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User experience wm2011 share


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User experience wm2011 share

  1. 1. USER
  2. 2. 1957. Advanced Reseach Projects Agency (ARPA)1969. ARPANET: linking four nodes: UCLA, SRI atStanford, UC Santa Barbara and University of Utah.1972. First e-mail program created by Ray Tomlinson.1973. Development of the TCP/IP protocol began.1974. First use of the term Internet.1983. Domain Name System launched (DNS).1990. Tim Berners-Lee and CERN in Genevaimplements a hypertext system.1992. WWW, World WIde Web introduced by CERN.1993. Mosaic, the first graphical web browser.1994. Netscape Navigator launched 15 december.Pizza Hut offers pizza ordering on it’s web page. FirstVirtual, the first cyberbank opens.1996. Internet (ISP) is commercialised...
  3. 3. Flash1957-1995 1996-1998 1998-2000 2000 2001-2006 2007-Engineers Visionaries Gold Diggers IT Crash Pragmatics MobileRay Tomlinson Pierre & Pam Omidyar Leander & Malmsten Mark Zuckerberg Steve Jobs
  5. 5. MOBILE SHOPPINGAPP QR/BAR LOCATIONWEBSHOPS CODE BASED SERVICESBrands (like Net-a-porter) that integrated SCANNING Offerings and discounts based on positioning services in mobiletheir webshop through Services (like red laser) devices. Shop finding app or a mobile web that enables users topage. scan a barcode and receive information about the product and competitor prices.
  6. 6. MOBILE INNOVATIONNFC WIRELESSNEAR FIELD UNIVERSECOMMUNICATION Mobile devices controlling other mobile devicesExchange data, information, moneyor connections in close range.
  7. 7. SOCIAL SHOPPINGGROUP REAL TIME/ FACEBOOKBUYING BIDDING SHOPSServices (like Goupon) that Services (like Woot) that Brands (like Levis) thatoffers daily deals that provides discounted connects Facebook’srequires a specific amount products available social features to it’sof buyers to be unlocked. during limited time and webshop and brands until the inventory runs (like Asos) that puts their out. webshop on the Facebook platform.
  8. 8. SOCIAL SHOPPINGTHE MERGE USERBETWEEN AGGREGATIONDIGITAL AND Sites that base their content on what their members find on the internet and how they rate theirREAL WORLD findings.Augmented reality andbarcode scanning
  9. 9. SOCIAL SHOPPINGVideo sales persons
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT 1800 Wooden leg with hidden pistol.2011Oscar Pistorius in the World Championshipafter controversy.
  11. 11. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT lazy egotistical emotional
  12. 12. HUMAN NEEDS I want to feel improved I want to be appreciated I want to belong I want to feel safe I want it to work
  14. 14. experience economyCork. monday. $0.05 Cork. tuesday. $0.1 Traditional Cork–Barcelona. wednesday. $0.2 Value Chain Fruitmarket Barcelona. thursday. $0.5 ”The Experience Fee” Restaurant ”Barceloneta”. friday. $10
  15. 15. 1 2 3which car is : 1 2 3chevrolet transporter Xtoyota previa Xkia carnival Xwhich car costs:291.900 SEK X295.900 SEK X246.300 SEK Xwhich car is most fuel efficient? X
  16. 16. car buyers 10 % 50 % 53 % 47 % 50 % 90 % 50% demand answers to online 90% demand answers to online 47% of the Chinese demand answers to questions within 4 hours (40% 2006) questions within 24 hours (80% 2006) online questions within 1 hours (60% 2006) 30 % 40 %56 % 44 % 60 % 70 % If their time limit is passed 44% vill 70% have changed car retailer since last 60% in the U.S. say that having the web change retailer and 12% will change car purchase (2006) features they consider important will brand. make them more likely to buy from that manufacturer. 1998: 1% thought Internet could in uence their choice of next car. 2006: 80% used the internet to decide which car to buy. 83% believe any information found on web sites they regularly visit is reliable and accurate (Future Report 2008,Source: Cap Gemini 2008-2009 USC)
  18. 18. industrialism product brand tg1 TV tg2 mag factory “film star soap” tg3 outdTarget Groups are typically defined through demographic variables such as age, gender, income, education etc.
