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  1. 1. Nombuso Ndlela
  2. 2. Type of STI What to watch for? How do you get thisSTI?What happens if youdo not get treated?ChlamydiaorNGUSymptoms show up 7-12days after sex. Most womenand some men have nosymptomsWomen:• Discharge from thevagina• Bleeding from the vaginabetween periods• Burning or pain whenyou urinate• Pain in abdomen,sometimes with nauseaMen:• Watery, white or yellowdrip from the penis• Burning or pain whenyou urinateSpread duringvaginal,anal or oral sex withsomeone who haschlamydia or NGUYou can giveChlamydia or NGU toyour sexual partner(s).Can lead to moreserious infection.reproductive organscan bedamaged.Both men and womenmay no longerbe able to havechildren.A mother withchlamydia can give itto her baby duringchildbirth.
  3. 3. Genital Warts Symptoms show up 1-8months after havingsexSmall bumpy warts onthe sex organs and anusThe warts do not goawayItching or burningaround the sex organsAfter warts go away, thevirus stays in the bodyand the warts can comebackSpread during vaginal,anal or oral sex withsomeone who hasgenital wartsYou can give genitalwarts to yoursexual partner(s)Warts cannot be curedMore warts grow and areharder to get rid ofA mother with warts cangive them to herbaby during childbirthMay lead toprecancerous conditions
  4. 4. Gonorrhea Symptoms show up 2-21 days afterhaving sex. Most women and somemen have no symptomsWomen:• Thick yellow or whitedischarge from the vagina• Burning or pain when youurinate (pee) or have a bowelmovement• Abnormal periods or bleeding• Bleeding from the vaginabetween periods• Cramps and pain in the lowerabdomen (belly)Men:• Thick yellow or white drip fromthe penis• Burning or pain when youurinate or have a bowelmovement• Need to urinate more oftenSpread duringvaginal,anal or oral sex withsomeone who hasgonorrheaYou can give gonorrhea toyoursexual partner(s).Can lead to more seriousinfection;Reproductive organs canbe damaged;Both men and womenmay no longer be able tohave children; A motherwith gonorrhea can give itto her babyduring childbirthCan cause heart trouble,skindisease, arthritis andblindness;
  5. 5. Hepatitis B Symptoms show up 1-9 monthsafter contactwith the hepatitis B virusMany people have no symptomsor mild symptomsFlu-like feelings that dont goawayTirednessJaundice (yellow skin)Dark urine, light –colouredbowel movementsSpread during vaginal,anal or oral sex withsomeone who hashepatitis B; Spread bysharing needles toinjectdrugs, or for any otherreason. Spread bycontact with infectedbloodYou can give Hepatitis Bto your sexual partner(s)or someone you share aneedle with.Some peoplerecover completely.Some people cannot becured.Symptoms go away, butthey can stillgive hepatitis B to others.Can cause permanentliver damage.A mother with hepatitisB can give itto her baby duringchildbirth.
  6. 6. Herpes Symptoms show up 1-30 days afterhaving sexSome people have no symptomsFlu-like feelingsSmall, painful blisters on the sexorgans or mouthItching or burning before theblisters appearBlisters last 1-3 weeksBlisters go away, but if you still haveherpes; Blisters can come backSpread during vaginal,anal or oral sex withsomeone who hasherpesYou can give herpes toyour sexualpartner(s).Herpes cannot becured.A mother with herpescan give it toher baby duringchildbirth.
  7. 7. HIV/AIDS Symptoms show up several months toseveral years after contact with HIV,the virusthat cause AIDSCan be present for many years withno symptomsUnexplained weight loss or tirednessFlu-like feelings that dont go awayDiarrheaWhite spots in mouthIn women, yeast infections that dontgo awaySpread during vaginal,anal or oral sex withsomeone who has HIVSpread by sharingneedles to injectdrugs, or for any otherreasonSpread by contactwith infected bloodYou can give HIV toyour sexual partner(s)or someone you sharea needle with.HIV cannot be cured.Most people die fromthe disease.A mother with HIVcan give it to herbaby in the womb,during birth or whilebreastfeeding.
  8. 8. Syphilis 1st stage:• Symptoms show up 3-12 weeksafter having sex• A painless sore or sores on themouth, sex organs, breast orfingers• Sore lasts 1-5 weeks• Sore goes away, but you still havesyphilis2nd Stage:• Symptoms show up 1 week – 6months after sore heals• A rash anywhere on the body• Flu-like feelings• Rash and flu-like feelings goaway but you still have syphilisSpread during vaginal,anal or oral sex withsomeone who hassyphilisYou can give syphilis toyour sexualpartner(s).A mother with syphiliscan give it to her babyduring childbirth orhave a miscarriage.Can cause heartdisease, brain damage,blindness and death;
  9. 9. Vaginitis Some women have no symptomsItching, burning or pain in thevaginaMore discharge from the vaginathan normalDischarge smells and/or looksdifferentSpread during vaginal,anal or oral sex.Men can carry vaginitisinfections withoutsymptoms.You can give syphilis toyour sexualpartner(s).Uncomfortablesymptoms will continueMen can get infections inthe penis, prostate glandor urethra.