Nokia NFC - Tap into something new


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Near Field Communication (NFC) makes it easy for your phone to instantly connect and interact with other phones, devices and interactive tags.

Take a look at Nokia's NFC features and discover how you can tap into something new.

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  • SummaryKey Selling Message 3: Sharing pictures and pairing accessories has never been so easy! Demo: NFC Photo SharingKey Selling Message 3: Sharing pictures and pairing accessories has never been so easy!Say: ”The third key selling message higlights that Sharing pictures and pairing accessories has never been so easy!”Work through each sub-bullet point one at a time:Tap and share. You can effortlessly share your photos and videos with NFC, just by tapping two phones together.Tap and pair your accessories through NFC.Tap and access information and benefits from NFC tags placed in stores and public places.Tap and play NFC games by touching two phones together.Demo: NFC Photo SharingSay: ”Let’s do another demo activity. Take a picture of your neighbour on your device, and then simply tap and share it with them so they have it on their device.”Circle the room to support participants with the demo, and also to answer any questions that they may have.(Supporting Notes) Family and friends are very important to our target shoppers, so they want to share photos and videos when they can, and also have accessories which will make managing their lives, both work and family, easier NFC provides a new dimension to the device when sharing photos, but also for relaxtion and free-time as Angry Birds NFC comes pre-installed on the device
  • Status oct. 2011
  • Nokia NFC - Tap into something new

    1. 1. NFCNear Field CommunicationTap into NFC with Nokia
    2. 2. What is NFC in Detail? Wireless connectivity technology that enables simple and secure communication between compatible devices. Simplifies sharing & connecting into an easy and intuitive gesture, a touch. Operates over a distance of a few centimeters, typically 0-4 cm, and establishes a Bluetooth connection. Typical applications are in contactless transactions, social and local interactions. Works in the 13.56 MHz range and transmits data up to 424 Kbits/sec.
    3. 3. Key Experiences Service Initiation Sharing Tap to receive Transfer photos, relevant info from contacts,… NFC tags on e.g. between any two Posters NFC devices Pairing Secure NFC Connect easily Future outlook: with other NFC Mobile device is products such as a credit card and headsets, travel card speakers,…
    4. 4. Share Content & Pair Devices• Touch your device with your friend’s device and share your photos, contacts and videos• Touch your device with any NFC enabled Bluetooth accessory and connect to it seamlessly• Touch an NFC hot spot with your device and experience content immediately• Touch your device with your friend’s device and start a multi-player gaming session
    5. 5. Your Benefits• Convenience, ease of use and fun• Natural and intuitive access to content and information• Transfer content such as images, videos and contact info with your friends• Pair and connect easily to your accessories• Replace plastic cards with smart card applications on the mobile*• Conduct safe and secure contactless transactions*Future functionality
    6. 6. Current Nokia Devices With NFC Nokia C7 with Symbian ANNA Nokia Oro Nokia N9 Nokia 701 Nokia 603 Nokia 700
    7. 7. Accessories Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-610 Wireless Portable Speaker Wireless in-ear headset with active Crystal clear, powerful omni-Bluetooth Headset BH-219 noise cancellation. Enjoy clear audio directional speaker with a strongBackground noise reduction with even in noisy environments or just bass for sharing music at homeDSP, automatic volume adjustment. enjoy the silence, reducing up to 99% and on the go. of background noise.Bluetooth Stereo Headset, BH-505 Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset,Sporty headset for an active lifestyle Great looking, compact headset withoffering convenient access to your Bluetooth Headset, BH-609 carrying solution and long stand-bymusic and calls when on-the go. Business performance, wind noise time with AlwaysReady. reduction. NFC support Q3/11. Tap your Nokia NFC device and gear together to connect instantly