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Seminar in South Carolina

Published in: Education, Business
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  1. 1. 2004 June- August Taking Part in the Professional Development Seminar of the Teachers of English at the University of South Carolina. American Councils For International Education
  2. 2. Pre Tour Orientation John Seckel, Program Officer for Teacher Exchange Programs, American Councils for International Education, Moscow, spent a lot of time on our pre Tour orientation. He invited many Alumni to share their experience in studies, cultural life, American traditions, etc.
  3. 3. TEA Alumna Nosareva Tatyana is speaking.
  4. 4. Sveta Ramazanova, who made me take part in the competition.
  5. 5. Before the reception in Spaso House
  6. 6. Alexander Vershbow – US Ambassador greets our delegation.
  7. 8. Receiving Certificate of Achievement
  8. 9. Reception in Spaso House
  9. 10. Embassy Suites Hotel
  10. 11. Interior of the Hotel
  11. 13. Michelle Garren. Program Manager American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS
  12. 14. Orientation Classes before Going to Columbia, South Carolina
  13. 15. With new Friends During the Break.
  14. 16. A Very Kind Girl Barman
  15. 17. Making a Tour of Washington
  16. 20. Antinuclear Protest in the Park Near the White House
  17. 22. Lincoln Memorial
  18. 23. Inside the Memorial
  19. 25. Jefferson Memorial
  20. 27. Washington Cathedral
  21. 30. Making a Tour of Washington Monument to General Grant Monument to George Washington
  22. 31. Monument to General Lafayette Monument to General Sherman
  23. 32. Monument to General Winfield Scott Hancock Monument to General Logan
  24. 33. National History Museum Federal Trade Centre
  25. 34. Arlington Cemetery Grave of President Kennedy and Jaclyn Kennedy
  26. 35. Arlington Cemetery
  27. 38. The Farewell Party