knowledge about my take on UX strategy and how we applied it to Liberty Global.
  2. A starling murmuration. We can see thousands of starlings flying together in synchronicity. Each starling’s movement is influenced by every other starling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s two starlings or thousands, the synchronicity scales and can be thought of as a scale-free correlation. The bird at the back follows the pattern of the bird at the front regardless of whether they can see each other because they follow their neighbours.
  3. “The movement from lower-level rules to higher-level sophistication” Steve Anderson There is a Gestalt Effect at work where the total is greater than the sum of the parts. I believe UX Strategy is no different. Any UX Strategy needs to support both lower- level and higher-level activities and rules. That is what makes UX Strategy both complex and beautiful… an experiential murmuration.
  4. “Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.” Sir Henry Royce This is an ode to UX strategy and I believe UX Strategy is a ‘designerly’ activity.
  5. ACT I THE IMPORTANCE OF UX Digital seems to be everywhere and constantly creeping into anything and everything. On a daily basis digital is being blended into aspects of our lives that previously seemed impossible, unrealistic and irrelevant. Digital is changing things every day.
  6. DIGITAL = UX So where is the store in a digital world?
  7. In our phones? Out there on the street?
  8. In our heads? It’s in all of these places and more.
  9. The really good companies have been busily building ecosystems to support individual behaviour. Each one of us represents a single variable within a much larger system. Determining the influence that exists within a system should be considered a critical activity.
  10. SMART OFFICESMART HOME SMART CITY SMART LIFE We are being bombarded with the use of the ‘smart’ metaphor. I think UX is synonymous with ‘smart’ and I believe thinking in this way supports the efforts of digital transformation.
  11. ACT II MEASURING UX So how do we measure UX? We need a language of measurement. To understand how to measure UX we need to understand some fundamental ideas about the history of our craft, systems and behaviour.
  12. Digital first is a guiding philosophy that places digital at the heart of the organisation, because it is working towards becoming totally digitally integrated.
  13. FINANCE MARKETING I.T. HR DIGITAL FIRST SALES The really savvy organisations are making digital part of their organisation and thinking beyond the limitation of a department mentality. This is what I mean when I use the phrase 'Digital First'. Digital First is a way of thinking. It represents so much more than being digital or having a website.
  14. If we fly too low we see little perspective…
  15. …if we fly too high we see little detail.
  16. Key moments of interaction We can design an ecosystem or the lower level artefacts and rules. Once designed things just emerge!
  17. Interestingly, it allows us to also design the key moments of interaction for the journey. User journeys build the foundation that allows us to move towards an ecological way of thinking.
  18. Key moments of interaction In an ecosystem the idea of a single journey seems nonsense, because many journeys will overlap.
  19. One of the biggest problems I encounter with UX is what I call the ‘Fallacy of the immediate’ or the 'view from the top of the mountain'.
  20. The view at the top of the mountain will always represent a micro aspect of a much bigger and longer journey. We have to consider the whole journey and the entire mountain. As UX strategists, we have to fly at the right height and be aware of both the context and the details.
  21. The total interaction is greater than the sum of all interactions.
  22. Another important concept is understanding the relationship between the Micro- Macro aspects of the design.
  23. Understanding the smaller aspects of behaviours is essential to understanding the macro behaviours. They are correlated. However, too much focus is all too often placed on the micro - the User Interface, the Content - the components of the experience that form part of the whole or the ‘gestalt’.
  24. We need some UX
  25. I believe we have to think in an ecological way because we cannot apply UX or UX Strategy from a spray can. If only.
  26. Look at the same two sports cars side by side. Two different colours: red and blue. Does anyone think that the Blue car will go faster than the red car or vice versa because of the colour it’s painted!?
  28. $18.1BIL REVENUE 38,000 EMPLOYEES 14 ACTIVE COUNTRIES 52MIL HOMES PASSED 27MIL CUSTOMERS 56MIL RGU’S So let’s talk about applying UX strategically by discussing what Liberty Global did about UX Strategy.
  29. UK BelgiumGermany Netherlands Austria Czech Republic Hungary RomaniaPoland IrelandSwitzerland LG is a pan-European multi-brand reality. I’ve done a lot of UX Strategy work for single-brand realities but nothing on this scale, this complex… it perplexed me deeply… I like to be perplexed.
  30. “…provide a world class digital User Experience, which also differentiates us from competition, and which supports our commercial objectives…” This is ambition. An ambition I hear from many companies looking to leverage the power of UX.
  31. Connect.Discover.Be free. The LG corporate identity is Connect. Discover. Be Free.
  32. Desire for content Desire for engagement Relationship to digital technology Connect. Discover. Be free. They envisaged 3 UX principles to drive the UX Strategy: Relationship to digital technology Desire for content Desire for engagement
  33. Connect Desire for content Desire for engagemen t Relationship to digital technology Connect. Discover. Be free. Our early thinking resulting in us combining them. Connect - relationship to digital technology Discover - desire for content Be Free - desire for engagement We do not generalise CX as UX because we believe this does not lend itself well to differentiation or understanding.