  19. 19. interactivity permission to act product brand individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual individual the user is the media
  20. 20. the early online lesson everything successful will be copied product offering price model concept design technology the true differentiatior will be the user experience – and the relation it creates
  21. 21. relations are unique
  22. 22. “NEW” BEHAVIOURS
  23. 23. media habits Swedish teenage female media Swedish teenage male media students students time spending time spending Newspapers 13 Radio 13 Radio Games 22 16 Newspapers 11 Books 30 Music Music Games 177Film 177 141 65 Books 6 Film 73 Tv 134 Tv Internet 133 175 Internet 177 Music Internet Tv Music Internet Tv Film Books Games Film Books Games Newspapers Radio Newspapers Radio 625 minutes=10.4 hours/day 738 minutes=12.3 hours/day Digital Future Study: World average Internet usage 131 minutes per day Source: Resumé. Respondents are 50 media students from Gävle, Skövde och Älvsbyn in Sweden 2008.
  24. 24. page view success
  25. 25. Alexa Top 50.
  27. 27. identity as currencyAwareness of one own’svalueAccepts marketingif it is rewarding.
  28. 28. identity as currencyIntegrity issues?
  29. 29. identity as currencyfree choice?
  30. 30. identity as currencythe scrutinyApologetic, Facebook Changes Ad ProgramBy LOUISE STORYPublished: December 6, 2007Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chief executive of the social networking site Facebook, apologized to thesite’s users yesterday about the way it introduced a controversial new advertising feature last month.Facebook also introduced a way for members to avoid the feature, known as Beacon, which tracks theactions of its members when they use other sites around the Internet.Mr. Zuckerberg’s apology — in the form of a blog post on Facebook — followed weeks of criticismfrom members, privacy groups and advertisers.“I’m not proud of the way we’ve handled this situation, and I know we can do better,” Mr. Zuckerbergwrote.
  31. 31. meet kapten krookFifty-five percent of online community members said they feel as strongly about their online communities as they feel about their real-worldcommunities -- an increase from 43 percent in 2006
  32. 32. lean forward on demand
  33. 33. usage is king
  34. 34. video generation
  35. 35. 1 second attention span
  36. 36. mobile generation
  37. 37. the interactive audience Online news – new & old sources On-demand television & films Streamed not downloaded Video generation Mobile generation Local community Global community IRL friends/mobile No official authorities Meritocracy Always available Lean forward media 1 second attention span Identity as currency Avatar schizophrenia Adbusters No watch
  38. 38. the post-advertising eraBack in the nineteen hundreds: Now and in the future:Co-ordinated campaigns Relationship and dialogueIdentity Manual focusHeadquarter Strategies Transparent content and user spreadingInterruption Dynamic and living contentMessages Tracking, stats, targeting, dataPromises collection, conversion rate...
  39. 39. the user experiencecommunication User experience Relationship focus Dynamic and living content Constant iterations+ Constant dialogue= HARD WORK
  40. 40. EXERCISE
  41. 41.
  42. 42. exerciseOwned Channels:Homepage, Newsletter, Shops, Customer Service, Blog...Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In...Search:Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation.Bought Channels & PR:Banners, Product Placement, Bloggers, Forums...
  43. 43. exerciseSame brand as last timeCreate a User Experience kit.GilletteLouis VuittonCiscoHonda MotorcyclesMerrill LynchPepsiNescafeDellSonyBudweiserHSBCOracleFordUPSCanonPfizer
  44. 44. exerciseOwned Channels:One perfect Blog with one perfect blogger for the brand on yourhomepage.Social Media:Your answer to the comment ”You suck!” on your Facebooknewsfeed.Social media:Your next Tweet.Search:Three keywords that are perfect, one that’s creative.Bought Channels & PR:An announcement that will be noticed.
  45. 45. the