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Intro to forum_nokia_sofia_13042010


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Intro to forum_nokia_sofia_13042010

  1. 1. 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia Introduction to Forum Nokia Jure Sustersic Developer Relations Manager Forum Nokia EMEA April 13, 2010
  2. 2. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 3 Forum Nokia We are dedicated to supporting third-party developers and publishers who bring locally relevant content to Nokia devices around the globe.
  3. 3. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 4 Nokia App Cycle Explained 1. Creation of a global pool of device customers with different needs Go-to- 6. Go- to- market programs (Symbian Symbian, 2. Device Platforms (Symbian, accelerate the adoption of MeeGo, MeeGo, Series40) applications streamline the development process. 5. Ovi Store to access the market 3. Robust Application frameworks Nokia’ Get access to Nokia’s global and (Web, Qt, J2ME) local customer base Enable Development of cross platform applications 5. Technical services shorten time “from 4. Productive Tools and SDKs lower concept to market.” development costs.
  4. 4. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 6 Who Does FNDC Serve? We are serving Developers. & We are serving Publishers. Applications Applications Games Games Native apps for great performance: Qt Business Action City Guides & Maps Adventure Entertainment Arcade Music Card & Casino Web apps, the easiest way for web News & Info Education developers to create mobile apps: Web Photo & Video Puzzle (HTML/CSS/JavaScript] Reference Sports Social Networks Strategy Sports Trivia Utilities Word City Java apps for hundred of millions of Audio/Video Audio/Video devices: Java J2ME Personalization Music Personalization Podcasts Ringtones Video Themes Wallpapers
  5. 5. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 7 Forum Nokia Members Around The World EMEA 50.3% Americas China 15.8% 9.0% India 7.2% Rest of Asia 17.7% Source: Forum Nokia, February 2010
  6. 6. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 8 Forum Nokia Marketing Providing Marketing Opportunities at the global and local levels.
  7. 7. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 9 Forum Nokia Community An active developer community with over 1.5 million unique visitors per month Resources Resources Tools Tools Feedback Feedback Programs Programs Podcasts Developer Libraries Wikis PRO Accelerator Video SDKs Discussion Boards PRO Newsletters White Papers Blogs Launchpad eLearning Plug-ins Champions Code Samples Social Media Social Media
  8. 8. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 10 What Makes Forum Nokia Unique? Our Global reach combined with a local focus • Developer relations from Challenges Leaders global to regional • More “human” and “people” related Ability to Execute • Connecting People— Connecting Developers Nokia Sybase Apple and their apps to relevant Netbiscuits markets Volantis Systems Google mBlox Microsoft Adobe Qualcomm InfoGin Research In Motion Usablenet Palm Air2Web Niche Players Visionaries Completeness of Vision Source: Gartner (December 2009) As of October 2009
  9. 9. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 11 360° Developer Experience (DX) Join Forum Nokia 1 Feedback 5 2 Getting started Distribution, 4 3 Development Marketing, and and Testing Monetization
  10. 10. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 12 Forum Nokia Life Cycle Supporting Developers Through All Stages of the Application Life Cycle Increase consumer Leading platforms awareness and boost and Streamlined demand. Development Lucrative business opportunities for mobile developers Comprehensive Development go-to-market tools & services support accelerates to shorten time to revenue growth. market.
  11. 11. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 13 • Nokia’s Annual Developer Competition • Worth over 1.5 Million USD in Prizes The 2010 Categories Eco/Being Green Entertainment Productivity Growth Economy Life Improvement Venture Challenge Go to NOW to Enter Your Innovative App or Idea 13 © 2010 Nokia V1-Filename.ppt / YYYY-MM-DD / Initials
  12. 12. V#-Filename.ppt 4/13/2010 © 2010 Nokia 14