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Inneractive For Developers

  1. 1. How to maximize your in-app ad revenues? Noga Peer Developers Account Manager
  2. 2. About us Founded in 2007, inneractive operates the fastest growing revenue maximization technology for mobile apps. The Company’s Ad Revenue Acceleration Platform scours dozens of ad networks around the globe and impartially serves them to hundreds of publishers and thousands of apps.
  3. 3. Who is working with us?
  4. 4. Developers Monetization Issues Paid apps model is obsolete – 90% of downloads are FREE Can’t monetize globally with a single ad network No resources to work with multiple networks Troubles in identifying and registering with local networks 99% global fill rate, of which 60% are non-paying house ads
  5. 5. Many Networks – Low Fill Rate ? ??
  6. 6. Our Solution Ad Revenue Acceleration Platform 100 ad networks 200 countries 1 API $ $$
  7. 7. Developer’s Real-Time Dashboard
  8. 8. Our Achievements Highest CTR and eCPM on Market 1 out of every 4 apps on Ovi use our SDK Our Blackberry developers are making more than $15,000 a month Our 90% fill rate taps iAd’s low fill rate. Zero time to market – we’re already there
  9. 9. Our Unrivaled Bottom Line 90% Fill Rate 4% CTR $3 eCPM
  10. 10. Why should you partner with us? Why tie your app to one ad network? Enjoy our platform’s optimized ad-serving from more than 45 global and local networks Your traffic is global…your advertising should be too. Our platform places ads in 200+ countries – more than any single network can provide. We are not an ad network. Our highest priority is to serve you the highest paying ads and maximize your income, because we only make money when you do. Easy and quick to integrate SDK or M2M API. Our support team is standing by to answer your questions to make sure that the integration process is quick and simple.
  11. 11. Our Secret Sauce Sophisticated optimization & targeting technology: Using prediction and regression to match the best ad. User – age, gender, location, device, platform Content – keywords, category, context Ad Network – past performance, pricing Filter out - House Ads Dedicated account management and dashboard All developer billing, clearing & reporting in one place Mature and robust SDK and M2M API Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, J2ME, BADA, WRT, Qt, Flash-lite and mobile Web.
  12. 12. Free Best-Of-Class Services QA & testing of build after SDK integration. Ad placement consultancy to maximize eCPM and CTR. Ongoing guidance and revenue maximization activities. New developers will also enjoy $500 worth of promotions for their apps.
  13. 13. Easy To Start – Simple To Integrate To get started, go to and maximize your revenues!
  14. 14. What Do Our Publishers Say? “...The impact on ad revenue was immediate, with a 2x increase...” Pavel Prokonich, Herocraft's CEO “...Suffice to say that revenue from inneractive far exceeded that from all my other ad networks combined!.." Christophe, President at Motu Tapu Games “inneractive are truly professionals and they understand this market better than anyone else we have worked with.” Eirik Moseng, Chairman and CTO, Digiment Games
  15. 15. Let’s Talk Noga Peer Developers Account Manager Email: Skype: noga.peer