A Brief History Of Social Media


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This presentation was researched and developed to introduce the small businesses and not for profits that the idea of social media is not a new fad. My goal was to break down any preconceived notions about the power of Social Media today and in the future.

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A Brief History Of Social Media

  1. 1. A brief history of …Social Media By: Connie Piggott
  2. 2. What is Social Media?? Social Media is “an umbrella term that defines the variousactivities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos, and audio.” http://www.wikipedia.org Media is an instrument of communication, so Social Media would be a social channel of communication.
  3. 3. What is Social Media?? A fancy way to describe the zillions of conversations people are having online 24/7.Social Media is the chatter occurring between customers,observers, critics, companies and it’s a conversation that’s happening right now whether you’re involved or not.
  4. 4. A Pre-Internet Timeline Social Media
  5. 5. Social Media Timeline 500 – 1500AD, Pigeon Posting Pigeon post is the use of homing pigeons to carry messages. 1792, The Telegraph A system of conveying information by means of visual signals, using towers with pivoting shutters. 1836, Morse Code A method of transmitting text information as a series of on-off tones, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood without special equipment.
  6. 6. Social Media Timeline 1836, Pneumatic Mail • A system to deliver letters through pressurized air tubes. 1875, Telephone • Point-to-point communication system whose most basic function is to allow two people separated by large distances to talk to each other. 1891, Radio • Radio is the transmission of signals through free space by electromagnetic waves with frequencies.
  7. 7. Social Media Timeline 1971, The First Email • Sent by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson, the email was simply a test message to himself. 1969, CompuServe The first commercial online service in the United States. 1978, Bulletin Board System(BBS) • Coin operated computer terminals located in neighbourhoods. It allowed user to post messages.
  8. 8. “Our head of social media is the customer.” - McDonald’s“What used to be cigarette breaks could turn into ‘social media breaks’ as long as there is a clear signal and IT isn’t looking.” David Armano “You can be professional while also ‘keeping it real’ with yourcustomers. By interacting with customers in a less formal way,you’ll build a strong human connection that helps build brand loyalty.” David Hauser, co-founder of Grasshopper
  9. 9. The only way to put out a social-media fire is with social-media water.” Ramon DeLeon, managing partner of six Domino’s stores in Chicago
  10. 10. The future of Social Media …will be like air.”
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