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Summer seminar


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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Summer seminar

  1. 1. Summer Seminar in the Cold War Period 2005 Cambridge Great Britain A Team of TEA Program Finalists
  2. 2. Our Trip Begins
  3. 3. The Flight goes on …The Landing Card to be The Last RussianFilled in before Citizen.the Landing.
  4. 4. Heathrow Airport
  5. 5. The first happy smiles on the land of Great Britain.Lisa Aronsson agraduate studentfrom the LondonSchool of Economicsand Political Studiesmet us at the Airport.
  6. 6. The Russian Delegation
  7. 7. At the Bus Station, before going to CambridgeWe were surprisedat the beautiful andcomfortable buses.
  8. 8. St. Catherine’s College
  9. 9. Meeting American Colleagues For the First Time
  10. 10. Meeting American Colleagues For the First Time Kyle Norwood from Texas and Michael Bailey from Belfast with TEA Alumni
  11. 11. After a Long E-mailing First Meeting Mike Bailey
  12. 12. St. Catherine’s College. Dining Room
  13. 13. With New Friends Tanya Harmer – Student Graduate LSE & Darlene Mahaney - OhioMandy Herron AyersAnd Michael Bailey
  14. 14. Odd Arne Westad, Professorof International History, LSE
  15. 15. Svetozar Rajak, Managing Director,Cold War Studies Centre, LSE
  16. 16. Russian and American Teachers at the Lecture
  17. 17. Myra Luftman, Educational Coordinator,Gilder Lehrman Institute, New York
  18. 18. Preparing Our Graduation Papersin the Computer Room.
  19. 19. In my Suite Trying to Getto Know Each Other Better
  20. 20. Three Michaels…
  21. 21. Presentation ofGraduation Papers.
  22. 22. Presentation ofGraduation Papers.
  23. 23. After the Presentation
  24. 24. A Farewell Picture