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Theorem of phytagoras


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This is a kind of media of teaching phytagorean theorem

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Theorem of phytagoras

  1. 1. Theorem of PhytagorasThe Seventh Group:1. Al Syaidi Rusdi2. Ratnah Kurniati3. Nofianti
  2. 2. Theorem of phytagoras is one kind ofmathematic’s material that will be teach tothe student, especially in the junior highschool. Now, we want to try to make amedia technology of teaching.
  3. 3. The picture ofmathematical education media technology
  4. 4. The way to use1. Prepare a model like previos picture. It can be formed by steroform. The size are: o Square 1 : 24 cm x 24 cm o Square 2 : 18 cm x 18 cm o Square 3 : 30 cm x 30 cm2. Prepare some little square from paper. The size and the number are: o Square x : 6 cm x 6 cm, the number is 25 o Square y : 3 cm x 3 cm, the number is 100 o Square z : 2 cm x 2 cm, the number is 225
  5. 5. 3. Make the differet color for square x,y,z. For example yellow and green. And the number of its are o Square x : 9 yellow square and 16 green square o Square y : 36 yellow square and 64 green square o Square z : 81 yellow square and 144 green square4. The first experiment, we use square x. Put the green square in the square 1 such that they will closed over the square 1. And put the yellow square in the square 2 such that they will closed over the square 2. too.5. Move the green square and the yellow square to the square 3.6. Do the step 4 and 5, as the next step for square x,y,z.
  6. 6. 7. Help the studet to make a conclusion by doing the experiment.The conclussion is
  7. 7. Thanks