  34. Chemistry and physics are branches of science that both study matter. The difference between the two lies in their scope and approach.
  35. What is User Experience? THE EXPERIENCE WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL TOUCH POINTS DEFINES THE USERS PERCEPTION ABOUT THE BRAND Customer Experience (CX) The sum of all experiences a customer can have with a brand and it’s products. User Experience (UX) The Interaction within and across each digital touch point. We think the same way about CX and UX. They are both branches of design that can be applied to study and support experience.
  36. CX UX 2015 We should not judge the current status quo relationship of CX and UX and think this will represent the norm in the future. Digital encourages ‘blended spaces’ thinking and the relationship is positively poised to favour UX over CX.
  37. CX UX 2020 and beyond… One cannot provide a truly compelling UX Strategy without having awareness of its implications. Strategy and implementation are fundamentally different. We have to understand how to translate the strategy into implementation. In terms of UX that means understanding the designerly implications of digital.
  38. “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” Sir Winston Churchill
  39. Increased use of digital channels Increased sales revenues (RGUs) Increased customer satisfaction (NPS) Reduced costs to serve customers Increased self-service use Increased brand loyalty and advocacy Increase in repeat buying behaviours Increased customer lifetime value Measuring Success All UX work should start with data and analytics to determine success metrics. Analysis should be supported by user research to enable data driven design decisions. Once a project is launched a test, learn and improve programme should be initiated. Business Benefits of UX In all the points listed we didn’t mention once ‘a better user experience for customers’ because it is implied. At this level, UX strategy alleviates a business problem and supports the objectives listed within the corporate strategy.
  40. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) What is the financial value of a customer? How much should be invested? These are fundamental questions. Answering them allows us to understand the future net profit from a client relationship.
  41. We mapped their strategy to three fundamental activities…acquisition; onboarding and retention.
  42. Digital First Rich Media Content Triple Penetration Data & MCI Innovatio n Economies of Scale Corporate Responsibility Public Policy “Creating a seamless and relevant digital experience across all our digital touch points” We showed how taking a Digital First approach would leverage benefit and positively influence CLV.
  43. How do you move from theory and models to design? With most responses to RFPs it all boils down to the approach you provide and supporting rationale.
  44. Stage 1 Stage 5Stage 3Stage 2 Stage 4 Strategy Stream Tactical Stream Institutionalisation Stream Innovation Stream Business Customer Context It also allowed us to separate Institutionalisation from Innovation. Our approach focused around the use and development of an Experience Framework to drive greater engagement and therefore CLV. Our approach comprised of 4 streams that would be carefully choreographed and cascaded together led by the strategy stream and held together by a UX framework. This allows us to separate strategy from tactical project requests or insights from quick wins. Insights are rare… quick wins are common.
  45. Vision & Strategy Tactical InnovationInstitutionalisation Experience Framework This shows how their brands can be aligned and most importantly that all the brands don’t need to be centrally aligned - it allows for differences because there will be differences in the team, its size, capability, technology use, culture etc.
  46. The greater the alignment the greater the value to extract from the framework Another benefit of UX Maturity is it can be used to determine the ‘strategic value gap’ that exists between the business value that UX can support and the capabilities required to deliver (or reduce) the value gap.
  47. Definition of maturity: The quality or state of being mature The categories (stages of UX maturity) overlap. These categories should not be thought of discretely. Each category has a threshold that needs to be reached to demonstrate capability within that category. Most organisation’s UX capabilities will sit between the ‘aware’ and ‘synchronised’ categories. There are still massive opportunities to apply UX strategically to compete and engage more effectively.
  48. Customer First User Experience Strategy Customer experience maps User journeys Personas Digital First (Institutionalisation) A fundamental objective for the LG UX Strategy (and any UX Strategy) is embedding a deeper sense of UX maturity across the organisation. This meant engaging people at different levels of UX understanding, across different businesses, with different objectives, cultures and needs.
  49. UX Strategy represents the UX behind the UX We ran a lot of workshops to encourage collaboration and UX understanding. We set a challenge to design 3 new and commercially relevant user journeys. A Customer Journey Map was built-up, the journey focused on CLV (acquisition, on boarding and retention).
  50. Let’s look at the onboarding journey for Fred which we named Guest Pass. We used an innovative way to bring the customer journeys to life. This highlights the key problem with UX - people understanding it! We use videos to create common ground and communicate complex interaction.
  51. So, where’s the design? This is typically the bit that gets the client excited. It’s also why digital can appear broken and the starting point for many projects. My final thought is to think of UX Strategy as a team effort that requires choreography and lots of practice and when done well, the results will look and feel beautiful.
  52. THANK YOU @simon_norris

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  2. Steven Anderson
  3. The big question is how does an organisation do UX well? Difference between good and great UX… There is more misinformation about the value of UX than meaning! UX is not something you can buy in a spray can! Images of spray cans with the words UX and UX Strategy…
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