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Photoshoot plan double page spread


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Photoshoot plan double page spread

  1. 1. Photoshoot Plan Double Page Spread By: Noir El-Nour
  2. 2. Shot angle/typ e I would like to use a Medium Shot or a close up for the table of contents. There would be more connection with the audience and can seem more intimate. Would like to have an image wall because there would then be more of a variety.Flash andLighting and I would use flash on the image so as to expose the models and make the picture seem more fun and lively.Background
  3. 3. Positioning on front cover There doesn’t need to be space above their head for any texts. Therefore I could take my picture at an angle if I think it is appropriateand I can also have much more calculated close ups. Details of editing Any blemished seen need to be erased and also contrast and lighting may have to be edited in case the picture seems to be dull and can therefore become more realistic.
  4. 4. Photo ChoicesI don’t like the way that Even though the models are They seem to bethey are standing even having fun, I don’t think this standing at awkwardthough they are making is appropriate for the angles with eacheye contact with the double page spread other and so I don’taudience. Therefore it is because both models are think that this is thenot one that I would cut off at the side. Also I picture for my doublechose think if they were facing the page spread as they audience that the image need to be more would be much stronger relaxed.
  5. 5. Chosen Photo This is the photo that I have chosen. I chose this photo because the models are clearly having fun which is what I would like to put across to my audience and they are facing the readers and I can see this image as being strong enough to entice readers into reading the article. When I edit this image I am going to whiten the background and also get rid of any blemishes on the models. I think that this image will support my article and therefore I would not need to worry about the audience seeing the image but not reading the text.