10 great benefits from Nokia Maps 3.06


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Nokia introduces the newest version (3.06) of it's navigation service Nokia Maps (formerly know as Ovi Maps).

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  • For shoppers in the cities there is now Public transport line view!If you want to have public transport lines, just select settings in map view and check the box. Can you think of why this might be appreciated?Sure! It’s a great addition to the walk navigation – instead of walking 10 kilometers, you can just walk 2 to the metro stop! Stops are visible by default – if you want to see public transport lines, just activate the view. It covers metros, trains, and trams in over 80 cities in 42 countries.Get to a metro, train, or tram stop to shorten your walk to your destination.It’s nice, because now shoppers can choose to see transit lines right on their maps!
  • What could it mean, that ‘maps are better’?Well, to begin with, they are now more accurate. Greater detail and clarity will impress.They are much faster. When you try it yourself you will see – Nokia Maps is now easier to use and faster overall.Another great feature is the pinch-to-zoom on supported devices. Everybody loves that!Last but not least, Nokia Maps speaks your language. What does it mean? It means that maps are shown in the language of your phone. If you are from the UK and you are in Germany, you will see the anglicized names of places, not the German ones. Another thing that makes maps better is the new Drive assistance mode. Just choose Drive from the landing page and start driving to get all kinds of information. There’s no need to enter a destination – Nokia Maps gives you speed limits and safety camera locations. Even if it’s a familiar route, you might want to know what the traffic flow situation is and be reminded about safety cameras so you don’t over-speed, for example. So – ‘Better maps’ is a key thing to remember when presenting Nokia Maps to shoppers.
  • Better search is the second point. Search is now much easier to do than before! It’s more accurate, for one thing.Second, there is now a search history. You only have to enter the address once!When you do a search, you will be presented with options. One of these is the ‘Did you mean?’ functionality. If you misspell a word, alternatives will be offered to you. As you type in your search, you will also be presented with suggestions that you can click on. Go to primeplace.ovi.com if you are able, to demonstrate Prime Place content online.
  • The new Nokia Maps works across a range of Nokia smartphones, but only the following support all of the new features:Nokia E7Nokia C6Nokia C7Nokia N8 These four are the only ones supporting the pinch-to-zoom feature. How can you use Nokia Maps to up-sell one of these devices? Right – ask your shopper: “You want to get the most out of Nokia Maps, right?” Well, to take full advantage of all the features of Nokia Maps, you need one of these great devices.
  • 10 great benefits from Nokia Maps 3.06

    1. 1. Nokia Maps<br />10 great benefits fromNokia Maps<br />Why to start usingNokia Mapsor why to upgrade now toNokia Maps3.06<br />
    2. 2. 10 greatbenefitsfrom Nokia Maps<br />Noroamingcosts<br />More than just carnavigation<br />Mapspackedwithcontent<br />New features in Nokia Maps 3.06<br />Subways andtramlines<br />fasterrendering & navigation<br />Bettersearch<br />Check-ins<br />SynchronisewithyourPC<br />PersonalizeNokia Maps<br />
    3. 3. Top 1: No Roaming Costs<br />You like to use Maps, but fear high roaming costs?<br />WithNokia Mapsyou can download all maps you need before your trip – so no need to download maps during your journey = no costs!<br />Moreover navigation is free when using only GPS <br />
    4. 4. Top 2: More than just car navigation<br />Car navigation is fine, but how to find places when you walk?<br /><ul><li>Nokia Mapsoffersexcellenton-footnavigation, withfeatureslikedirectionsthroughpublicplaces.</li></li></ul><li>Top 3: Maps packed with content<br />Howcan I find relevant content on mytrip?<br />Nokia Mapsincludethousandsofspots – likerestaurants, hotels, sightseeing, etc.<br />In additionNokia Mapsoffers a widerangeofcontentthroughpartnershipswith Lonely Planet, Michelin, Qype, etc.<br />
    5. 5. Top 4: New features added 2011<br />I‘m already usingNokia Mapssince 2009. Why should I upgrade now?<br />The latest version ofNokia Maps(version) 3.06 makes the usage even more exiting – with faster rendering, new added content and new possibilities like check-in – see the nextslides<br />
    6. 6. Top 5: Subways and tramlines<br />Where is the next subway station?<br /><ul><li>Stops are visible by default
    7. 7. Activate to see transport lines metro, train and tram
    8. 8. Available in over 80 cities in 42 countries
    9. 9. Save time - get to a metro, train or tram stop to shorten the time to your destination</li></ul>Select settings in map view and check the box. <br />
    10. 10. Top 6: Fasterrendering & navigation<br />More accurate<br />Much faster rendering and routing<br />Pinch-to-zoom on Symbian^3 devices<br />Multilingual maps <br />Drive assistance mode<br />
    11. 11. Top 7: Bettersearch<br />Improved user experience<br />More accurate search<br />Search history <br />“Did you mean?”<br />Didyoumean?<br />Searchhistory<br />Suggestions<br />
    12. 12. Top 8: Check-ins!<br />Connect to favorite social networks and check-in! <br />Many social network sites are supported<br />Share location on the social network of your choice. Post a status update, photo and your current location so others can you see on the map<br />
    13. 13. Top 9: Synchronise with your PC<br />Pre-planning, syncing opportunities, landmark, favourites and “create place”<br />Get maps & updates with Ovi Suite<br />maps.ovi.com<br />
    14. 14. Top 10: Personalize Nokia Maps<br />Record anyone’s voice for your Nokia Maps navigation guidance with Nokia Maps Own Voice!<br />Parents will record their children’s voices, teens might record a friend’s … the possibilities are endless. <br />
    15. 15. Summary: benefitsfrom Nokia Maps<br />Noroamingcosts<br />More than just carnavigation<br />Mapspackedwithcontent<br />New features in Nokia Maps 3.06<br />Subways andtramlines<br />fasterrendering & navigation<br />Bettersearch<br />Check-ins<br />SynchronisewithyourPC<br />PersonalizeNokia Maps<br />
    16. 16. Bonus: Recommended devices<br />We recommend one of the following devices to have the best experience when using Nokia Maps:<br /><ul><li>Nokia C6
    17. 17. Nokia N8
    18. 18. Nokia C7
    19. 19. Nokia E7</li></ul>Check maps.nokia.com for complete list<br />
    20. 20. Bonus: Relevant links forNokia Maps<br />Here you‘ll find direct links to all the information you want:<br /><ul><li>Nokia MapsFAQs
    21. 21. Nokia Maps– how to upgrade</li></ul>Still any questions:<br /><ul><li>You can contact us directly on twitter</li>