Edgeryders: LOTE Social Engagement Timeline


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Hi everyone, The following slides are an overview of the monthly and weekly focus we will be putting to highlight the huge and inspiring effort Edgeryders everywhere are making as we build Living on the Edge (LOTE) together, October 29th - November 3rd, Matera, Italy.

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Edgeryders: LOTE Social Engagement Timeline

  1. 1. #LOTE Social Engagement Timeline Website: edgeryders.eu Twitter: @edgeryders Facebook: /edgeryders
  2. 2. Hi everyone, The following slides are an overview of the monthly and weekly focus we will be putting to highlight the huge and inspiring effort Edgeryders everywhere are making as we build Living on the Edge (LOTE) together. Welcome to the awesome social media team! edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  3. 3. • New Video: Meet ER founders! August • Weekly Community Calls Crowdsource Agenda • Plan your trip September • Onsite preps October Nadia’s keynote about ER edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team Shout Outs for Supporters Final Agenda & Registrants
  4. 4. #1 Video invitation: join Edgeryders for Living on the Edge at the world’s first unMonastery, Matera Oct 29 - Nov 3 http://goo.gl/JvoSkT #2 What Edgeryders want at LOTE: ex "Discovering the unMonastery and understanding how to replicate the model" - Benjamin http://goo.gl/c2LS9v #3 Reminder Weekly Community Call: Join Edgeryders Friday 11 AM CET! http://goo.gl/lQbkPJ All weeks edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  5. 5. End of July #1 Bridge building: Edgeryders – Materani Aim: Engage the local community through Matera 2019 webteam and their online platform. see @Matera2019 #MT2019 on twitter How: • Endorse the Open Letter from Edgeryders to Materani: Italian version & English version • Heartfelt! The local community in Matera puts itself forward to host Edgeryders while at LOTE http://goo.gl/sRKkJ edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  6. 6. August 1 - 15 #1 Lineup: Lote Teams & Leaders Aim: Reach out to key members in the community to take up active roles in track building, logistics, venue, Halloween party, partnerships & fundraising How: • The #Lote organising team puts itself together: get involved and join team Nadia, Ben, Auli, Pavlik http://goo.gl/i1DeIs • Edgeryders new video! Meet the founders: http://goo.gl/pm9vGK edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  7. 7. #2 Edgeryders at Oslo event - Celebrating the Future Aim: Create visibility for Edgeryders and Lote within other communities How: • Spreading good news: Edgeryders founder Nadia EL-Imam is speaking at Celebrating the Future - Empowering youth in Oslo Aug 5th http://goo.gl/zBFzG #celebratingthefuture August 1 - 15 edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  8. 8. #3 Community Call dedicated to Lote social engagement Aim: Consolidate shared practices; agree on strategic needs and use of tactics & tools How: • Join Edgeryders in online Community Call for crash course in tactics and social engagement in #Lote! Facebook event August 1 - 15 edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  9. 9. #1 Crowdsourcing the Agenda Aim: Generate engagement around the 3 tracks: upskilling, unMonastery codesign and unConference at the Edge How: • At #LOTE Edgeryders are upskilling for greater impact. Help build the new session on: link • Me, you and everyone we know is co-designing the world’s first unMonastery: link • Help build the wildest unConference on the Edge ever: link August 16 - 31 edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  10. 10. #2 Organize your stay in Matera at #LOTE Aim: Highlight participants’ needs and help offers from Materani; How: • Dear potential hosts and couch surfers: link to call4actiom • Peeps! get in touch with Elf Pavlik & co. to secure cheap travel to Matera: eg.ridesharing August 16 - 31 edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  11. 11. #1 LOTE final agenda & registrants Aim: Push out and validate agenda among communities, partners, tentative funders How: • Meet the protagonists of LOTE sessions • Haven’t registered for Edgeryders big community event in Matera? Final call for registration: blog post September 1 - 15 edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  12. 12. #2 Supporters lineup Aim: Shout outs to partner organizations and supporting individuals to drive fundraising efforts How: • Kudos to x for supporting Lote with.. You too can get involved! • The fundraising team needs help with.. September 1 - 15 edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  13. 13. #1 Bridge building: Edgeryders – Materani What: Renew Edgeryders pledge to Materani How: • Thank you’s and shout outs to the lovely locals supporting Lote • Materani are going international and Living on the Edge! September 16 - 30 edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team
  14. 14. #1 Onsite preps at the unMonastery Aim: Support welcoming team; Create visibility for Edgeryders associated with Matera European Capital 2019 How: • People are traveling to Matera to prepare LOTE • Meet the welcoming team! link to post October edgeryders.eu/lote-social-media-team