Building a sustainable digital team


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Laila Takeh, head of digital engagement at UNICEF presents 'Building a sustainable digital team' at UX4NonProfit in June 2012.

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  • Thanks to Laila for a fantastic talk and providing some great insights.
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  • We’re the UK office of UNICEF, part of a network in over 192 countries working to achieve a world fit for children, and saving lots of children’s lives in the meantime.
  • This is how we worked...Independent centres of leadership: Fundraising and CommsDirect digital marketing roles in Direct Marketing teamDigital editor and developer roles in CommsDigital editor in Advocacy and another in Programmes
  • It was a little but like this….Independent centres of leadership: Fundraising Vs CommsThey didn’t really talk, and when they did it wasn’t really the same language. No shared objectives…No understanding of the value exchange possible, and the synergy between content and marketingWith little to no collaboration with other country offices too…The organisation, from trustees down, said something has got to change. So we got an external review
  • Review time: consultation with allThe review showed a frustration with the ad hoc approach and a wish for less fragmentation. It recommended a single consolidated team who are strategic leaders, not service deliverers. So that’s what we the organisation did…
  • Centralise resourceTwo complementary sidesContent and technologyMarketingThere are still 3 satellite people…
  • We worked hard to build a team that worked holistically rather than thinking in the old silos.This involved people in the team changing mindsets too – you don’t just operate in your specialisms, you have responsibilities to the team as a whole, and as a change agent across the organisation.This particular day was a fundraiser – couldn’t resist the picture.
  • We needed A strategyClear objectivesThe tools to help
  • Started by building understanding that everyone needs to deliver digital to avoid bottlenecks. It’s not so black and white anymore, sometimes the digital team will deliver centrally, sometimes they won’t…Stimulus and lunch & learn sessionsInductionsJust doing it
  • In the early days you probably have to spoon feed a lot, but you also need to listen and be the tool that makes things possible so that potential is demonstrated.adopting different roles as needed…Contact manager is the first point of contact for teams – this is a long term relationshipSupport:Overall planning, training, best practice and opportunitiesProject lead gets briefed in to manage / consult on a specific projectImplement:Directly planning and implementing or feeding into a specific projectChannel specialist is responsible for developing a specific digital channel and ensuring optimum use and facilitating widespread adoptionLead:Expertise, in-depth knowledge, leadership, strategy, business as usual
  • We also mapped the tools we had and the gaps we needed to fill to deliver the organisation change and deliver on the full potential of digital. This covered not just tech but also guidelines and processes. Tech.Move from custom in-house to managed cloud basedWork hand in hand with IT to align strategy and support each other
  • Skills - trainingPolicy and principles – guidesResource allocation = buy-in neededTechnology
  • Its useful to think back to why this might be happening…It was the younger sibling with little impact
  • Know the audience tooBut also think about the ‘pull’ not ‘push’ nature of digital. As a charity we should play to our natural attraction – we have a cause, its something alot of commerical organisations would bite your hand off for (as can be seen by recent initiatives).
  • We do this using something a little like this…Our in-team channel specialists look after the verticalsWith our contact management hat we work with teams to look after the horiztonalsThen at Head and manager levels we look at the whole
  • Building a sustainable digital team

    1. 1. Building a sustainabledigital team Laila Takeh @spirals
    2. 2. LA WEB ACTUAL
    3. 3. Source: Stanford Social Innovation Review Oct 2011
    4. 4. UUK Digital Journey Review Set up ??„ Consultant „ Digital Hub
    5. 5. SetupSet up Head of Digital Engagement Digital Analyst Laila Takeh Production team Marketing team Digital Manager (Content & Technology) Digital Marketing Manager Senior Digital Digital Marketing Digital Editor Editor Officer Digital Project Digital Marketing Manager Officer Social Media ExecTechnical Project Lead
    6. 6. Set up
    7. 7. UUK Digital Journey Review Set up Refine Embed„ Consultant „ Digital Hub „ Understanding „ Capacity „ Strategy building „ Roles „ Planning „ Tools „ Investment
    8. 8. RefineSource: Stanford Social Innovation Review Oct 2011
    9. 9. Refine Strategy
    10. 10. Refine Roles
    11. 11. Refine Tools
    12. 12. Embed Capacity building Skills matrix • All • External facing • Champion • Super user
    13. 13. Embed Challenges• Planning • Understanding still mixed • Need to be concrete Vs flexible• Investment • Specific cases for shifting time and money• Resource balancing • More on this….
    14. 14. a little bit of everything
    15. 15. offline marketers online marketers“digital” has been seen as isolated
    16. 16. • Set the goals• Plan the mix
    17. 17. Owned media Bought media Earned media Website Microsite/s Email Search Display Affiliates SM PartnersTeam 1Team 2Team 3Team 4
    18. 18. With focus…
    19. 19. ThanksLaila Takeh @spirals