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Posiciones ALTEN Holanda


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ALTEN selecciona diferentes perfiles de Ingenieros interesados en trabajar en Holanda. Si estas interesado remíteme tu cv especificando la posición en la que estas interesado a

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Posiciones ALTEN Holanda

  1. 1. ALTEN selecciona diferentes perfiles de Ingenieros interesados en trabajar en Holanda. Si estasinteresado remíteme tu cv especificando la posición en la que estas interesado 1. SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEERJob Mission The software design engineer reports to the software group leader andinteracts with the software project leads and application development teams. To contribute tothe development of software for controlling and driving various functionalities of ASMLproducts.Job Description Specify, design, develop, realize, and test subsystems within the limits ofsystem specifications, costs and project planning. Cooperate with other disciplines andsuppliers to ensure the timely realization of competitive, achievable and serviceable products.Participate in the definition of system specifications. Contribute to the overall broadening andmaintenance of technology base.Education Master degree in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science or comparable.Experience - C, C++, Unix/Linux, Solaris, MatLab, - SW development processes;development, realization, implementation, testing and integration.Personal skills Strong communicator with a pragmatic attitude.Real team player with Quality orientationGood knowledge of English 2. E-Architect & (Senior) Designer Computer Systems ElectronicsIntroduction Development & Engineering (D&E) sector is responsible for the specification,design and realization of all products of the portfolio. Within the D&E sector, the ElectronicDevelopment (EDEV) department is responsible for the definition, realization and qualificationof electronic functions, modules, (sub)systems and infrastructures within these products.Within EDEV the group Environmental Electronics is responsible for the definition, realizationand qualification of electrical functions and modules to implement: environmental conditionscontrol, mechanical vibrations control, vacuum system control, optics lifetime control, andcomputer systems inside products.Job Mission The E-Architect & (Sr)Designer will report to the group leader EnvironmentalElectronicsJob Description In the position of architect you are a key technical contributor to amultidisciplinary team of architects who act on (sub-)system level. You take responsibility forthe electronic architecture and guide a team of designers in the technical implementation ofthe specifications you wrote. Furthermore you design, realize, manage and maintain variouscomputer systems electronics concepts and products (computers, computer racks&cabinets,
  2. 2. processor boards, storage solutions, thin clients, network switches and cabling, displays,keyboards, trackballs) for new and existing products.Education Technical University Master’s in Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering orequivalent.Experience • Act as the EDEV representative in a multidisciplinary design team. • Interactintensively with colleagues from the software department. • Define, document and maintainrequirements of various computer systems electronics products and infrastructure. •Participate in realization of computer systems electronics products. • Define, document, andexecute tests to ensure that electronic modules within the computer systems satisfy therequirements. • Perform trade-off studies to determine the preferred implementationscenario for new or changed functions. Get agreement with stakeholders. • Contribute toComputer Systems roadmap and building-blocks. COTS solutions and using industry standardsare highly preferred. • Make work breakdown and planning for the various computer systemselectronics products, adjusted with other stakeholders. • Manage outsourcing of computersystems electronics related modules. • Transfer knowledge to production and serviceengineers. • Solving problems during 1st product integration. • Support production and serviceas an expert (4th line support) • Analyze and solve reliability issues.Personal skills 8+ years experience as architect or designer of computer related systems,preferably for application in a multidisciplinary system. • Knowledge of- and experience with:definition and realization of multi-processor computer systems, networks, and storage. •Broad technical knowledge of: computer hardware (Sun, PowerPC, (i)PC), operating systems(Solaris, VxWorks, Linux, Windows embedded), networks (ethernet, switched fabric), storagehardware, software development (C, scripting), real-time design. 3. Senior design engineerIntroduction Within ASML, the sector Development & Engineering (D&E) is responsible forthe specification and the design of the ASML products. The department Applications (DE-AP) isthe D&E organization for the Product Group Applications. The product group providesintegrated solutions with computational, metrology and control technology for extendibilityand improved efficiency of lithography productsJob Mission Our customers use ASMLs lithography tools for high tech production. It is yourjob to discover how they can use them better. You will contribute to the completedevelopment process of new application products targeting to improve performanceparameters such as imaging and overlay quality numbers. This implies investigations for newproducts, but also verification and qualification of defined products, to be executed at thecustomer or at customer’s conditions. You will work on physical and mathematical models todescribe and understand the customer requirements. You will gather and analyze data fromcustomer production data sets and ASML test experiments. The use of dedicated (statistical)analysis and modeling tooling, sometimes to be developed by you, is key in this work.Job Description Specify, test, and analyze product performance in customer conditions andASML tests and report on the results. Contribute to improvements on product performance.Contribute in projects and guide technical engineers in project execution. Contribute toupdating ASML’s application roadmapEducation Ph.D. or Msc in Physics / Mathematics /Electrical engineering
  3. 3. Experience knowledge of semiconductor processes and industry, knowledge andexperience with data-modeling and statistics, knowledge of optics is preferablePersonal skills Strong analytical ability with a pragmatic attitude. Good communication skillsteam player. Embedded software developer - Disk managementIntroduction Development & Engineering - Machine Control & Infrastructure 4. Embedded Targets TeamJob Mission Create/Support monitoring and cleaning facilities for Twinscan systemsJob Description Bring current disk cleaning and monitoring facility to a higher level such that itautomatically cleans by priority within the data categories on multiple hosts (Solaris andLinux). Main goal is to prevent disk full while using the disk to an optimumEducation Bachelor or master degree electronic or technical softwareExperience Minimal 3 years. Must have experience: C/C++/XML, use systemcalls/command library on Linux and Solaris, OS abstraction, working with SCM tools. Nice tohave experience: WindRiver Linux, PowerPC, VxWorks, Solaris, Real-time embeddeddevelopment 5. Motion Contr.&Subsys.Facilities - design engineer Job Description Engineer will design/code/test and integrate motion control software to support the NXE Twinscan program. Focus is on the realization of control loops, therefore Key technical stakeholders are mechtronic-, electronic- as well as other software engineers Education Higher Technical College, Technical University masters in Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering or (technical) Software. Experience >4 year experience within C/ C++ • specification of subsystem and/or its components • architectural design and trade-offs between mechanical, electronic, software competencies • has specialist knowledge in one of the fields control, dynamics, position measurement or actuator systems, and basic knowledge in the remainder of these areas • overall technical budget analysis • selection of critical components and technologies • integration and test of the function of the module: planning and execution • documentation of specifications, design, and test results Personal skills Theoretical or practical experience with position measurement systems, handling systems, control engineering, actuator design, dynamics. Experience in multidisciplinary project work involving mechatronics, electronics and software is a must - Team player. - Strong analytical ability with a pragmatic attitude. - Good communicational skills - Good knowledge of English