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Experience is Everything; Everything is Experience | Simon Norris


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Simon was the keynote speaker at Linkdex's SEONow CX event on 18 March.

He gave an overview of the state of customer experience in 2016, as well as introducing the channels and touchpoints which play a part in modern customer experiences.

This presentation covered how cross-channel initiatives feed into customer experiences, from physical interactions, to digital and back, and how tracking behaviour can enhance experiences.

Published in: Design
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Experience is Everything; Everything is Experience | Simon Norris

  2. 2. @simon_norris AN INTRODUCTION Nomensa Simon Norris Who we work with • c. 100 people • 3 locations • Strategic UX Design agency Bristol London Amsterdam 20+ years’ experience Interests & expertise: • Art • Design • Science • Psychology
  3. 3. @simon_norris Nomensa create groundbreaking experiences that make a measurable difference to the way people use digital technology, live, work and play. We call this Humanising Technology.
  4. 4. @simon_norris
  5. 5. @simon_norris
  6. 6. @simon_norris Everybody experiences far more than [they] understand. Yet it is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behaviour. Marshall McLuhan
  7. 7. THE HIERARCHY OF EXPERIENCE Style Content Technology Meaning Believability Fundamentals PEAK EXPERIENCE @simon_norris
  8. 8. ICEBERG MODEL OF MEANING @simon_norris Surface meaning Deeper meaning Cognitive factor Thinking, Reasoning, Decision-making, Logic, Recovery, Attention, Perception Emotional factor Surprise, Anger, Happiness, Fear, Love, Acceptance, Expectation, Disgust, Sorrow
  9. 9. @simon_norris WHAT IS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? How customers perceive their interactions with your company Harley Manning @simon_norris
  10. 10. @simon_norris WHAT IS USER EXPERIENCE? How customers perceive their interactions with a company's digital products and service. Simon Norris @simon_norris
  11. 11. @simon_norris experience /ɪkˈspɪərɪəns/ noun WHAT IS EXPERIENCE? a particular incident, feeling, etc, that a person has undergone: an experience to remember @simon_norris
  12. 12. @simon_norris Chemistry and physics are branches of science that both study matter. The difference between the two lies in their scope and approach.
  13. 13. @simon_norris THE EXPERIENCE EQUATION CX Customer Experience (CX) is the total of all interactions, e.g. physical and digital. @simon_norris Blended Experience is where CX and UX overlap meaningfully, e.g. cross-channel UX User Experience (UX) is the total of all digital interactions, e.g. digital interfaces.
  14. 14. CX THE EXPERIENCE EQUATION @simon_norris User Experience (UX) covers: • Websites; • Apps; • Social media 
 (e.g. twitter, instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, etc) • Wearables 
 (e.g. Apple Watch) • IoT devices 
 (e.g. Good Night Lamp) • Sensors • Anything with a 
 Digital User Interface @simon_norris UX
  15. 15. CX THE EXPERIENCE EQUATION @simon_norris Customer Experience (CX) covers: • The store/shop (physical space) • Call/Contact centre • Paper (bills, announcements, communications) • Direct mail • Advertisements • Physical artefacts (packaging) • People (human communication and interactions) UX
  16. 16. @simon_norris CX THE EXPERIENCE EQUATION UX Blended 
 Experience covers: • Sensors • People and devices (iPads, smart devices) • Web address • Link to apps • Tags (GPS) • #hashtags
  17. 17. @simon_norris Experiences are becoming increasingly blended. It’s imperative to consider the broader picture. Simon Norris
  18. 18. SEQUENTIAL CROSS-CHANNEL INTERACTION @simon_norris At work At home 0 24HOURS Motivation/distraction app website call app (UX) (UX) (CX) (UX) website (UX)
  19. 19. At work At home SIMULTANEOUS CROSS-CHANNEL INTERACTION @simon_norris 0 24HOURS Motivation/distraction app website (UX) (UX) in store / comparison (blended) (blended) app (UX)
  20. 20. TOUCH POINTS - CURRENT In store Website Blended Experience User Experience Customer Experience Call centre Online help AR and VR @simon_norris x x x Less More None Emphasis:
  21. 21. TOUCH POINTS - DIGITAL FIRST In store Website Blended Experience User Experience Customer Experience Call centre Online help AR and VR @simon_norris x Less More None Emphasis:
  22. 22. @simon_norris INVERSION
  23. 23. 2 31 Inversion @simon_norris Extended (Emerging) Anthropological space Virtual space Anthropological space Physical space Extending (Emerging) Anthropological space
  24. 24. @simon_norris We shape experience and thereafter our experiences shape us. This is why Experience is Everything. Inspired by Marshall McLuhan
  25. 25. TAKE AWAYS @simon_norris • Be able to identify CX, UX and blended experiences. • Meaning making. • Work out & validate the surface factors. • Develop digital strategies and data strategies. • Focus on Cross-Channel (blended experience). • Humanise.
  26. 26. THANK YOU HUMANISING TECHNOLOGY @simon_norris Digital First Download our FREE White Paper on the Humanising Technology blog